Le Journal de Paris de septembre 1624

Recording the events of Paris and beyond during septembre 1624

Les Boutons Manquant a great success!

Backstage at Les Boutons Manquant

Most of Paris was captivated by Guillame De Batz's production of Les Boutons Manquant, a farce set in London and whose plot includes King John, Queen Mathilda, and three courtiers Edmund, Percival and Thomas (together with their long-suffering boy (called Boy to avoid confusion, although the character's ambition is to One day have a name)).

The plot revolves around a bejewelled stud belonging to the Queen but gifted to a young man, Wilhelm, for undisclosed services. However the King is expecting to see the studs at the following night's Grand Ball, so Queen Mathilda tasks the courtiers to retrieve the stud. The courtiers accidentally get Wilhelm arrested as an Austrian spy. It turns out he actually is an Austrian spy, and they manage to retrieve the stud. Boy gets the stud to Queen Mathilda in the ballroom (Your Majesty, you dropped this.) when it turns out that the three don't have invitations. King John is awfully pleased (awfully pleased), and rewards Boy for his... services.

PERCIVAL: Well, it could be worse?

EDMUND: We have an hour to find where the Queen's stud has been hidden by someone who has been mistaken for an Austrian spy. Things could in no way be worse.

BOY [rushing on-stage]: Milord, there's a problem.

EDMUND: I stand corrected.

Attendees at the opening gala included Guillame de Batz (of course), Phillipe Lemoine, a (yet again) bemused descartes, Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Iverson, Sir Henri Boyson (the Commissioner for Public Safety), Marius Thibodeux, Cochon de Lait, Jean Huile and Aline Yar. The appearance of the Commissioner for Public Safety (whose job includes the seeking out of traitors) was a cause for concern for all the other attendees. Rumours suggest he was hunting for information on the whereabouts of the Transformée family.

Promotion for Omer Delors

As a part of the successful Siege at Château de Montaigle, Omer Delors was forced to step into command of his battalion when the major in charge of his battalion was felled by shrapnel from a cannon shot from the Château's defences. Quickly realising the danger posed by simple confusion Captain Delors quickly ordered both his own A company and that of B company to get under the ramparts of the wall to avoid the fire of the cannon. A second quick dash to the already breached main gate of the castle brought the battalion to inside of the gates and acted as a relief to the 2nd battalion allowing it to head further inside the buildings of the Château. As a part of the gate garrison, Major Delors' stable mysteriously expanded in number to include a total of 3 horses and a large amount of supplies...

Bemused Jean Huile

Jean Huile's duel with Fourier Transformée was a somewhat confused affair after only Jean Huile and the local surgeon for gardens of the Palais Royale turned up at the appointed location and time. The absence of both M. Transformée and the putative second, Roget Thésaurus was a surprise but leads to a victory for Jean Huile1.

Silk prices soar

A busy milliner

The cost of keeping up with fashion could be about to significantly increase causing consternation amongst the ladies and gentlefolk of Paris. The problem is being put down to a dramatic increase in demand for silk across the whole of Paris causing the price of all clothing and, in particular, dresses. The tailor's guild denies that it has been responsible for the hoarding of the fabric, saying only that several recent commissions have used up almost all of the available fabric. An anonymous gentleman has already been overheard complaining about the demands for new dresses from his erstwhile companions, apparently saying These women are very expensive.....

New Table Billiards proving to be a success

Despite the criticisms of old fogeys at Hunter's, Phillipe Lemoine new sport of table billiards is proving to quite popular. An initial championship contest organised by M. Lemoine covered its costs with Guillame De Batz being the surprised winner after his triple carom after two balls bounced off of the edging used to prevent the balls rolling off of the table was ruled as a valid score by the watching Sir Alex Kuzbidon, who is yet to pass his opinion on the game2

Lucky in love

Gladioli presented by Cochon de Lait

Despite the difficulty of locating new fashionable clothing, Aline Yar appears to have successfully wooed Mlle. Delaunay to his side. The pair were seen at the end of septembre having a convivial tête-à-tête.

Suggestions that some of the other ladies of Paris may have playing the field have been firmly quashed by all concerned, with no untoward activities being noticed. Of course this could just mean that any putative lovers have been suitably discreet about their activities. M. Lightfoot has yet to successfully find a lady of substance who is willing to be seen with him3, could it be that he needs to take lessons from Cochon de Lait whose faithful adherence to floral etiquette is to be commended.

Meanwhile Marius Thibodeux has shown his continued love of poetry. Perhaps this one will convert Mlle. Beaufils to the joys of a good sonnet:

Superfluous physician, go, unpaid!
Apothecary, lock away thy wares,
And surgeon, of your goodness, sheath thy blade;
I have no need of thee to make repairs.
Though lately it were wounded to the quick
A heart shall heal, if time enough elapse.
What once entranced it, seemeth pale and sick;
Dismissed as boyish folly, youth’s mishaps.
Through wiser, older eyes I see the world,
And ‘tis revealed far finer than before.
And thankful tears hath those twin orbs impearled,
For she that hath the kindness to restore.
In gratitude for her benevolence
My loyalty shall be her recompense.

Le Perche du Coudray Updates

Congratulations to Albert Kestrel and Harry Lightfoot who have completed courses in Sabre and Rapier respectively. M. Kestrel's Sabre skill is now rated at 12, while M. Lightfoot's Rapier skill is rated at 10.

Regimental News

13th Fusiliers

We are pleased to appoint Omer Delors to the rank of Major of the 1st Battalion in recognition of his actions at the Château de Montaigle. In view of the pending investigation into possible misconduct earlier in the year, that investigation is temporarily suspended. The investigation and the appointment will be reviewed in septembre 16254.

The Greasy Pole

Name SL ± SP Position(s) Last Seen With Club Location
Albert Kestrel 6 8 Queen's Own Carabiniers, Subaltern Élisabeth Beaumont
Aline Yar 5 +1 25 Picardy Musketeers, Subaltern Auriane Delaunay Red Phillips
Fourier Transformée 4 11 Royal Marines, Subaltern Red Phillips
Guillame De Batz 10 +1 37 Bernadette Cuvier Hunter's
Jean Huile 5 +1 31 Picardy Musketeers, Captain Victoria Gainsbourg Red Phillips
Marius Thibodeaux 7 +1 26
Picardy Musketeers, Captain Émilie Beaufils The Frog & Peach
Omer Dalors 1 13th Fusiliers, Major
Phillipe Lemoine 10 23 Gisèle Barthélemy Hunter's
Roget Thésaurus 4 -1 2 Grand Duke Maximillian Dragoons, Private Red Phillips
Sir Alex Kuzbidon 10 11 Royal Marines, Subaltern Aurélie Pueyrredón Hunter's
Cochon de Lait 7 21 Royal Marines, Subaltern Flora Pernet The Blue Gables
Henry Lightfoot 8 -1 1 The Frog & Peach
Status Level as of the end of the month
Change in status level this month
Status Points earned this month (blank if the character is out of Paris during the month).
Regiment and Rank and other posts if any
Location during the current month if out of Paris

Femmes Fatales

Name SL Attributes Last Seen With
Auriane Delaunay 7 Influential, Wealthy Aline Yar
Flora Pernet 7 Stunning, Influential Cochon de Lait
Solène Prudhomme 12 Wealthy
Micheline Barbet 15 Influential
Élisabeth Beaumont 8 Albert Kestrel
Brigitte Silvestre 8
Albane Bacque 15
Lesly Beaumont 11 Wealthy
Aurélie Pueyrredón 9 Wealthy Sir Alex Kuzbidon
Bernadette Cuvier 7 Stunning, Influential Guillame De Batz
Émilie Beaufils 11 Influential, Wealthy Marius Thibodeux
Victoria Gainsbourg 5 Wealthy Jean Huile
Gisèle Barthélemy 14 Stunning, Influential Phillip Lemoine
Roseline Geffroy 11

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  1. No orders received for either Fourier Transformée or Roget Thésaurus. As there was no fight, Jean Huile's rapier skill does not increase by one. He does gain two status points from the non-appearance of his opponent, who loses two status points.
  2. Since this wasn't a formal tournament I haven't awarded status points for winning here - should one be organised I will do so!
  3. Sadly Henry Lightfoot failed again to have a female companion during the month but at least no one noticed his attempts....
  4. If Omer Delors Social Level is 3 or less at the review he will be expelled from the regiment (though, of course, events may, yet again, alter this timing!). In the meantime he has all the privileges of the rank of Major while having the duties of both Major of the 1st Battalion and captain of A company (neither of which require him to spend an action on performing).