Cyberpunk Session 1

First published 31st July 2023 (Last Modified 28th August 2023)

(Played on 30th July 2023)

Tremen's log

Hooded Man standing with his back to us in a graffitied and neon lit alley way

Could this be our victim?

Team Members: Spooky Witch (tech), Tharbinsan (medtech), Wakiya Kiku (Sniper/Paranoid), Ricky (Lawman), Tremen (Lawman)

My team called to assist in the investigation of a murder at apartment block. Traffic to get to the scene of the crime terrible (so terrible that Spooky Witch (who lives nearby) was able to easily beat the rest of the team to the scene. Local attending police numbers six (and three squad cars and Crime Scene Investigation Van).

Inhabitants called in the Police after an altercation on the tenth floor. When the Police attended there was no reply from the relevant apartment but there was a blood and cyberfluid trail (of droplets) leading to (or from) the apartment to the lifts. Given the lack of response a drone was deployed through the mail slot to scan the inside of the apartment. My team called when the drone spotted the body of a male with both a gun shot wound and a head split open to reveal an empty brain case

Entered the apartment building and checked out the entryway and the lifts to assess risks and whether the perpetrator was still present at that level. No sign of either the perpetrator or of any additional blood/cyberfluid.

Proceeded up the stairs to the tenth floor, checking as we went for more signs (none found)

Entered the victim's apartment and conducted a search. Victim was Hayato Kita. Outward signs of just being a low level corporate drone but Tharbinsan discovered (hidden in the bathroom) a considerable quantity of cash and credit cards which suggests that the victim's could be something much more important. Investigations continued in the next session.

Screen shot of FGU as at the end of the session

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