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First published 2nd July 2017 (Last Modified 6th May 2019)

Reincarnation Quest Notes

Since there seem to be many quests that I'm skipping as I level my reincarnate character, together with some quests where I'm going to need reminders, I've created this table of notes to act as a list of reminders to myself. Quests shown in bold are quests you might have avoided that are worthy of consideration (but can be skipped if you're not in desperate need of XP). Quests not in bold are probably worth not even trying, depending on your mood, character build and luck.

Note that all the quests from the recent packs (Ravenloft and White Plume Mountain) are all eminently playable!

Quest Level Quest Name Notes
2 Stealthy Repossession Cannot kill more than 5 Kobold Prophets (other kobolds are OK). Sadly very hard even for stealthy types to avoid being seen. If you do try this leave ANY "guard" items at home so that that the prophets don't kill themselves on your armour.
5 Tomb of the Burning Heart Requires lots of characters (you need to have four characters/summoned mobs at four different pressure pads simultaneously).
5 Archer Point Defense Defend the outpost for 12½ minutes
6 Gladewatch Outpost Defense Defend the output for 15 minutes and keep the commander alive
6 The Chronoscope Raid
6 The Bloody Crypt Gated behind Tomb of the Burning Heart
7 Temple of Elemental Evil Pt.1 Very long quest
7 Temple of Elemental Evil Pt.2 Very long quest
8 The Xorian Cipher Lots of Characters needed (you need to have four characters/summoned mobs at four different pressure pads simultaneously).
8 Tomb of the Shadow Lord Apparently can be done with a hireling (see wiki) - but I've not tried this yet.
8 Tomb of the Shadow King Reputed to be a very tough quest, but Apparently can be done with a hireling (see wiki) - I've not tried this yet.
8 Path to Madness Short Quest (and low XP reward) that leads to The Xorian Cipher
8 Faithful Departed Need to keep at least two of the venerated alive. If you attempt this, remove any effects/items you have that have any AOE effects.
9 The Shadow Crypt Gated by Tomb of the Shadow Lord and Tomb of the Shadow King
9 The Giant Lieutenants Not listed by the Adventure Compendium. In the Threnal Wilderness Area.
9 The Giants' Lair Not listed by the Adventure Compendium. In the Threnal Wilderness Area.
10 The Giants' Supplies Not listed by the Adventure Compendium. In the Threnal Wilderness Area.
10 The Threnal Arena Not listed by the Adventure Compendium. In the Threnal Wilderness Area. Requires the Ceremonial Blade from the Western Excavation Quest Chain.
10 The Vault of Night Raid
10 Tempest Spine Raid
10 Plane of Night Raid
11 Twilight Forge Raid
11 From Beyond the Grave Very Hard to Solo - need 30 seconds undamaged to light a pyre - and there are four pyres to light!
11 Tomb of the Forbidden Can be solo'ed - see wiki page
11 Tomb of the Tormented Very Long Quest. Takes over an hour to guide the rats through the mazes, Rogue very useful to simplify the mazes. Expect to sacrifice rats.
12 Against the Demon Queen This is a pre-raid quest. Use the wiki to determine which order to investigate the rooms. Purple named boss at the end.
12 Zawabi's Revenge Raid
12 The Titan Awakes Raid
14 The Reaver's Fate Raid
14 Madstone Crater Very Hard to Solo - Mobs around the third crystal respawn very quickly.
14 Inferno of the Damned Need AoE fire and cold effect spells or items (e.g. wands)
14 Gianthold Tor

Gated by The Prison of the Planes, A Cabal for One and Madstone Crater (this one is the tricky one - see above). Also requires hand-in of ancient relics (3 of each sort)

Quest itself is short - post quest optionals have three dragon/giant pairs to fight. Each half of the pair must die within eight seconds of the other.

14 Ghosts of Perdition Two boss wheeps enroute to the boss. These wheeps must die within 48 seconds of each other. Final boss is a Boss Beholder who does massive stat damage.
14 The Crucible Tough maze to negotiate. Tough Timed Run area to negotiate. Collapsing floor area to negotiate (or rerun lots of times 🙂 ). On return to the top of the maze lots and lots of spell casters.
15 Search and Rescue Very tough fights at level - particularly against the Drow. Hireling Cleric will probably run out of spell points (and then you will run out of hit points 🙂 )
15 To Curse the Sky Boss fight is tough (but nowhere near impossible). I suggest buffing with potions etc before the fight and concentrating on the boss.
15 Litany of the Dead Gated behind Inferno of the Damned and Ghosts of Perdition. Also needs a completed Sigil Frame.
15 Third Time's a Charm Similar setup to Search and Rescue, but the fights are marginally easier to handle. Do NOT charge into fights, you need to be tactical. Note that you need to complete this quest to gain access to the last quest in the chain.
16 Let Sleeping Dust Lie Do not allow more than four Crimson Foot Spiders to die once you've picked up the first Journal. Hard to do since the enemy spell casters can injure the spiders while you're trying to avoid hitting them. Can be done if you're (a) careful, (b) don't have guard or similar items equipped and (c) be lucky. Not recommended unless you need the Shavarath Stone of Strategy.
16 Mask of Deception Don't summon your hireling until you've done all the optionals you can - then return to the beginning and summon there (or park the hireling there and teleport him in as necessary). Make sure you disarm the traps before delving into the last rooms (behind the door next to the tasty ham). Expect an enormous fight once you're spotted there unless you were able to use bluff/diplomacy/intimidate the arms expert in the first room. Be as tactical as possible to reduce the number of ranged/magic-users who can get involved at the same time. I got an orange dungeon alert on this one.

Links are to the relevant page in the DDO wiki.

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