Cyberpunk Session 6

First published 12th June 2024 (Last Modified 10th July 2024)

Tremen's notes

After completing our part of the investigation at Mr. Sato's apartment (and handing over Mr. Sato and his daughter to the medical teams and his apartment to the forensics team), we reconvened in our office to discuss the investigation points so far and to try to decide on next steps. Apart noting that the daughter (once sufficient recovered) needs to be debriefed to get any information might have, several points were discussed and noted:

  • Discussion Points

    • Mr.Sato and his apartment

      • Layout

        The layout of Mr. Sato's apartment. At the top is a rooftop balcony that includes a swimming pool and lounging area. This is accessed via patio doors from the dining room which occupies the middle of the map. To the west of that is the master bedroom (with adjoining ensuite facilities) accessed from a connecting passageway to the south of the master bedroom. Also connected to that passageway and to the south of it are two smaller bedrooms (which have access to a small balcony). To the east of those rooms is a kitchen (and continuing eastwards) and small bedroom for a maid and some storage rooms. To the west of the dining room (and from north to south) is an office, another bedroom and greenhouse/conservatory used to grow vegetables.

        The layout of Mr. Sato's apartment

      • Mr.Sato's Input Jack

        Definitely been forced, most probably as the result of something being forced into it.

        • Cyberprogram

          Delayed action programs are possible and relatively easy to create if the programmer has some time (say 1 week to create a reasonable one that is also relatively undetectable)

      • Cameras

        The Security cameras for the apartment building (and surrounding street cameras) do not show anything unusual and do not show signs of being tampered with.

        • Invisibility Tech

          is possible and is in use by Section 9. However its use is not 100% perfect and what's on the CCTV does NOT show the telltale signs of its use that would be present if it was being used.

      • Computer

        Mr. Sato's computer was burned out from the inside-out, i.e., a burn program was used (which, once loaded onto the computer, would only need a few seconds to do the job)

      • Greenhouse

        In the greenhouse of the apartment the forensics team

        • Maid

          Adjacent to the maid's bedroom

          • Missing

            The maid has gone missing

          • Struggle

            In the maid's room are the signs of a violent struggle

        • Small neat hole

          • 5mm in size
          • Angled at 45° vertically, i.e. a shot from outside and above the penthouse apartment
        • Small container (about 5mm in diameter) found in the soil. Sent to forensics for further investigation
    • Hayato Kita

      • Movements

        Section Nine's investigation branch has reconstructed Hayato Kita last 6 months movement and has been able to pin down all bar one of the contacts in his little black book. The missing person is Kenda Ito, from the report it appears that Kita meet Ito at a public bath house in Nehama and then went to an underground Brain dance studio called Kuroi tsuki in the refugee district. Kita can be followed back to his apartment but there was no sign of Ito leaving.

      • Autopsy

        Offical cause of death will be listed as due to a loss of blood caused by a gunshot wound to the back. The report also lists that several finger prints were lifted from the brain case housing. These have been identfied as belonging to one Hoga Itami, a small time thug and body guard for hire.

      • Brain Case

        Only the brain case (and not its contents) was found either on the body or at Hayato Kita's apartment

    • Serial Killer?

      Three bodies were found in the port district last night, cause of death, crushed skulls. There is no link between the victims and no motive has been established as all had their personaly items and money still on them.

      • In the news

        News of the three bodies is all over the net already (not an easy case to keep quiet!)

      • Sergeant Masher

        The MO matches that of Sergeant Masher

        • Brain Case

          His brain case was the one found in Hayato Kita's apartment (see above).

        • Nickname

          His nickname was gained from his MO (see Session 5)

        • Dead

          Sergeant Masher is dead, but his ghost line probably isn't1

      • Victims

        The three bodies not found together and not within easy walking distance either (but within easy motorbike or even pushbike distance).

        • Victim 1

          Office Worker

        • Victim 2

          Convenience Store Worker

        • Victim 3


Wakiya's notes

Note that you can click on the image to get a larger version of the image.


  1. Note that ghost lines have to be transferred, they can't be copied.