En Garde Plugin details

This plugin adds support for my En Garde game by:

  • adding a shortcode, enGardeCharacter, to allow a character table to be generated. Examples of use:
    [enGardeCharacter id="C"]
    [str is="9" initial="9"]
    [rapier is="12" initial="12"]
    [sabre is="12" initial="12"]
    [cutlass is="12" initial="12"]
    [con is="15" initial="15"]
    [end is="135 of 135" initial="135"]
    [ma is="1" initial="1"]
    [cash is="32" initial="44"]
    [allowance is="12" initial="0"]
    [regiment is="Royal Foot Guards, Private"]
    [club is="Hunter's"]
    [mentions is="1"]
    [stable has="1 horse"]
    [appointment is="Trooper, King's Escort"]
    [mistress is="Catherine de Borgonne"]
    [level is="11" initial="12"]
    [location is="In Paris"]
  • adding a shortcode to display a form to allow the submission of orders for a character. Examples of use:
    [enGardeOrderTemplate id="C"]

    The id used must match one of those from a character on the same page (the javascript used for validation needs to look up information from the table).

Version: 3.26.0

Author: David Vines

Last Updated:1st January 2018

Requires WordPress version: 4.0

Compatible up to: 4.9.1

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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