Le Journal de Paris de décembre 1623

Recording the events of Paris and beyond during décembre 1623

Corruption in high places

Pierre Brulart

There are rumours swirling around the court about the financial affairs of the Viscount of Puisieux, Pierre Brulart Marquis of Sillery. Puisieux is our Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and questions have been raised as to the exact accounting of the funds of his office which amounts to many ten of thousands of Crowns. His Majesty Louis XIII's Conseil d'État et des finances has demanded a fuller accounting of the disposition of the funds.

A warm welcome

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all gentlemen recently arrived in Paris and intending to improve their situation. We are expecting great things of Sir Alex Kuzbidon, who recently took over the knighthood of his father. All the other recent arrivals that we have noted are second sons of their father and hence are unlike to inherit their father' position (for M. Transformée and M. Côte de Boeuf this is probably a blessing in disguise given their current lowly place!). Apart from Aline Yar (a member of the very wealthy Yar family) the remaining newcomers are all the sons of gentlemen of varying funds

War Preparations

Work by the Secrétaire d'État de la Guerre continue to prepare for the summer campaign of 1624. The Frontier Regiment and the Royal Highland Border Regiment will be joined by 6 regiments of Infantry. The regiments to be sent are the 13th and 53rd Fusiliers, the 27th Musketeers, the 4th and 69th Arquebusiers as well as the Gascon Regiment. All members of these regiments will go to the front during the months of juin, juillet and aôut. The regular army units will be conducting a siege although the Secrétaire d'État de la Guerre has not yet determined where!

Short of funds?

If you can't maintain your standard of living why not consider our no quibble loans.

Easy terms!

Contact Shylock in the quartier rouge.

Loan Term: Six Months; Interest Rate: 10%

Please note: Non payment of our loans will result in an appointment with the frontier regiment.

Volunteers Wanted!

We're looking for brave men to help defend France from our numerous neighbours. If you join us in Janvier, you'll be back in Paris in time for the month of mars!
All frontier regiment members will be involved in any battles and so will have the opportunity for glory and plunder!

You may even be eligible1 to serve in our elite Royal Highland Border Regiment as a private!

The regiment takes no responsibility for any injuries or deaths that may occur during the campaign

Visit La maison de blanc

The premier inn of the quartier rouge! Best Wine in Paris!

The management accepts no responsibility for any untoward activity in or around La maison de blanc

Late News

We hear that Groovy, the son of Marquis Groovy and a descendant of the notorious pirate Jean Boutemps has also arrived in Paris. His arrival was announced in advance by the appearance of a band of minstrels who appear to claim that he is continuing his illustrious ancestor's work and we look forward to his addition to our community spirit!2.


As the weather turns colder, several more up and coming (or, at least, striving) young men have arrived in Paris. We welcome Phillipe Lemoine and Guillame De Batz (son of the Viscount De Batz (both second sons of their respective fathers both very wealthy viscounts). Also in their party was Albert Kestrel, the son of a well-to-do gentleman, Marius Thibodeaux, the first son of the late but very successful merchant, and Alembic D'Gustion, the first son of a less successful merchant who is still very much in business. We wish them all well in all their endeavours.

Also recently arrived are beautiful and well connected Gisèle Barthélemy with her companion Roseline Geffroy. We also note the arrival of Victoria Gainsbourg, a young lady who is overwintering in Paris while her father continues to accompany his trade caravan carrying English woollen carpets down to the rural south.

The Greasy Pole

Name SL ± SP Position(s) Last Seen With Club
Aline Yar 3
Côte de Boeuf 2
Fourier Transformée 2
Harry Covert 4
Jean Huile 4
Omer Dalors 4
Roget Thésaurus 4
Sir Alex Kuzbidon 10
Groovy 8
Phillipe Lemoine 10
Marius Thibodeaux 4
Guillame De Batz 10
Alembic D'Gustion 3
Albert Kestrel 4
Status Level as of the end of the month
Change in status level this month
Status Points earned this month.

Femmes Fatales

Name SL Attributes Last Seen With
Auriane Delaunay 7 Influential, Wealthy
Flora Pernet 7 Stunning, Influential
Solène Prudhomme 12 Wealthy
Micheline Barbet 15 Influential
Élisabeth Beaumont 8
Brigitte Silvestre 8
Albane Bacque 15
Lesly Beaumont 11 Wealthy
Aurélie Pueyrredón 9 Wealthy
Bernadette Cuvier 7 Stunning, Influential
Émilie Beaufils 11 Influential, Wealthy
Victoria Gainsbourg 5 Wealthy
Gisèle Barthélemy 14 Stunning, Influential
Roseline Geffroy 11

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  1. An endurance of 110 and an expertise of 9.
  2. Those curious can follow the youtube link I was sent! This is worth a bonus status point for Groovy this month

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  1. David says:

    Note that the frontier regiments are independent of the regular army. You do not need to be a member of any other regiment to volunteer to join the frontier regiments for a season (and you can still volunteer even if you are in another regiment - you will be given a leave of absence).