The Journal of Space Achievement 1972

Recording the events of 1972

Maja Hansen is first person on the moon!

Maja Hansen preparing to collect samples from the lunar surface

GOSsiP's Maja Hansen became the first person to walk on another astronomical body when, on the 30th of December 1972, she left the lunar lander to plant GosSIP's emblem on the lunar surface and then collect samples from the lunar surface.

The successful lunar landing was the third mission from GOSsiP during 1972. The first was another lunar probe lander. This had some tense moments just before touchdown when it looked like the landing site was more dangerous than the initial photo reconnaissance suggested. However the retro rockets from the probe itself cleared some of the moon dust and pebbles from the landing site.

The second GosSIP mission was a manned lunar orbital and docking. This was GOSsiP first ever attempt at a docking and, unsurprisingly, the three person capsule was unable to dock with the lunar module being on the flight for the docking practice. After this failed docking attempt the mission completed its journey to the vicinity of the moon and three lunar orbits were achieved. The return journey, re-entry and recovery of the capsule proceeded smoothly.

It was then onto the main event. GOSsiP's most experienced astronaut team of Maja Hansen, Curtis Adamson and Kristian Swenhaugen climbed aboard the three person capsule and blasted off. Once in earth orbit the crew manoeuvred to dock with their lunar lander abd successfully completed that stage of the mission. Maja commented to ground control that she didn't understand why they thought that docking was difficult as she had found the precise required orbit with ease. Once docked with their module the crew then headed to the moon. Maja Hansen and Curtis Adamson transferred to the lunar lander, undocked and descended to the lunar surface. Easily finding the desired landing site the retro engines were fired and the craft landed at 1630 UTC on the 30th of December. After checking all was well Maja descended the final few steps onto the lunar surface and said the now immortal words: That may be just one step for me, but it is one gigantic leap for the whole of humanity..

After staying just long enough to complete a check of the exterior of their lunar lander and to collect several kilograms of rocks from the surface of the moon, Maja and Curtis returned to their lander and blasted off back into lunar orbit. Having gained experience with docking on the way to the moon, Maja was able to dock the lunar lander with the three person capsule containing Kristian Swenhaugen (who, while Maja and Curtis were on the lunar surface became the most isolated person in the universe). Once transferred back into the capsule, the lunar lander was jettisoned and the return journey commenced. The return went smoothly and the crew recovered just in time for the new year's celebrations!

Woomera to become theme park

The australian government has announced its intention to convert ASA facilities at Woomera into a theme park. The main roller coaster will traverse the main launch sites giving excellent views of the remaining supply of mega stage rockets and their components. Expected to gain significant audience numbers, the main centrifuge will be opened up to all comers. Rumours that Harold's Bar has made a significant offer for the rights to the theme park have yet to be confirmed.

Smaug Inc to take SHADO astronaut on next launch

Smaug Inc is planning three launches next year as part of its program to improve its docking expertise. The organisation has denied suggestions that it is planning to abandon the SHADO astronaut in earth are being strenuously denied by both Smaug Inc and SHADO and it is said that the mission is purely a result of the diplomatic efforts between Smaug Inc and SHADO.

SARSA blaming sabotage affecting launches

After SARSA was forced to cancel its launches this year and deciding to avoid launches in 1973 as well, it is being rumoured that sabotage could be behind the failures in the SARSA space program. Others, though, are pointing to the continual government interference in the space plans for the problems in the program.

SHADO to build on steady progress

SHADO has continued to make continued research into its rocketry program and has one mission planned for 1973,

Launch Calendar

The provisional calendar for launches planned in 1973 (assuming none of the missions are rushed or scrubbed) is as follows:

5th Dec
10th Dec
Smaug Inc
12th Dec
Smaug Inc
14th Dec
Smaug Inc

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Financial summary as of 1st January 1973

Agency Cash in hand
Smaug Inc. $124,000,000
SARSA $83,000,000
GOSsiP $293,000,000
SHADO $73,500,000
ASA $204,000,000

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