Cyberpunk Session 3a and 3b

First published 2nd November 2023 (Last Modified 25th February 2024)

(Played on 24th September and 30th October 2023)

Tremen's log

A single storey warehouse surrounded by a fence and showing a driveway into parking adjacent to the warehouse

A view of a similar warehouse (admittedly located in the UK) taken by Thomas Nugent

Team Members: Spooky Witch (tech), Tharbinsan (medtech), Wakiya Kiku (Sniper/Paranoid), Ricky (Lawman), Tremen (Lawman)

Following on from the leads generated from the investigation of the victim's apartment we decided to pay a visit to Sato Imports. This is based on its own small island (not that unusual). The island has a number of connections but the main point of interest is a warehouse operated by Sato Imports. This has fairly standard looking security with no signs of additional security. There is a security camera with a view of the entrance to the warehouse's compound1:

Map of the warehouse surroundings

Map of the warehouse surroundings

A map of the warehouse showing a road on the right hand side of map (going up and down the map). Adjacent to the road is a parking lot with three cars at the bottom of the lot and a truck in the centre. The main entrance to the warehouse is to the left of the truck and there are several rooms off of a central loading dock.

Actual map of the warehouse as used in our fantasy grounds session

We (myself, Ricky and Tharbinsan) approach the building (Spooky staying with our van and Wakiya covering us from nearby). However as we annouce ourselves the night security basically respond with "oh shit" and a fight ensues. Spooky screeches into the compound (happily ignoring the tire spikes) and she joins the fight as does Wakiya.

The fight itself goes surprisingly smoothly if you ignore our minor injuries (several on Tharbinsan as it happens) and the poor quality of gun work (several gun jams) and the discovery that Ricky may not be the most persuasive one of us. However we do overcome the security team (two relatively junior night watchmen overseen by more highly skilled solo) and arrest all three of them and get them shipped off to the local police via their paddy wagon.

There is, however, the question of why there's been no interference from the management and/or legal department of Sato Imports - at the least you would have expected someone to turn up!

We then proceeded to search the building. In the main it is what it appears to be: a warehouse for the import of alcoholic spirits albeit with the occasional (illegal) additives including High Noon2. There's a weapons rack holding 4 assault rifles in one of the lockers (which was locked).

Finally there is, hidden in the floor of the warehouse's only shower cubicle, a secret entrance to a spiral staircase leading down....

Screenshot of my Fantasy Grounds Unity screen at the end of the third (fourth?) session of Neil's cyberpunk game


  1. The left hand image is from my notes, the right hand version is the actual map
  2. One dose gives a high, multiple doses do increase the duration of the high, but also increase the user's paranoia.