Le Journal de Paris de février 1624

Recording the events of Paris and beyond during février 1624

L’Ark de Triomphe a success

A safer form of the ostrich racing?

Despite a low turnout for the event of the month, the grand menagerie race and the associated activities proved to be a fairly successful day for the organisers, Phillipe Lemoine and Gulliame De Batz. The day itself was overcast, but at least the mud of the street had a delightful crust for the racers to crunch through. The day started with an initial set of races to determine the fastest animal of each type. Getting the ostriches to race proved relatively easy after the stand providing mulled wine to the spectators collapsed in flames (it appears that the stallholders weren't watching over the candles used to keep the mulled wine to temperature), bu the armadillos proved to be much more reluctant to race and embarrassingly were eventually overtaken by the tortoises that had only been added to the roster as an additional late entry by a pair of enterprising bookies.

Before the main event, Guillame rose to make his challenge to Phillipe: Phillipe, you scoundrel, you leave me no choice but to challenge you to a duel, to which Phillipe quickly responded with Accepted, I choose to fight with Lances with us mounted on these Ostriches..... Although there was some mutterings as to whether this was an honourable way to settle the issue1, the road was quickly cleared by Albert Kestrel and his quickly organised band of gofers all ably overseen by Élisabeth Beaumont. One of the nearby stalls was dismantled to be converted into lances and then Phillipe and Guillame retreated to opposite ends of the road and attempted to mount their new steeds. Their first attempt was marred for both of them when their respective ostriches dodged their dramatic leaps with the pair ending up in the mud. After their mounts had been recaptured both took a more cautious approach and eventually both were on their ostrich. They then attempted to do the run down the street towards their opponent. While Guillame was able, miraculously, to keep his balance and keep his steed on the line of the street, Phillipe was less lucky as his ostrich dove down a side street, reaching Le Pont Neuf and dodging around La pompe de la Samaritaine, dumping the unfortunate Phillipe into the Seine.

After the rescue of Phillipe from the waters, and a short break for him to recover his composure (and luckily he was otherwise unhurt), Phillipe declared himself to have lost the joust on grounds that Guillame had, at least, managed a run down the course without losing his way!2

The final race of the day was then easily won by the Guillame's ostrich Gisèle Barthélemy awarded him the grand prize cup in her role as Queen of the Revels and the winnings from his bets on himself!

Marquis of Sillery dismissed by Louis XIII

His Majesty, King Louis XIII is looking to form a new council after dismissing the Marquis of Sillery from his court for the financial irregularities in the foreign affairs department. Attempts by the marquis to prevent further investigation seem to have failed and the ramifications of the plot have yet to become clear.

Mariembourg falls to the Royal North Highland Regiment

Frontier Regiments try new mentorship programme

After a furious assault, the town of Mariembourg has been taken by the frontier regiments preparing the route for this summer campaign. The assault was led by the elite Royal North Highland Regiment who broke through the town gates after a very short siege of only a couple of days. However it seems that the inhabitants had attempted to set a trap for our brave frontier forces when the main force was ambushed inside the town itself as it attempted to assert its control of the main square of the town. Control was re-established after two days of heavy fighting3.

Those concerned for the well being of our raw recruits will be relieved to hear that the frontier regiments have adopted a mentorship scheme to attempt to improve the general survivability of the regiments. In the scheme raw recruits are looked after by veterans of earlier campaigns to stop them from making simple errors of judgement and help them gain some initial experience4.

Guillame De Batz turns to Bernadette Cuvier's shoulder

Following his success at L’Ark de Triomphe, Guillame De Batz has been seen with the stunningly beautiful Bernadette Cuvier who has apparently already forgiven him for forgetting about Saint Valentine's Day on the 14th. To be fair to Guillame, it seems that almost all of the gentlemen in Paris (with the honourable exception of Phillipe Lemoine) had also ignored this most auspicious day leaving the ladies of Paris somewhat disappointed.

Victoria Gainsbourg seen with Roget Thésaurus

Despite her rejection of Omer Dalors5 earlier in the month (perhaps she was upset that Omer didn't suggest attending L’Ark de Triomphe?), Victoria was later seen in the company of Roget Thésaurus who seems to have gained her favour this month after flowers and a picnic in the Tuilleries gardens.

Flora Pernet and Marius Thibodeaux

We have managed to find another example of Marius's poetry (suggestions that, perhaps, Flora is our source cannot be confirmed or denied!):6

Full well I know how fortunate am I
That hath the beauteous Flora hand in mine
And when apart, my thoughts to her must fly
And comfort seek in memory of her eyne

Suggestions that Marius's application to join the Picardy Musketeers was only accepted after Flora Pernet was seen visiting the Regiment headquarters are being refuted by the regiment. Colonel Henri d'Alembert7 is quoted as saying We do not judge recruits based on their connections even when Mademoiselle Pernet visits. On the other hand rumours suggest that Marius' application was on the verge of being rejected...

Investment opportunities abound

After the 40% investment returns from financial investments that was drawn by investors last septembre, many of the richer gentlemen in Paris are considering whether to make investments before the summer. The potential returns are high, but then so are the risks that the investments may turn sour and require yet more funds to keep the investment solvent8.

Le Perche du Coudray Updates

Le Perche du Coudray, the famous fencing master, offers his congratulations to Albert Kestrel, who has now completed a course of Coudray's rapier training and whose Rapier Expertise is rated at 11.

Regimental News

Picardy Musketeers

Marius Thibodeaux joins B company as a private. Aline Yar joins C company as a private.

We regret that we were unable to accept an application from Albert Kestrel - better luck next time.

La maison de blanc

Best Gambling tables in town! Still the premier inn of the quartier rouge! Visited by Nobility! Still no crime reported! (we are as safe as your house!)

The house accepts no responsibility for your losses at the table, gaming or otherwise.

The Greasy Pole

Name SL ± SP Position(s) Last Seen With Club Location
Albert Kestrel 4 11 Élisabeth Beaumont Red Phillips
Alembic D'Gustion 3 At the Frontier
Aline Yar 3 4 Picardy Musketeers, Private Red Phillips
Côte de Boeuf 2 At the Frontier
Fourier Transformée 2 At the Frontier
Groovy 8 Provence (out of game for the time being)
Guillame De Batz 10 15 Bernadette Cuvier Hunter's
Harry Covert 4 At the Frontier
Jean Huile 3 Picardy Musketeers, Private At the Frontier
Marius Thibodeaux 5 +1 12
Picardy Musketeers, Private Flora Pernet Red Phillips
Omer Dalors 3 -1 0
13th Fusiliers, Captain
Phillipe Lemoine 10 14 Gisèle Barthélemy
Roget Thésaurus 4 7 Grand Duke Maximillian Dragoons, Private Victoria Gainsbourg Red Phillips
Sir Alex Kuzbidon 10 11 Royal Marines, Subaltern Hunter's
Status Level as of the end of the month
Change in status level this month
Status Points earned this month (blank if the character is out of Paris during the month).
Regiment and Rank and other posts if any
Location during the current month if out of Paris

Femmes Fatales

Name SL Attributes Last Seen With
Auriane Delaunay 7 Influential, Wealthy
Flora Pernet 7 Stunning, Influential Marius Thibodeaux
Solène Prudhomme 12 Wealthy
Micheline Barbet 15 Influential
Élisabeth Beaumont 8 Albert Kestrel
Brigitte Silvestre 8
Albane Bacque 15
Lesly Beaumont 11 Wealthy
Aurélie Pueyrredón 9 Wealthy
Bernadette Cuvier 7 Stunning, Influential Guillame De Batz
Émilie Beaufils 11 Influential, Wealthy
Victoria Gainsbourg 5 Wealthy Roget Thésaurus
Gisèle Barthélemy 14 Stunning, Influential Phillip Lemoine
Roseline Geffroy 11

Last updated: December 21, 2021 at 19:36 pm
21st November
Marius goes up a level as the rules summary incorrectly stated you only need three times your current social level to go up one level. You actually need three times the next level to go one level, which is the rule that will apply from mars 1624 onwards....


  1. I did dock a couple of status points for this approach - but these were easily outweighed by bonus points for style and newsworthiness! 🙂
  2. I ruled that you needed a roll of 5 or 6 on 1d6 to ride the ostrich and a 1 was fumble - only if both succeeded to get on the ostrich in the first place would any attempt at combat be needed.
  3. Those at the frontier will see that they need to decide how brave they were in the battle. Those who take increased risk of death will also have a better chance at the rewards. Those choosing to be cowardly will have a better chance at survival, but will not gain any plunder and their cowardice may be spotted. Note that those at frontier will need to submit orders this turn.
  4. Since I'm feeling generous and because I don't want to kill too many characters straight away, I've applied a hefty +4 bonus to a character's chance of survival in their first tour of duty at the frontier (This will be reduced to a +2 bonus on your second tour and removed entirely on your third or later tours). However since your mentors are better at spotting the loot, the amount of plunder you could get as been reduced, this penalty also reduces on the later tours. I would advise those not at the front to take a glance at the order template for those at the front. Be warned that while an assault is quite deadly to its participants the other potential battle outcomes are not that much safer! Higher ranks and regiments do get bonuses
  5. The two gentlemen did not court Victoria in the same week. Omer Dalors' courting happened before that of Roget Thésaurus so as Omer was unable to convince Victoria of his charms he does not have cause for a duel at this point.
  6. Another bonus status point for Marius Thibodeaux.
  7. As the colonel of the Picardy Musketeers is now named, the post of Colonel for the Picardy Musketeers is no longer available for purchase until Colonel d'Alembert resigns or is killed in battle.
  8. See the investments page for more details.