First published 7th November 2017 (Last Modified 21st December 2021)

Shady dealings

An important resource for all gentleman is the favours owed to them. In game terms there are nine classes of favour ranging from the lowly level one favour to the mighty level nine favours.
Gentlemen with a social level of 8 or higher will gain a favour every season (i.e., during janvier, avril, juillet and octobre). Female companions grant favours at the end of janvier (with additional favours from influential companions, and with the high social standing ladies providing higher level favours.

The level of favour needed to influence an NPC is shown in the table below. Each favour can provide a modifier of either +1 or -1 at the discretion of the character using the favour. Favours can be used to affect decisions affecting other players. If you are an member of the same regiment as an NPC any favour used is will be used as if it is of one class higher than in actually is. Favours can be converted to and from the immediate next highest class at a ratio of two to one (e.g. a level 4 favour can be converted to/from two level 3 favours).

Level 9
The King
Level 8
The Crown Prince, Cardinals
Level 7
Minsters1,Field Marshals
Level 6
Level 5
Lieutenant Generals
Level 4
Brigadier Generals
Level 3
Level 2
Lieutenant Colonels
Level 1
Majors, Captains3

Favours recorded in this manner do not affect player character decision should they be in post.

Using a favour is assumed to take no time (you are assumed to be calling in the favour via a quit tete-a-tete, this does not take a whole week!

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9 November 2017
Favours take no time to use


  1. Includes Commissioner of Public Safety, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Minsters without Portfolio, Minster of Justice, Minister of War and Minister of State.
  2. Determines admission into regiments and appointments within the regiment.
  3. Determines if a private or subaltern may skip being on duty for a week.