Caporil theme

First published 12th January 2023


I had used the ming theme for quite a while, originally on its own, then with a child theme to fix some minor issues I had with the theme. I then ended up with my own version of that theme in order to allow me to get a better copyright notice. This version, caporil, of that theme is a reworking of both it and my own child theme (created to customise that theme for my own website) to take advantage of more modern CSS techniques (and to allow me to understand wordpress themes better). I haven't registered it with wordpress's theme library, so there is a risk of a name clash in the future.

  • Version: 3.241.0
  • Author: David Vines
  • Last Updated: 2023-01-26T09:50:16Z
  • Requires WordPress Version: 4.0 or higher
  • Tested up to: 6.1.1
  • License: This theme is based on the ming theme used under the terms of the GPL v2 license. This theme may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 license.

Many thanks to Axiu, the author of the ming theme.

Change Log

3.241.0 - 26 January 2023

Remove a redunant clear div

3.238.0 - 22 January 2023

  • Add space between multiple pieces of image metadata
  • Add vertical space after post/page info block
  • Push footer to the back
  • Improve appearance of pages using chronicle.css
  • Improve appearance of archive pages

3.237.0 - 21 January 2023

  • Remove underline from attachment links
  • Adjust the attachment metadata include
  • Improve update experience
  • Remove underlining from the image tag pages

3.236.0 - 21 January 2023

Adjust size of sidebars

3.235.0 - 20 January 2023

  • Fix the position of the sidebar toggle characters
  • Increase size of the toggle bar
  • Fix location of the search box (when enabled)

3.234.0 - 19 January 2023

Distinguish css for the various page templates

3.233.0 - 19 January 2023

Improve chronicle pages. Address unnecessaryfont face loading

3.232.0 - 16 January 2023

Handle narrow windows better

3.231.0 - 14 January 2023

Improve appearance of lists in plugin change logs

3.229.0 - 14 January 2023

Improve appearance of code blocks

3.228.0 - 14 January 2023

Reduce some ofthe vertical spacing. Add support for @media(print)

3.227.0 - 13 January 2023

Improve appearance of tag pages, show number of comments (if non-zero) even when static

3.226.0 - 12 January 2023

Initial Version

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