Play-by-mail Games

First published 21st December 2021 (Last Modified 10th January 2022)

Over time I've actually run several play by mail games of one sort or another. These include:

Circa 1979
Not actually a game that I actually ran as a play-by-mail game, but Wargaming Book was the first game I wrote, or at least the first one for which I still have the material.
I ran a game based on the Wargaming Book at my college.
After university I ran my largest game based (loosely) on the strategic side of Chivalry and Sorcery.
1980s (ish)
Liftoff! (first run)
1991 (ish)
Liftoff! 2 (second run). This one only lasted a few turns
Possibly the most successful of my bigger games was Domain of the Ancients 2.
Liftoff! (third run). This was an complete run of the game and was documented entirely on this website.
En Garde (Moribund)