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Thomas Pyecroft

19th July 2019
  • Note: Based on Linrodeth rule set 2014a.

Character Name: Nobody Noname

Player Name: dave

Genre: Linrodeth


Birthday: Game date:
Basic Attributes Derived Attributes
Strength Morale
Dexterity Interest Points
Armour: None
Shield: None Light Shield Medium Shield Heavy Shield  
Protecting: Head Chest Abdomen    
Having no shield means no locations are protected by a shield.
Favoured weapons



Months (inclusive)


, The merry month of

Childhood Language
Fluency ( ) 1000 points                         

None of the interest points available to this character have been used.

0 Interest Point(s)

Life on Mars Bars

22nd January 2018

Thursday Lunchtime

Robbie and Ash skipped the morning lessons (with Tank successfully updating the registers to indicate that they were actually present!) to head back to check the den. Apparently there was no sign of Andy and it looks like the D&D game ended normally. The pair then tracked our route back from the den to the Ladygrove Underpass. There it would seem that our bike tracks go in the buddleia bush and stop. The bollard there shows signs of a cream coloured paint and there's a strange swirly pattern on the ground and, knowing us, we stopped to investigate a strange vehicle. The tracks indicate that the vehicle reversed back into Dedcot itself.

After some thought we conclude that the tracks must have been from a Magnatreen lifter such as those used on military and/or emergency service vehicles. One big problem with those (and why they've gone out of fashion) is the massive disruption caused by them to electronics.

Thursday evening

We decided to skip the afternoon lessons (and the coppers who had turned up at the school to investigate Andy's disappearance- we have no plans to explain what/where we were during and after the D&D game - during would reveal the den and after is a bit problematic given we've no idea!). Checking the traffic lights shows that the patterns of some of them have been disrupted and we recalled that there's a security camera overlooking the underpass. We track the cables from the camera back to an office at the station and, after some sneaking, get the tape for last night and take a look. The video signal looks boringly normal until 21:15. The tape shows an old ambulance arriving at the underpass, a burst of static, the video whiteouts for five minutes, and then the ambulance heads back out and turns east. There's no other sign of interference on the tape.

A quick check on our bikes shows a magnetic field has been induced in them. Reexamining the underpass shows a heavy boot tread.

We head to the local cottage hospital where (a) the ambulances are all new(ish), (b) Robbie is recognised and collected some medicine and (c) we remember there's that Zulu Farm place for those from Harwell who aren't mad enough for the Looney BinLittlemore Hospital, but mad enough to stop working

Big Sis, Alison, chooses to cash in her favour for not ratting out Peter this morning by getting Peter to confirm she went to the Gym instead of Reading.

While I headed off for running practice and then home, the rest rounded off the day at Tank's Farm where the coppers caught up with them and had an conversation:

What do you know about Andy's disappearance?
I dunno - we was playing D&D and then we headed home.
What about Cackhambly's camp?
I dunno - where's that
What about an 'Uncle Chuck', or 'Charlie' or 'Chaz'?
Where did you look for Andy
Err, Hmm, here, there...

Friday morning

Last night, we all had bad dreams of running away, hiding or similar. Lots of parents dropping their kids off at the school today and there's reporters all around the school. Ash briefly though that one of those drag-a-long cases was a box with many legs. All of us apart from Robbie (and Andy of course) attend School today. School assembly is about Andy's disappearance and to let the teachers/police know if there's any information to share (at which point an invisible ring opens up around us.

Friday first break

The first lesson was English and we had to do a composition. Teacher was a little freaked out that we all ended up with same story - a big old house with a new family. The kid explores the house, encounters a ghost and gets exchanged with the ghost. All except Tank that is, who wrote some kind of romantic story. Tommy swears that the teacher on playground duty was dragging copper chains behind her - but it's just some shoelaces.

There are a couple of coppers outside the school corralling the reporters.

Friday afternoon

During afternoon sports, Kin is checking out the light conditions for his photography, when a small kid runs over to collect one of their tennis balls. Very briefly it flashes blue and the kid says Errand.

Friday Evening

Robbit reported that she had scouted the farm shop at Zulu Farm - and had seen a rabbit stealing a carrot, which she woldn't have been that worrying except it was wearing a blue waistcoat!

After Robbie and Tommy check out the Ladygrove underpass again (it's now sealed off with police tape) they get a memory of the sound of an increasing whine, a bright flash and a smell of ozone.

We head out to Zulu Farm (Tommy fell in the surrouding ditch as we tried to sneak across - luckily no one came to investigate, though Tommy was covered in mud). Round the back was an old ambulance which matched that in the security video. In the centre of the courtlight is an old victorian gas lamp.

Robbie tries, but fails to look through the windows of the old stable block on the north side of the courtyard which have been converted into single room cottages, and then I fail to get onto the roof. Despairing of us both Kin breaks into the adjoining workshop and passes a set of bolt cutters to Tommy so that we can actually get into the courtyard and then into the workshop. There a lot of mechanical junk in the old hayloft above the workshop. The hayloft also has a door into the first of the stable block cottages. Robbie sneaks a peak into the cottage setting off an alarm in the process. In that cottage is a pile of electronic looking junk and two dentist-style chairs. One had an old lady in it, the other had Andy. Both had contraptions on their head connected to a football sized weird globe. A janitor man enters the room to investigate the room.

We swiftly make a plan and I jump in the room and start chasing the janitor. He looks very weird and mean and he seems to be threatening Andy, so I get scared and run away from him a lot and Robbie calmly sprays him with some Old Spice she'd nicked from her brother earlier in the day. As the janitor tries to deal with me and Robbie, Kin and Tommy jump down into the cottage and manage to disconnect Andy and nearly do the same for the old lady too by overloading it. The janitor turns to another device, flicks a switch, and we run for it, with Andy over my shoulder. Tommy trips up as we leave, but Robbie grabs him and we're off and away.

Kin makes an anonymous call to the coppers from Dedcot town as the rest of us head over to his house so that Andy can call home. Tank's Dad comes to collect Andy and we all head home for, hopefully, a good night's sleep.

Strange things in Dedcot

12th December 2017

Our den (with the tarpaulin down)

Thursday - First break

Andy has a lot to answer for! There we were enjoying our Sunday game of D&D, when it went all strange! Nothing to do with me or my character (Will was miles away from the box) but the next thing we know we're all a long way from the den in some old military nuclear shelter. How Andy managed that trick is definitely on the (long) list of questions for him! And couldn't he have picked somewhere better for us to end up! And not at 6am in the morning. Having to run several miles home back to Dedcot isn't a problem but explaining to my coach why I missed the early morning training session is definitely going to be a problem (at least I did, in a sense, do a training run - but convincing coach of that could be a problem. At least getting up the drainpipe back into my bedroom was straight-forward, though I need to remember to oil the window hinges - those creaks sounded awfully loud.

How I got though Thursdday without falling asleep I'll never know (though how I passed the surprise maths test in the first period is another mystery). The nuclear shelter looked like it's been abandoned since the fifties and thoroughly looted - only the stuff nailed to the floor (or too heavy to move) was still there, so why Andy sent us there is yet another question!

My character didn't even manage to snag some decent loot in the dungeon - that magic user insisted on using detect magic (though at least I guessed that would happen 🙂 ). I did get a goblin henchman though by sparing his life (I worry though about the paladin trying to kill him just because he comes up as evil (I wonder there's a way to block that?) Was the nuclear shelter part of the dungeon? If so, how and why? (For that matter, if not, how and why?!?

Interior view of the den (tarpaulin up and looking unusually tidy!)

Images from wsr.org.uk. The exterior is by John Wood and the interior by Mike Dunse by used under terms of CC BY-NC 3.0, so this post is also licensed as CC BY-NC 3.0.

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22nd January 2018
Minor updates (including changing the day of week)

En Garde! Plugin Details

13th October 2017


This plugin adds support for my En Garde! game by:
  • adding a shortcode, enGardeCharacter, to allow a character table to be generated. Examples of use: [enGardeCharacter id="C"] [str is="9" initial="9"] [rapier is="12" initial="12"] [sabre is="12" initial="12"] [cutlass is="12" initial="12"] [con is="15" initial="15"] [end is="135 of 135" initial="135"] [ma is="1" initial="1"] [cash is="32" initial="44"] [allowance is="12" initial="0"] [regiment is="Royal Foot Guards, Private"] [club is="Hunter's"] [mentions is="1"] [stable has="1 horse"] [appointment is="Trooper, King's Escort"] [mistress is="Catherine de Borgonne"] [level is="11" initial="12"] [location is="In Paris"] [/enGardeCharacter]
  • adding a shortcode to display a form to allow the submission of orders for a character. Examples of use: [enGardeOrderTemplate id="C"]

    The id used must match one of those from a character on the same page (the javascript used for validation needs to look up information from the table).

Change Log


Currently none.

3.168.0 - 04 January 2022

Update to add '!' to En Garde! where possible

3.167.0 - 03 January 2022

Add a break before the horizontal rule after the order template

3.161.0 - 09 September 2021

Fix update detection logic!

3.157.0 - 21 July 2021

Fix updating logic!

3.153.0 - 21 July 2021

Common up updating logic

3.108.0 - 29 March 2021

Update URL of the details page

3.90.0 - 07 February 2021

  • Don't provide a target url for order form if orders aren't being accepted

3.80.0 - 28 January 2021

  • Restore the insertion of the game month in the order form

3.76.0 - 28 January 2021

  • Add support for self-hosted update notification

3.36.0 - 22 December 2018

  • Disable the submit button if submissions are disabled

3.26.0 - 01 January 2018

  • Save last order submit details

3.24.0 - 20 December 2017

  • Fix leaving/joining club

3.13.0 - 05 December 2017

  • Fix investments

3.12.0 - 05 December 2017

  • Add support for investments

3.11.0 - 05 December 2017

  • Fix location @charset directive in stylesheets


  • Remove migration code (for weapon expertise)

3.9.0 - 25 November 2017

  • Add support for automatically updating expertise

3.6.0 - 21 November 2017

  • Fix wealthy companions

3.5.0 - 21 November 2017

  • Version number scheme changes
  • Add support for battle outcomes

20171115-1410 - 15 November 2017

  • email address fixes

20171114-1440 - 14 November 2017

  • Bug fixes - 11 November 2017

  • Better admin - 05 November 2017

  • Bug fixes - 05 November 2017

  • Improved hints and checks - 05 November 2017

  • Sort out last_orders (move into own db table) - 04 November 2017

  • Add playhouses and admin support - 30 October 2017

  • Refactoring of the javascript - 24 October 2017

  • Various bug fixes - 13 October 2017

  • Initial Version

The information on this page was retrieved by Plugin Information Version 3.161.0.

Alexis' Biography

10th March 2017

This is very much a work in progress with lots of "TODO" sections, but the functionality I want is here.

Marriage of Princess Eleanor

The story of Her Highness Princess Alexis starts with the her mother's Birthday Ball. On the 23rd day of Menderal 139, a Ball was held to celebrate Princess Eleanor's 18th Birthday. The Ball was held in the Archimandrite's Hall of Munificent Hospitality in the Temple of Hahn in Linrodeth. The Hall had been newly redecorated in white and gold and echoed to the sound of the Royal Court and the music of the Master Bards. Attending the ball were several potential suitors for her hand in marriage.

How do you want this section of the biography to play?

Princess Eleanor had instructed her lady-in-waiting, Lady Caroline, to discover the most biddable and/or desperate of her suitors, so that the Princess could intervene with her father to ensure that the right man was selected as her official suitor. Laedy Caroline did this by embarassing all the suitors, pointing out, for example, Duke Alexander Calverin of Cascorach's boorish manners and ridiculing Prince Pharos of Kerun's Gift as inappropriate. However with many of the attendees being more interested in trade, rather than the affairs of the Royal Court, it soon became obvious that the Princess would have been struggling to assert her power and authority anywhere other than in the kingdom of Athion and she soon settled on Duke Alexander as being the one best placed to give her own power base to rival those of her siblings and, in particular, that of Prince Edward (her elder brother) who already had established a power base in the City of Salvoyn. She married the Duke at Midsummer 140.

Of those attending, three were Princes of foreign lands unused to the political ways of the Kingdom of Athion. Princes Konrad (of Garth), Pharos (of Kerun) and Khalid (of Orissa) were all outplayed by Duke Alexander Calverin of Cascorach. Indeed, such was the politcal activities that Prince Konrad was considering risking a war with Athion by kidnapping the Princess, while Pharos and Khalid did end up at war (albeit with each other rather than with Athion). Despite the murder of a Linrodeth Councillor, Thomas Castlemaine (who, by powers unknown, ended up being an official suitor for the Princess's hand), the Duke married Princess Eleanor at Midsummer 140.

The events at that ball are somewhat confused. Several events point to the actions of nefarious powers to manipulate the affair. The lapdog of Princess Eleanor's lady-in-waiting, Lady Caroline, suffered a strange illness and, some suggest, was never seen again after a strange parchment was found on its sickbed accompanied by what can only be described as a strange ritual from behind the locked door of the sickroom that was overheard by several observers. Later on during the ball Lady Caroline and Jan Ostern has to act to prevent another strange ritual in the gardens of the Temple of Hahn itself from taking place. The ritual had advanced far enough though to cause Princess Eleanor to retire early to her rooms.

The plots and schemes continued after the Birthday Ball and even caused the death of a prominent Linrodeth Councillor, Thomas Castlemaine, who had been also courting the Princess. As a result, Princess Eleanor married Duke Alexander Calverin at Midsummer 140.

The Ball was also the first opportunity for many of the attendees to meet for many years, the Birthday Ball devolved in a farce as politics and trade ended up taking priority over the celebrations and courting of the Princess' Hand. It is said that the Temple of Hahn did best out of the event from all the contracts that needed to be finalised during the event. Despite (or, perhaps, because of) the politicing the Princes of two of the attendees, Kerun and Orissa, ended up at war over the event. In fact, the most promising of the Princess' suitors turned out to be someone who didn't even attend the ball - Councillor Thomas Castlemaine of Linrodeth. Sadly, though, the brave councillor was out of his league and was murdered within the year. All others having left the field, the remaining suitor, Duke Alexander Calverin, married Princess Eleanor at Midsummer 140.

How do you want to play the birth of Princess Alexis?

Birth of Alexis

Following her Marriage, Princess Eleanor and Duke Alexander travelled to Cascorach where the Princess immediately started to make an impact on governance of the Duchy, for example by recalling the Guild Charters then in operation in Cascorach and replacing the guild structures by a trio of new, more biddable, guilds. The City Watch was then replaced by a new formation of the army, the First Cascorach Infantry Regiment. The resulting confusion was then exploited by the neighbouring City State of Adaqua, which lies to the south of Cascorach over the Gelt Mountains.

All this preceeded the announcement that the Princess was now expecting her first child. The Temple of Hahn then announced that Edward de Belleme was to be appointed as Plenipotentairy of Cascorach and he was dispatched to Cascorach complete with a full company of Knights Templar. This addition to the Duchy's military forces, combined with a lessening of attacks by Gelt raiding parties resulted in a rout of the attacking Adaquan forces. Combined with excellent summer and autumn weather, the resulting gathering of the harvest was superb. With potents this good, it was entirely unsurprising that the birth of Princess Alexis Emma was an easy one and was the cause of yet another major celebration in Cascorach.

At the same time it was announced that Princess Eleanor was expecting her child. In a desperate attempt to change the portents, the Temple of Hahn sent out a new plentipotentairy to the City of Cascorach. However this merely resulted in even worse prophesy: 'Ware the comming of the empty one for he brings tidings of terror to the Red Man. Princess Eleanor then arranged a truce with the Gelt Barbarians (presuming involving promises of future behaviour), resulting in many sacrificies in the pass in between Cascorach and Adaqua in return for the life of Sir Gawain Carleon. Princess Alexis was then born in the new year.

Despite all this confusion, Princess Alexis Emma was born in Cascorach on Eighthday Thirdweek of Skelern 142.

How do you want to play the interaction between Princess Alexis and the Astrologer Royal?

Alexis' Education

Princess Eleanor undertook to give her daughter the best possible education. Taking advantage of the many learned people around her (including the Astrologer Royal), and the presence of many senior priests of the major religions, Princess Eleanor ensured that her daughter received a very broad appreciation of the world and its inhabitants.

Alexis' Education

Princess Eleanor immediately set about giving her daughter an education about the darker aspects of the world, including a substantial contribution from Goodgulf, the Astrologer Royal who Princess Eleanor had woven into her entourage. Goodgulf took full advantage of the possibilities this presented, binding Alexis into many of his rituals, including an exploration, exploitation and reactivation of magical locations in the Kingdom of Athion.

Substitution of an Imposter

However, one curious incident soon after the birth leads to the conclusion that the girl now posing as Princess Alexis is an imposter. Early on in her education while her family were visiting Linrodeth, Princess Alexis went missing. Subsequently the Astrologer claimed that Princess Alexis had climbed into his caravan while he was conducting a mapping expedition outside of the city. A young girl resembling Alexis returned to the City, but no definitive proof that it was the young Princess was ever presented. Thus, one is forced to conclude that a substitution was made and the girl who now poses as the Princess is not who she claims to be. It is even possible that there is a whole suite of imposters being used by nefarious powers.

How do you want to play the the death of the King?

Murder of King Edmund Carlingas

The basic facts of the murder of King Edmund are not disputed. Following the appointment of Prince Kieran as Prince of Task, a ceremony to formalise the appointment was organised in the great Hall of Nyskilde. Prince Kieran entered the hall surrounded by a bodyguard of knights. As King Edmund rose to greet his son, archers positioned in the balcony of the Hall, fatally shot the King and landed several other arrows in the King's entourage, felling Queen Emma, Lords Dubhainn, Grenville and Niceilin. Arnor Samhach, Plenipotentairy of Cascorach and Princess Kira Karabaek of the Noord along with many others were all slain.

This act of Regicide was clearly conducted to save the Kingdom of Athion from the fate that was awaiting it. By assassinating the King and his important cronies and by implicating Prince Kieran in the affair; the plotters acted to protect Athion from the activities of the northern lords which were threatening to overwhelm the Kingdom. With Crown Prince Edward being unable to attend the ceremony due to his duties in the south (and, in particular, continuing to subdue the Gelt tribes in the mountains), he was the legimate heir to the Throne and it was only the separate rebellion of Prince Kieran and Princess Eleanor that plunged Athion into civil war.

Starting with this act of Regicide, the kingdom of Athion was plunged into a vicious civil war. The plotters then ensured that Crown Prince Edward was seduced by those wanting the return of the dark powers of Resh into trying to intervene in the dispute between Prince Kieran and the remains of his father's Court. Without a central unifying power, the civil war spiralled out of anyone's control; sweeping up the various Temples into its conflict and even setting City against City.

The archers had been placed and controlled by the dark powers led by the hidden temple of Resh. These not only organised the murder but ensured that the events were presented in such a way so that Crown Prince Edward immediately assumed that his brother, Prince Kieran, was behind the regicide and, presumably, was attempting to take over the Kingdom. As a result Crown Prince Edward was forced to intervene and the Kingdom of Athion dissolved into Civil War.

The reason behind the Regicide is much more complicated that one might imagine. The King and his entourage had concluded that the Kingdom needed to be broken up in order to save it from the crushing order that was being steadily imposed by the Hahnite hierarchy and, in a desperate bid to stop this, his Majesty concluded that the best way to save the Kingdom was to, in effect, destroy it. He ensured that a Civil War would break out by providing a different narative to each of his children, but he also ensured that the story each believed would exclude the Hanhites from any resulting settlement. Although this plan largely succeeded, the Hanhnites did manage to introduce the concept of a evil Heresy into the politics of the War, encouraging the partcipipants to rely on the Temple for guidance and support.

The death of King Edmund is the most tragic part of the whole civil war, albeit the trigger for it. The King's own bodyguard force and his chief spymaster, Lord D'Saarn, had discovered that a cult of necromancers and devil worshippers had established a plot to overthrow both the King and the those religious forces responsible for ensuring the wellbeing of the general good of the Kingdom of Athion. As a result, a force of King's Rangers and loyal Knights, including those surrounding Crown Prince Edward and Kieran had long suspected that the investiture of Prince Kieran would be the focus of the Reshites to disrupt the Kingdom. Tragically the attempt to force the issue backfired and resulted in many of the troops in the chamber succumbing to the Reshite plot and turning the event into a massacre. The resulting confusion, aided and abetted by deliberate misinterpretations by the Reshites, led to the once friendly Brotherhood between Kieran and Edward devolving to the civil war.

Why and to where did Alexis disappear during most of the civil war?

The Civil War

Over the following years, the civil war grew to encompass the entire Kingdom and providing opportunities for foreign powers to intervene. In the north, Nyskilde was invaded and sacked by the Norse of the Western Isles. In the eastern city of Eresan, Prince Kieran established a power base and made it his home city. In the south, Princess Eleanor was able to keep the City intact and defended from both Gelt barbarians and from the City States of Adaqua and Laurea while Crown Prince Edward held Salvoyn. However a worse fate befell Linrodeth, with no royal faction to help defend it, Princess Selina of the City State of Kerun invaded and conquered the city.

During this period Princess Alexis remained with her Mother in Cascorach gaining educatioon and training from that Household and its entourage, including further time with the Astrologer Royal and time with the temples based in the area including the main Brynette Temple.

Why was Alexis betrothed to Prince Sikander Edmund Caralingas?

Betrothal to Prince Sikander Edmund Caralingas

What was the major betrayal?


Is the future

The future

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Plugin: Princess Alexis Biography Version 3.161.0

Goodgulf's telescope (now)

11th April 2016

Through Goodgulf's telescope:


This is the "now" version, also available is the "game date" version

The output of the javascript largely matches that of my BBC BASIC program and
that of my java program.

Given the restructuring and the change of language, I feel this is pretty good.
It's worth noting that the planet positions do not correct for either
perturbations or the speed of light!

However the algorithm for the moons is a indirect copy of the BBC BASIC code
and must be wrong. I KNOW the algorithm is rubbish because, for example, it does not
correct for parallax between the centre of the planet and the surface. This is
quite a significant factor given Senemora's orbit at 24,137 miles and the surface
of the planet is probably at 8,000 miles or so.

The drawback with rewriting the algorithm to be more accurate is that it will,
of necessity, change the behaviour!

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20th January 2015
  • Note: Based on Linrodeth rule set 2014a.

Character Name: Nobody Noname

Player Name: dave

Genre: Linrodeth


Birthday: Game date:
Basic Attributes Derived Attributes
Strength Morale
Dexterity Interest Points
Armour: None
Shield: None Light Shield Medium Shield Heavy Shield  
Protecting: Head Chest Abdomen    
Having no shield means no locations are protected by a shield.
Favoured weapons



Months (inclusive)


, The merry month of

Childhood Language
Fluency ( ) 1000 points                         

None of the interest points available to this character have been used.

0 Interest Point(s)

Get Elected

19th January 2015

A Map of Oldgate Ward

Map of Oldgate 2 Noble Street 4 Noble Street 6 Noble Street 8 Noble Street 10 Noble Street 5 Noble Street 3 Noble Street 1 Noble Street 7 Noble Street 9 Noble Street 11 Noble Street 12 Noble Street 14 Noble Street 17 Noble Street 13 Noble Street 3 Fitches Court 1 Fitches Court 2 Fitches Court 15 Noble Street 1 Lolly Dott Lane 3 Lolly Dott Lane 15 Stanning Lane 17 Stanning Lane 19 Stanning Lane 21 Stanning Lane 23 Stanning Lane 21 Stanning Lane 26 Stanning Lane 24 Stanning Lane 22 Stanning Lane 20 Stanning Lane 18 Stanning Lane 16 Stanning Lane 1 Oate Lane 4 Lolly Dott Lane 2 Lolly Dott Lane 19 Noble Street 16 Noble Street 18 Noble Street 20 Noble Street 22 Noble Street 25 Noble Street 23 Noble Street 21 Noble Street 11 Stanning Lane 13 Stanning Lane 7 Stanning Lane 9 Stanning Lane 5 Stanning Lane 3 Stanning Lane 1 Stanning Lane 7 Maiden Lane 5 Maiden Lane 3 Maiden Lane 1 Maiden Lane 29 Noble Street 27 Noble Street 2 Anns Lane 4 Anns Lane 6 Anns Lane 8 Anns Lane 1 Martins Alley 1 Anns Alley 2 Anns Alley 3 Anns Alley 2 Martins Alley 3 Martins Alley 4 Martins Alley 5 Martins Alley 10 Anns Lane 22 Martins Lane 24 Martins Lane 23 Martins Lane 21 Martins Lane 19 Martins Lane 17 Martins Lane 10 Bull & Mouth Street 1 Bull & Mouth Street 2 Bull & Mouth Street 3 Bull & Mouth Street 4 Bull & Mouth Street 5 Bull & Mouth Street 6 Bull & Mouth Street 7 Bull & Mouth Street 8 Angell Street 8 Bull & Mouth Street 9 Bull & Mouth Street Bull & Mouth Inn 6 Angell Street 4 Angell Street 2 Angell Street 13 Martins Lane 15 Martins Lane 20 Martins Lane 7 Anns Lane 5 Anns Lane 3 Anns Lane 1 Anns Lane 2 Bell Lane 4 Bell Lane 6 Bell Lane 8 Bell Lane 5 Bell Lane 7 Bell Lane 7 Bell Lane 18 Martins Lane 16 Martins Lane 1 Great Dean Court 12 Martins Lane 14 Martins Lane 11 Martins Lane 1 Angell Street 3 Angell Street 5 Angell Street 7 Angell Street 10 Angell Street 12 Angell Street 14 Angell Street 16 Angell Street 15 Angell Street 13 Angell Street 2 Kings Court 11 Angell Street 9 Angell Street 1 Kings Court 9 Martins Lane 7 Martins Lane 3 Kings Court 2 Christophers Alley 4 Christophers Alley 6 Christophers Alley 3 Christophers Alley 1 Christophers Alley 3 Martins Lane 5 Martins Lane 10 Martins Lane 8 Martins Lane 6 Martins Lane 4 Martins Lane 2 Martins Lane 1 Old Rents 2 Old Rents 3 Old Rents 2 Great Dean Court 3 Great Dean Court 4 Great Dean Court 5 Great Dean Court 6 Great Dean Court 7 Great Dean Court 8 Great Dean Court Three Crown Court 3 Bell Lane 1 Bell Lane 2 Foster Lane 3 George Street 5 George Street 6 George Street 7 George Street 1 New Rents 5 New Rents 1 Johns Alley 1 Martins Lane 13 Blowbladder Street 15 Blowbladder Street 11 Blowbladder Street 9 Blowbladder Street 7 Blowbladder Street 5 Blowbladder Street 3 Blowbladder Street 1 Blowbladder Street 28 Foster Lane 24 Foster Lane 26 Foster Lane 4 Dark Entry 5 Dark Entry 1 Dark Entry 1 Round Court 2 Round Court 6 New Rents 7 New Rents 8 New Rents 9 New Rents 10 New Rents 11 New Rents 12 New Rents 8 George Street 1 George Street 4 Foster Lane 6 Foster Lane 8 Foster Lane 10 Foster Lane 12 Foster Lane 14 Foster Lane 16 Foster Lane 3 Dark Entry 2 Dark Entry 18 Foster Lane 20 Foster Lane 22 Foster Lane 19 Foster Lane 17 Foster Lane 15 Foster Lane 13 Foster Lane 11 Foster Lane 9 Foster Lane 7 Foster Lane 5 Foster Lane 3 Foster Lane 1 Foster Lane 2 Maiden Lane 4 Maiden Lane 1 Gutter Lane 1 Gold Court 2 Gold Court 3 Gold Court 1 Carry Lane 2 Carry Lane 4 Carry Lane 1 Rose & Crown Court 2 Rose & Crown Court 1 Priests Court 2 Priests Court 3 Priests Court 15 Gutter Lane Rose & Crown Inn 3 Rose & Crown Court 5 Rose & Crown Court 13 Gutter Lane 11 Gutter Lane 9 Gutter Lane 10 Carry Lane 6 Carry Lane 8 Carry Lane 3 Carry Lane 7 Gutter Lane 5 Gutter Lane 3 Gutter Lane

Welcome to my Javascript Linrodeth Not-a-Roguelike

You've recently become a master painter and have managed to buy a small property in the ward of Oldgate which you've setup as a small shop and business. As you're a guildmember and property owner, you're now an elector for Oldgate. You've seen that the best way to help yourself get rich (or, at least, not end up in so much debt to the goldsmiths that you're just working for them), is to get involved in politics.

Can you become the alderman for Oldgate?

Press [Enter] to start the Midwinter 137 election


The Chronicle of the month of in the Year

Press [Enter] to visit or double-click the address you wish to visit.

Planning for the year

Select your primary activity for the year from the following options:

What to do you want to discuss?

Topic Subject or Viewpoint Attitude

You Win!

You took to win the game by becoming the alderman for Oldgate.

Reload the page to start again.

Including savings from your painting jobs, your slush fund for your political activities currently stands at . You think that will vote for you at the next election .

A javascript exception has occurred:


(Note: details of the image can be found here.) Last updated: October 20, 2020 at 11:42 am (Linrodeth Election Version 3.161.5)

Spider Caves

18th January 2015
Spider Caves Version 3.161.0

Based on Wayland Games rule set 2014a, but you can modify the rules!

Base rule set:

Note that this controls the scale used for character attributes and the table used for skill levels based on development points awarded.

[+] More specific options and modifications


You're represented by the @ sign. Use the cursor keys or the numeric keypad to move. '>' represents stairs up and '<' stairs down. Press > or < (as appropriate) to move up or down the stairs. You can dig by trying to move into a wall and you attack by trying to move onto a creature. 'I' to view your inventory, 'D' to drop items and ',' (comma) to pick up items. 'W' to wield an object in your sword hand, '[SHIFT]+W' to wear some armour, 'S' to wield an object in your shield hand and 'U' to use/consume an item.

Last updated: April 15, 2017 at 11:48 am

Character Sheet Plugin details

17th January 2015


This plugin adds a new post type for linrodeth characters (called 'Characters' in the user interface). In support of this, the plugin provides:

  • The new post type (note, revisions of the character sheet are preserved, so old versions can be viewed (though not in that friendly a format))
  • Two options (accessed either from the 'Settings' link on the plugin itself, or from the 'Settings' admin menu). The two options allow the preamble text shown when a character sheet is viewed and the preamble text shown when a character is editted. You can also change the default genre and the default date (game date) used by the character sheets.
  • A widget that will list the recently added character sheets - this is managed from the 'Widgets submenu of the 'Appearance' admin menu. You can change the title shown by the widget and how many recent characters it will display.
  • It adds a new shortcode that allows links to characters to be added to posts and pages. It can also be used to generate tables of characters. Examples of use:
    [linchar /]
    Show a link to the first character sheet found in the database
    [linchar type="table" /]
    Show a table listing all the character sheets found in the database
    [linchar name="Dermot Foulkes" /]
    Show a link to a specific character sheet. Note that the name is that used on the character sheet NOT the title of the character sheet
    [linchar player="David" type="table" /]
    Show a table listing all the character sheets with the given player name (NOT the author of the character sheet)
    [linchar genre="Linrodeth" type="table" /]
    Show a table listing all the characters for the specified genre
    [linchar author="djvines" type="table" /]
    Show a table listing all the characters authored by a specified author
    [linchar type="table" orderby="name" /]
    Show a table of all characters ordered by the character name
    [linchar genre="Linrodeth" type="table" orderby="date" /]
    Show a table of all characters for a specific genre ordered by the last modification time of the character sheet
    [linchar name="Dermot Foulkes" type="link" text="Dermot" /]
    Show a link to a specific character sheet with the text of the link specified.
    [linchar name="Dermot Foulkes" type="link"]Embedded Dermot[/linchar]
    Show a link to a specific character sheet with the text of the link specified by enclosing the text with the shortcode
  • In addition there's a shortcode to add a sandpit for character creation experimentation. This allows for a new character to edited but not saved. The characters can be loaded/saved from the browser via the import and export buttons, but cannot be saved onto the website directly.
    [lincharSandpit /]
  • It also adds a shortcode to display the night sky. Examples of use:
    [linsky time="now" showbuttons="true"]
    Show the night sky as it is "now" and include the buttons to allow the time to be changed
    [linsky time="gamedate"]
    Show the night sky as it is at 11pm on the game date chosen on the settings page

Change Log


  • Linking into the Spider Caves!

3.165.0 - 11 September 2021

  • Add a shortcode for a sandpit character sheet
  • Bump up the vertical size of the character sheet pane to 75% (from 68%) of the available vertical size
  • When changing genres ensure the character has a minimum age by changing the birthday if necessary

3.164.0 - 10 September 2021

Rename files using accented characters - sadly 7zip (and hence my build process) ends up mangling these 🙁

3.163.0 - 10 September 2021

  • Add more Tekumel skills
  • Restore added skills and fix the skill addition (which got renamed to 'Other Skills' 🙂
  • Split languages and religions in their own skill section

3.161.0 - 09 September 2021

Fix update detection logic

3.159.0 - 09 September 2021

  • Add Tekumel genre
  • Make the skill sections into expandable sections (they are now initially collapsed)

3.157.0 - 21 July 2021

Fix updating logic!

3.153.0 - 21 July 2021

  • Common up the plugin logic with my other plugins

3.102.0 - 21 March 2021

  • Fix saving of edited characters on WordPress 5.7
  • Allow use of the block editor

    Note that despite allowing use of the Gutenberg block editor, the editor of the character sheet actually replaces the entire post text with the character sheet, so any other blocks will be discarded!

3.76.0 - 28 January 2021

  • Add support for self-hosted update notification

3.75.0 - 27 January 2021

  • Goodgulf's telescope now uses the correct game date and for the "11pm game date" button.

3.73.0 - 07 January 2021

  • Minor adjustment to the widget (added a space between the character name and the timestamp - also made the timestamp actually the update date!)

3.39.0 - 27 January 2020

  • Add option to unlock birthday and attributes

3.38.0 - 19 July 2019

  • Support Torchwood as a genre.

3.35.0 - 22 December 2018

  • Change the now version of Goodgulf's telescope to use the browser's time rather than the server's time. This allows the page not to change when using static site generation.

3.26.0 - 01 January 2018

  • Support a game date per genre rather than a single game date for a site
  • Indicate that the plugin will not support the Project Gutenberg style of post editing - at least not at this time

3.11.0 - 05 December 2017

  • Change to version numbering structure (the major version number indicates the numbering scheme in operation)
  • Correct the placement of @charset declarations in the stylesheet - 28 July 2017

  • Make the movement table vary based on Agility (rather than being fixed)
  • Add note for area and multiple hit weapons if used by the character. - 17 July 2017

  • Default language for new character is now that of the character's genre rather than Athionic.
  • Allow unlisted Intrigue skills - 08 August 2016

  • The plugin modifies searches so that all post types are included. This is now fixed so that it only affects the search, tag and category pages and not every query (including those on widgets on those pages)
  • A zero width space is used after the '/' character in the buttons for skills to improve word wrapping on the buttons - 19 February 2016

  • Character export on linrodeth characters is exporting the entire character array, not just the current character
  • Update compatible wordpress version to 4.4.2 - 05 January 2016

  • Correct inheritance used for construction of the widget to the current (PHP7 supporting) idiom
  • Change the size of the box used for viewing and editing to 67% of the height of the viewport - this is much friendly for various display sizes and seems to help chrome on mobile devices to render the box correctly - 03 November 2015

  • Add modifier for extra opponents - 17 October 2015

  • Add documentation for the shortcodes (no functional changes) - 22 August 2015

  • Get the PDF to show the correct value for will - 20 July 2015

  • Skill plus/minus buttons now work
  • Skill list now appears in the correct place (rather than being underlaid beneath the rest of the page text - 26 April 2015

  • Performance issues on waylands resolved (conflict with the Infinite SEO plugin resolved)
  • Multiple character sheets can be added to a single page (e.g. search or tag results)
  • Excerpts now generated if not overridden by a manual excerpt.
  • Summary pages added to PDF
  • Player name added to slug at the bottom of each PDF page - 19 January 2015

  • Update metadata - 16 January 2015

  • Added support to display the night sky - 07 January 2015

  • Stopped the newSkills growing on each edit

0.9.9 - 23 September 2014

  • Fix date display (particularly for Luna Romana). - 08 July 2014

  • Minor bug fix to the performance tables (there was a long tail to the left of the table, now removed).

0.9.8 - 02 July 2014

  • Changing the birthdate moves all periods along (shrinking the last period).
  • Added (simple, combat-related) Equipment page.
  • Added printing.

Version - 0.9.7 - 08 June 2014

  • Refactoring the javascript code.
  • Only increment the version number/edit date of the character on save or upload.

0.9.6 - 07 June 2014

  • Fix game date display when changing genres (or loading old characters with a non-Linrodeth genre).
  • Hide the JSON panel by default.
  • Allow editing of the attributes (disabled by default).
  • Allow the addition of unknown skills.

0.9.5 - 06 June 2014

  • Upload button added - note this POSTs to process.php to the host that delivered the page.
  • Fixed bug when the last period becomes shorter than 13 months (tried to disable buttons that didn't exist!).

0.9.4 - 05 June 2014

  • Correctly disable ip adjust buttons.
  • Birthday locked once the stats are locked.
  • Genre locked once the stats are locked.
  • Added a stats reroll button (rather than forcing the user to page reload!). Obviously this disappears when the stats are locked.
  • Played with the layout a little - Still can't get the button to vertically fill their cell - this seems to be a CSS rendering limitation.
  • Locking the character would break adding a period.
  • Trying to change dates with a period with more than one interest caused a break.
  • Set the value of the name to that in the JSON.
  • Added Herbalism.
  • Fixed bug: When the title was updated, the next change would cause the Stats tab to reappear.
  • Disabled the -date buttons for a period when the period is already too short to allow the period to shrink by that much.

0.9.3 - 04 June 2014

  • Added a schema version to the JSON to allow smooth upgrading of old characters for program updates.
  • Added a rules version to the JSON to hopefully allow upgrading of old characters when there are rules changes.
  • Added a character version and last edit date.
  • Changing interest points changed to <, > buttons instead of pull-down.
  • Periods now show the age range rather than the dates (the dates are available as tooltips on those ages).
  • Added a character description field.
  • Added a game date to the Stats panel, which anchors the end date of the last period.
  • Added the ability to lock the stats - once locked the only way to unlock it is via the JSON.

0.9.2 - unreleased

  • Changing the genre now updates the childhood fluency fields.
  • Added contemporary fluencies and literacies - no other contemporary skills at this time.
  • Added Math.floor to the morale calculation AND fixed the logic for the wound points (previously treated as having a con in the range 0-4!)).

0.9.1 - 03 June 2014

  • textarea (except for the JSON update) no longer need (or have) submit buttons.
  • A stat of 21.0 is now impossible (20.9 is still possible, if unlikely at 1 in 10,000).
  • Used Math.floor instead of Math.round(x-0.5).
  • Added Save and Load JSON buttons (These are local to the browser).
  • Added a Genre pull down.
  • Added a statement on the rule set used.

The information on this page was retrieved by Plugin Information Version 3.161.0.