DDO Hireling notes

First published 14th June 2024

Some notes on the hirelings I've used to support my solo game play:

Name Class Level Observations
Elizabeth Cinder Sorceror 1 Surprisingly useful at Level 1. When active can help dramatically when defending the Cannith Crystal
Dryad Willowisp Cleric 1
Parfour the Lethargic Sorceror 2 Avoid! Loves casting Grease
Tome Wizard 2 Warforged. Has Mage Armour as a spell.
Elieri Thistledown Cleric 3 as part of the DDO starter pack (which is no longer available). Has Divine Vitality I. Useful up to about Level 6 and beyond if you keep her out of danger
Maloren Cleric 4 Described as competent and I would tend to agree. He is somewhat relucant to act but does act and hence actually manages to converse his spell points. Has Divine Vitality I.
Zeran Hamsterherder Wizard 5 Apparently believes that there's no tomorrow as he burns through SP as if there isn't one.