Le Journal de Paris de avril 1624

Recording the events of Paris and beyond during avril 1624

Mai ball details announced

Last years ball

Duke Gaston of Anjou, younger brother of his Majesty Louis XIII, has announced details of a mai ball1. It will be held on le mercredi 1er mai at Bothwell's. All gentleman and ladies can attend on presentation of their invitation which can be obtained on application to the Duke's secretary2.

Cardinal Richelieu appointed to the royal council of ministers

Following the dismissal of Marquis of Sillery, his Majesty Louis XIII has appointed Cardinal Richelieu to his council of ministers. Observers believe that his Majesty has been relying on the advice of the Cardinal for many months and expect that the current aggressive foreign policy will continue to be pursued.

Victoria Gainsbourg spurns Roget Thésaurus; seen with Jean Huile

It would seem that Victoria Gainsbourg has a new beau in the shape of Jean Huile. Victoria was won by Jean's attentions while Roget was nowhere to be seen3.

Elsewhere in Paris, Sir Alex Kuzbidon has been seen at the door of Aurélie Pueyrredón but she has not yet seen fit to let him into her home.

Praise from Le Perche du Coudray

Phillipe Lemoine and Sir Alex Kuzbidon have both improved their rapier expertise sufficiently to gain praise from the fencing master, Le Perche du Coudray: I commend both these gentlemen for their dedication to the fine skill of the rapier. I look forward to working further with them.

The Great Egg Race

Monkey stealing one of Guillame's painted eggs

Guillame De Batz and Phillipe Lemoine have continued to provide entertainment and innovation to Parisian society by adapting the La Chasse aux Oeufs4. Guillame provided a set of colourfully painted hen eggs while Phillipe went one better by having the master chocolatiers create chocolate eggs. The pair then hid around Le Jardin des Tuileries. Having invited all the fashionable young ladies and their partners to join the hunt after the Easter Service at Notre Dame. Great fun was had by all as they attempted to collect the greatest total of eggs, including finding those hidden in those hard to reach places on the cages of the menageries (some eggs were lost to the cages' inhabitants!)

New boy Lombard Chequers robbed in red light district

Lombard Chequers, the first son of M. Chequers (the noted banker), has had an interesting first month in our fair city. Lombard decided he had to experience the best that Paris has to offer by visiting (repeatedly) the red light district. After complaining about the play at the baccarat tables (Lombard expressed a suspicion about exactly how often the house won the card play by exactly matching his score and hence winning by the house advantage), Lombard was returning home when he was accosted by some masked thieves who then proceeded to abscond with Lombard's stake and winnings for that week. This, combined with Lombard losing streak means that Lombard has lost some of his initial status5. Perhaps Lombard needs to learn from Aline Yar and Sir Alex Kuzbidon, who have been able to make monthly visits inside the red light district without getting accosted by ne'er-do-wells.

One hopes that the same run of bad luck does not affect Cochon de Lait, second son of Baron De Lait who arrives in Paris in time for the Mai activities. Our best wishes to both new gentlemen.

Small housewarming party held at Descartes house

Much to the surprise of M. Descartes, a housewarming party was held at his house on 24 avril. M. Descartes was overwhelmed by the visitation by Phillipe Lemoine and Marius Thibodeaux since M. Descartes has been at his current address for several months. It turned out the house being warmed was that of Phillipe Lemoine who was moving into a new property owned by Marius Thibodeaux and the two gentlemen had been shuffled out of the house as their respective young ladies took over the management and preparations of the property.

Outbreak of Dysentery affecting our gentlemen?

An outbreak of dysentery amongst the lower classes seems to have had an effect on a couple of our gentlemen this month. No sign of Côte de Boeuf nor of Roget Thésaurus has been apparent for this past few weeks and their failure to appear has been the cause of some rumours and discussions in the bars and cafés of Paris6

Regimental News

Queen's Own Carabineers

Albert Kestrel joins A troop as a private.

Frontier Regiments7

The frontier regiments thank Harry Covert and Fourier Transformée for their somewhat surprising decision to remain with the regiments for another season8. Fourier continues to serve with the elite Royal Highland Border Regiment. In addition, the frontier regiments welcome Omer Dalors to the frontier for the first time.

Guillame De Batz cordially invites all ladies and gentlemen to a recital of his poetry by Marius Thibodeaux9 at Hunter's10 on le 10 mai. Be the first to hear his latest composition:

'Tis April and the gentle showers start
Foreshadowing the tender blooms of May
But I that hath sweet Flora in my heart
Have beauteous blossom each and every day.

The Greasy Pole

Name SL ± SP Position(s) Last Seen With Club Location
Albert Kestrel 5 +1 16 Queen's Own Carabiniers, Private Élisabeth Beaumont Red Phillips
Aline Yar 3 6 Picardy Musketeers, Subaltern Red Phillips
Côte de Boeuf 1 -1 -1
Fourier Transformée 2 At Frontier
Groovy 8 Provence (out of game for the time being)
Guillame De Batz 10 11 Bernadette Cuvier Hunter's
Harry Covert 4 At Frontier
Jean Huile 4 +1 13 Picardy Musketeers, Private Victoria Gainsbourg Red Phillips
Marius Thibodeaux 5 16
Picardy Musketeers, Private Flora Pernet The Frog & Peach
Omer Dalors 1 13th Fusiliers, Captain At Frontier
Phillipe Lemoine 10 12 Gisèle Barthélemy
Roget Thésaurus 3 -1 2 Grand Duke Maximillian Dragoons, Private Red Phillips
Sir Alex Kuzbidon 10 10 Royal Marines, Subaltern Hunter's
5 -1 -4 Newly Arrived
Cochon de Lait 7 Arriving in Paris
Status Level as of the end of the month
Change in status level this month
Status Points earned this month (blank if the character is out of Paris during the month).
Regiment and Rank and other posts if any
Location during the current month if out of Paris

Femmes Fatales

Name SL Attributes Last Seen With
Auriane Delaunay 7 Influential, Wealthy
Flora Pernet 7 Stunning, Influential Marius Thibodeaux
Solène Prudhomme 12 Wealthy
Micheline Barbet 15 Influential
Élisabeth Beaumont 8 Albert Kestrel
Brigitte Silvestre 8
Albane Bacque 15
Lesly Beaumont 11 Wealthy
Aurélie Pueyrredón 9 Wealthy
Bernadette Cuvier 7 Stunning, Influential Guillame De Batz
Émilie Beaufils 11 Influential, Wealthy
Victoria Gainsbourg 5 Wealthy Jean Huile
Gisèle Barthélemy 14 Stunning, Influential Phillip Lemoine
Roseline Geffroy 11

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  1. This is anachronistic but that isn't going to stop me! As long as you (or me) can make some kind of reasonable justification I will be very open to this kind of idea.
  2. Note that the secretary will require 25 crowns per ticket.
  3. Roget Thésaurus does have cause for a duel with Jean Huile. If Roget declines to make a challenge he will lose three status points in mai.
  4. literally egg hunt
  5. As it happens, Lombard would have made a profit from his gambling if he hadn't been robbed during one of week's worth of gambling.
  6. No order received from either player. Each suffered the two status point penalty for lack of female companionship for the month.
  7. Those at the frontier need not submit orders for mai 1624
  8. Remember that the novice bonus drops to +2 for a character's second season at the frontier
  9. Attendance is free and counts as toadying to both Guillame and Marius. Marius will also gain an additional status point for every attendee other than himself and Guillame. Guillame will receive half of that bonus (rounded down).
  10. Each club has a good room available to members for purposes such as these. Rooms can be reserved on a first come first served basis