Twenty baronies

First published 2nd January 2022 (Last Modified 3rd January 2022)

Between 1984 and 1987 I ran a play-by-mail campaign that initially has twenty baronies (the number did change during the campaign). I managed, according to my notes, 13 turns in all. Looking back now I'm actually somewhat impressed I managed 13 turns as it was over ambitious. I do still have all the material for the game and this was my first large scale game and the first which I regard as at least semi-successful (even if it, in hindsight, did have some problems). As with many of these games, time is a problem for both the players and the gamemaster. It takes time to do a good job of thinking up and then writing up orders for the barony and similarly for the game master is a similar problem of reliably making the time to process the orders, write up the individual reports and then writing up the general report. The baronies in the campaign are listed in the following table:

Barony Player
People's Republic of Archepelogian Territorries (P.R.A.T.) David Caton
Dipsomania Mark Gardiner
Jerusalem James Chan
Gol Gotha Paul Gausden
Central Republic of Armenia and Southern States (C.R.A.S.S.) Simon Perkins
Kemendor Michael Borrott
The Bright Empire Lewis Jardine
Chambord Terry Farrell
Kammalott Derek Long
The Arcadian Islands Chris Bailey
Nevele Matt Williams
Skander Tim Macaire
Mikland Kim Whitworth
Albarnon Tina Monk
Republic of Westcutt Brian Hooper
South East And West Expanding Empire (Dangerous) (S.E.A.W.E.E.D.) Keith Bristow
The Hidden Barony Peter Stuchlik
Bree Steve Morton
Vog-Novia Chris Carrigan
Angkor Nigel Jones
Numenor Merger between Skander, Albarnon and Vog-Novia

Theere were several non-aggression and mutial aid treaties written by the players. Tina did a wonderful job of calligraphy on the ones shown below (click on the image to see the full scanned image of the treaty):