Le Journal de Paris de janvier 1624

Recording the events of Paris and beyond during janvier 1624

More financial scandals hit the Marquis of Sillery

Enquiries at the exchequer continue

The financial rumours surrounding Pierre Brulart, Marquis of Sillery, have intensified with the discovery that he had been involved in the overcharging of the fees for officer's commissions in our brave regiments. Although the amount of the surcharge is quite small (10 crowns in general1), the combination of this new problem, together with the earlier irregularities that are still under investigation, many at the royal court are being to question whether it is time for a new Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and if so, who?

The furore over the commission charges may have been the cause for the rejection of several of our new young gentleman's applications to join a regiment. Among the affected are Albert Kestrel, Aline Yar and Marius Thibodeaux - better luck next time!

Albane Bacque's door being repainted

After several quite unsuitable suitors beat a path to Albane Bacque, the well renowned young lady, her front door is being repainted with a brilliant white finish in an attempt to discourage those suitors whom she would rather not have to send her butler to stop them from blackening her door.2

Frontier Regiments welcome new recruits

Several recent arrivals have opted to support France by becoming members of the Frontier Regiments for the winter campaigning season. Côte de Boeuf and Fourier Transformée have been accepted into the elite Royal North Highland Regiment, while Alembic D'Gustion and Harry Covert join the regular troops of the Expeditionary Regiment. M. D'Gustion looked particularly dashing in his new blue uniform3. This winter season campaign is occupied with an attempt to gain ground in the Spanish Netherlands in readiness for the main summer cmapaign4.

Gisèle Barthélemy's Lucky Month

Feather Fan presented by Guillame De Batz to Gisèle Barthélemy

During the first week of janvier, Gisèle Barthélemy was courted by the dashing Guillame De Batz who wined and dined the young lady in a manner that she was very happy become accustomed to. In fact, she became so accustomed to it that after pledging herself to M. De Batz, she was able to enjoy the same again courtesy of Phillipe Lemoine in the following week. Gisèle was very even handed about the affair and has now pledged herself to M. Lemoine5. As a result of her fickle nature, Guillame De Batz now has cause to issue a challenge to a duel with Phillipe Lemoine6.

Impromptu Race Planned

Porte Saint-Honoré

Not content with his stunning appearance at the first showing of La Reine d'Ecosse at the Hôtel de Bourgogne (where he was showing off the latest in Paris fashion despite only recently being arrived in Paris), we are hearing rumours that Phillipe Lemoine is organising a race to be held during the first week of février at the Horsemarket (just outside Porte Saint-Honoré). However this will be no ordinary horse race as M. Lemoine has been seen inquiring of the whereabouts of unusual animals in the city and has been pointed to those private collections known as menageries as the most likely source of such creatures as ostriches, armadillos and llamas, the gentlemen also appears to be looking for mythical creatures such as kangaroos (apparently some form of giant rabbit). Also involved in this scheme, and presumably before he discovered Phillipe Lemoine's affair with Gisèle Barthélemy, is Guillame De Batz who has been telling all and sundry (or, at least, those that matter) about the scheme and has been handing out ostrich feathers (and cards) to remind people about the event. One also hopes that the Commissioner for Public Safety doesn't decide that the event is a cover for some other activity7.8

Flora Pernet and Marius Thibodeaux

After rebuffing Jean Huile's approaches earlier in the month, Flora Pernet has been charmed by Marius Thibodeaux's poetry and two have been sharing evenings together9. We have managed to smuggle out the following as an example of the art:10

Where Flora treads, a myriad buds burst forth
And shew their perfumed petals in her train
And I, inhaling deep, know well her worth
And pray that she will bid me not refrain

Groovy heads to Provence

The business requirements of being a pirate (or, at least, of being a pirate's descendent) have forced Groovy to head out of town and to the rural wilds of Provence for the time being. We hope to see his return to Parisian society once he has sorted out all the problems with Provence (either that or once he has drunk all the available wine!)

Regimental News

Grand Duke Maximillian Dragoons

Omer Dalors appointed captain of A troop. Roget Thésaurus joins E troop as a private.

Royal Marines

Sir Alex Kuzbidon joins C company as a subaltern.

Picardy Musketeers

Jean Huile joins D company as a private.

Volunteers Still Wanted!

We're looking for brave men to help defend France from our numerous neighbours. If you join us in février, you'll be back in Paris in time for the month of avril!
All frontier regiment members will be involved in any battles and so will have the opportunity for glory and plunder!

You may even be eligible11 to serve in our elite Royal Highland Border Regiment as a private!

The regiment takes no responsibility for any injuries or deaths that may occur during the campaign

Personal Notices

Albert Kestrel: I'm looking to make mutual connections and explore ways of advancing our mutual standing. Looking to meet up at Red Phillips or other venues, perhaps at the fencing master12? -- Roget Thésaurus

La maison de blanc

Best Gambling tables in town! Still the premier inn of the quartier rouge! Visited by Nobility! No crime reported!

The house accepts no responsibility for your losses at the table, gaming or otherwise.

The Greasy Pole

Name SL ± SP Position(s) Last Seen With Club Location
Albert Kestrel 4 7 Élisabeth Beaumont Red Phillips
Alembic D'Gustion 3 n/a At the Frontier
Aline Yar 3 3 Red Phillips
Côte de Boeuf 2 n/a At the Frontier
Fourier Transformée 2 n/a At the Frontier
Groovy 8 n/a Provence (out of game for the time being)
Guillame De Batz 10 14 Gisèle Barthélemy (see above) Hunter's
Harry Covert 4 n/a At the Frontier
Jean Huile 3 -1 -1 Picardy Musketeers, Private
Marius Thibodeaux 4 9
Flora Pernet Red Phillips
Omer Dalors 4 4
13th Fusiliers, Captain
Phillipe Lemoine 10 15 Gisèle Barthélemy (see above)
Roget Thésaurus 4 4 Grand Duke Maximillian Dragoons, Private Red Phillips
Sir Alex Kuzbidon 10 11 Royal Marines, Subaltern Hunter's
Status Level as of the end of the month
Change in status level this month
Status Points earned this month (n/a if the character is out of Paris during the month13).
Regiment and Rank and other posts if any
Location during the current month if out of Paris

Femmes Fatales

Name SL Attributes Last Seen With
Auriane Delaunay 7 Influential, Wealthy
Flora Pernet 7 Stunning, Influential Marius Thibodeaux
Solène Prudhomme 12 Wealthy
Micheline Barbet 15 Influential
Élisabeth Beaumont 8 Albert Kestrel
Brigitte Silvestre 8
Albane Bacque 15
Lesly Beaumont 11 Wealthy
Aurélie Pueyrredón 9 Wealthy
Bernadette Cuvier 7 Stunning, Influential
Émilie Beaufils 11 Influential, Wealthy
Victoria Gainsbourg 5 Wealthy
Gisèle Barthélemy 14 Stunning, Influential Phillip Lemoine
Roseline Geffroy 11

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  1. No refunds are being offered though!
  2. I've improved the user interface so that the default young lady chosen when you select Court new female companion is one for which you do stand a chance of courting. I have not penalised those who were led into this trap.
  3. Zyg sent a nice link to http://c8.alamy.com/comp/A4K00T/french-army-musketeers-of-louis-xiii-and-louis-xiv-17th-century-19th-A4K00T.jpg which sadly requires quite a hefty license fee for me to use directly
  4. All those at the frontier need not send orders for février 1624 (though are still welcome to do so if they have dispatches from the front). More details on how the battle will be resolved next month!
  5. Both get the status points for having a companion during the month however.
  6. If he should decline to make the challenge this will result in the loss of five status points during février as Paris worries about his lack of personal honour. (only applies to février - the loss is not permanent).
  7. Attendees of the event need to indicate such in their orders and this will count toadying with Phillipe Lemoine. Obviously you'll need to carouse there (costing the usual social level in crowns) and those with young ladies may wish to bring them along too. Those wishing to gamble can do so (indicate how much and on what - current odds: Ostrich evens, llama two to one, armadillo five to one)
  8. Phillipe Lemoine was awarded several bonus status points this month with a couple to Guillame De Batz. The owners of the menagerie are lending the animals in return for their care and fodder (costing the pair 50 crowns each).
  9. As Jean Huile and Marius Thibodeaux did not meet on Flora's doorstep and Jean Huile did not win the companionship of Flora, Jean Huile does not have cause to issue a challenge to a duel.
  10. Bonus status point for Marius Thibodeaux.
  11. An endurance of 110 and an expertise of 9.
  12. Two characters can choose to be sparring partners during their fencing practice. If so (by both specifying as such in their order and practising during the same week) each will get a 25% discount on the costs of the practice.
  13. If you're out of Paris your social level does not change and any bonus status points earned will be saved until you're next in Paris.

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