Domain of the Ancients 2

First published 4th January 2022 (Last Modified 21st January 2022)

I ran domain of the ancients 2 during 1994, 1995 and 1996. It was 2 because my initial set of rules had been written for Neil for him to use run a game but in the end I ended up writing a revised set of rules (a further revision has been written for the computer version of the game) and then running my own game. The game lasted 42 turns - a record for my play-by-mail games and is the one I count as the most successful. You can see a summary of the game map and a short description of the turns on this website, starting with Turn 0 (which shows the initial set of the map) and all the way to Turn 42. There were some excellent ship names created during the game including:

  • Lack of Gravitas
  • Crocheted Fist of Death
  • The Picanmix
  • Bombe Surprise
  • bubbling Green Slime

I have a write up for each of the turns in the game, choose from the following: