First published 9th October 2017 (Last Modified 21st December 2021)

Between Players

Players are free to make any bets or wagers between themselves as they see fit. However the GM will only know about them if the bets are specified in your orders and the player's funds will be adjusted as a result of the outcome of the bet if both players specify the wager in their wagers (and the GM can determine the outcome of the wager of course!). Status points will be awarded and deducted based on the size of the wager, the relative status level of the bettors and the visibility of the wager as described by the players.

At your club or the bawdyhouse

All clubs and the bawdyhouse provide the same (abstracted) mechanism for gambling against the house. On each round of gambling:

  1. The player declares (in his orders) how much he is going to bet
  2. The house rolls a d6.
  3. If the player's order declare a cut value and the house's score equals or exceeds the cut value, the player loses half of his bet, but gets to keep the other half. He also loses a status point.
  4. If the player is still in the round (i.e., didn't cut), he rolls a d6
  5. The player has the higher score he wins both his original stake and the same again as winnings. He also gains a status point.
  6. If the player has the lower score or has only tied with the house, he loses his bet and a status point.

A player may make up to nine bets in the week. Each club (but not the bawdyhouse) has a house limit on the size of each bet (If you're gambling at Bothwell's it has a minimum bet size of 100 crowns). If you're gambling at a club, your bets for the week are totalled (with any bets that you chose to cut counting as half). This total is then divided by the club's gambling divisor and the result rounded down. You then gain this amount in additional status points.