Cyberpunk Session 4a and 4b

First published 22nd March 2024 (Last Modified 24th March 2024)

(Played on 25th February and 17th March 2024)

Tremen's log1

A shower cubicle with a hidden spiral staircase in the floor. The floor is missing showing the spiral staircase which leads down.

Hidden entrance

Team Members: Spooky Witch (tech), Tharbinsan (medtech), Wakiya Kiku (Sniper/Paranoid), Ricky (Lawman), Tremen (Lawman)

Following the discovery of the hidden entrance in the floor of the one of the shower cubicles in the Sato Imports warehouse, the team descended. The spiral staircase ended in the reception room of what was obviously a significant medical facility. The reception room itself was relatively sparse. There was a door to the west covered by a sterilisation field. The reception room did hold a computer system which was not connected to the net. The computer did show that the facility could handle up to 7 patients each of whom had an individual recovery room and that 4 of those 7 rooms were marked as being occupied.

To the east was a room clearly used as a storage area for garbage and waste. The waste included human body parts that suggested about a week's worth of operation and also suggesting that the secret lab was used for either organm harvesting or, more likely, the illegal implantation of cybertech.

A map of the secret laboratory. The map shows a complex with an access corridor surrounding the complex on the north, east and southern sides (the corridor only connects rooms in the complex. On the eastern edge of the map is a set of seven small recovery rooms. On the western side of the map is an operating room and a set of three beds used for monitoring patients before and after their operation. The southern side holds bathrooms. The remainder of the base (in the centre) holds the reception room and some storage areas

The map of the secret laboratory

As we explored the complex the team split into two groups to cover the ground more quickly. One team (Spooky, Wakiya and Ricky) explored to west encountering a couple of techs who were immediately hostile but after one of the techs was mortally wounded, the second technician surrended quickly.

A heavily cybered human wielding swords

The yokai showing off his swords

Myself and Tharbinsan explored to the east and encountered what can only be described as a Yokai2. The Yokai was also immediately hostile and while I did manage to wound him it did manage a nasty blow to my leg, breaking it and leaving me heavily wounded.

The other half of the team rush to the scene (after securing their prisoner to the nearby furniture). I was able to staunch my serious leg wound while Tharbinsan completed the first aid. Spooky, Wakiya and Ricky then take on the Yokai - which dodged a lot of their shots while returning fire. Ricky, however, then got a couple of palable hits on the Yokai leaving it seriously wounded. As a result of its wounds the Yokai obviously then took the ultimate decision and self-destructed (causing minimal damage to the team).

Following the self-destruction of the Yokai the team is then able to search the complex revealing:

  1. There was a third tech in the complex who freed his colleague when the coast was clear and the pair obviously then scarpered out of the complex and the Sato Imports Warehouse above
  2. Electronic locks are remarkably easy to push into their failsafe (i.e., permanently locked) state
  3. In the last room (which needed cutting torches to enter given the failsafe nature of their electronic locks) was a storeroom holding a lot of cybertech - all of foreign origin and hence not easily traced by the authorities in Japan.

We then returned to Section 9 (in my case, at least, to recuperate!)


  1. The first and third images on this page were my first experiments using AI generated images. I used Microsoft's Image Creator to generate the images. The first image used the prompt Entrance to a secret laboratory hidden under a shower cubicle. The Entrance is open with a spiral staircase leading down beneath the floor of the cubicle while the third used the prompt Heavily cybered human for a cyberpunk villain in a role playing game. The villain has swords for arms. Unfortunately there's no good way to see what kind of source was used to generate the images as Microsoft (and the underlying DALL-E model) don't reveal this kind of information.
  2. Admittedly a better description would be of a heavily cybered (and heavily armed and armoured) human, but at the time I and Tharbinsan were somewhat alarmed!