Spider Caves

Spider Caves Version 3.161.0

Based on Wayland Games rule set 2014a, but you can modify the rules!

Base rule set:

Note that this controls the scale used for character attributes and the table used for skill levels based on development points awarded.

[+] More specific options and modifications


You're represented by the @ sign. Use the cursor keys or the numeric keypad to move. '>' represents stairs up and '<' stairs down. Press > or < (as appropriate) to move up or down the stairs. You can dig by trying to move into a wall and you attack by trying to move onto a creature. 'I' to view your inventory, 'D' to drop items and ',' (comma) to pick up items. 'W' to wield an object in your sword hand, '[SHIFT]+W' to wear some armour, 'S' to wield an object in your shield hand and 'U' to use/consume an item.

Last updated: April 15, 2017 at 11:48 am