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Heliora 144

First published 17th December 2018

The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 144

Princess Selina Karandreos paid a surprise visit to the city this month. Arriving in full state aboard The Allapsus, she proceeded straight to the Citadel where she was met by the King. A spokesman for the Princess explained. "We received rumours in Kerun that the City of Linrodeth had burnt down. Concerned for her betrothed, and for the citizens of his city, the Princess felt she had to come here at the earliest opportunity." The Princess has been showing her obviously genuine concern during tours of the devastated wards and refugee camps, during which she has distributed alms to the needy. The Princess and young Prince Edwin have now left for Kerun and the Chronicle would like to wish the every happiness in their future lives. Prince Edwin is being accompanied on the voyage by a number of his friends from the Bards College, who it is believed will be putting on a performance as part of the marriage celebrations.

The City's budget crisis is now coming to a head with Alderman Shefford's publication of her proposals for the budget split and taxation levies for the coming year. The proposals include the removal of taxation from the burnt out wards and an increase in taxation for all other wards, despite protestations that the fire will reduce the level of taxes that can be raised. Alderman Douglas Du Bolay of Arpent told the Chroniclers, "By not reducing the levy due from the ward, Alderman Shefford is effectively increasing taxes by one and a half shillings in the pound. For many people in my ward, who already pay several times what people in other wards pay, this is unacceptable."

The budgets for each committee are also very tight and rumoured cuts include nearly all the building and road maintenance, the orphanage, the water project, the closure of the some prisons, the mothballing of the embassies, the withdrawal of the City's donations to the Temples and, most controversially, the cancelling of all guild examinations. Alan Monterey has earned himself the respect of a number of councillors during the process, by succeeding in the normally thankless task of co-ordinating the activities of the various committees.

Alderman Aralan Derwent has announced the conclusion of a deal to secure supplies of grain to the City for the rest of the year. The deal with Isabella de Chabot of Salvoyn guarantees the city 20,000 bushels at a fixed price of 2s a bushel. Lady Chabot told the Chronicle, "We are delighted to be able to help Linrodeth thorough this crisis." The negotiations were somewhat fraught and at one stage an attempt was made to poison one of the City States bidders during a reception at the Bards College. Alderman Derwent, however, seems to have come out on top of the situation. To the Chroniclers' knowledge she received several expensive gifts from the potential bidders, all far too 'personalised' to go into the city coffers.

We are told that the City's refugee problem is now under control. Cllr Adam Avery has spent much time establishing a scheme to house some of the homeless with members of the same guild in other wards. Citizens whom it has not been possible to cater for under this scheme have been housed in the Marshgate and Kingsgate prisons which are also acting as centres for the distribution of emergency food. Some disputes have arisen after the imposition of strictly enforced rules about who may have the emergency food, however with martial law still in force, these disputes have not lasted long.

Several citizens of Dowgate have been killed by the Witanmoot Guard. Sergeant Gruffyd who ordered the attack told the Chronicle, "The mob had abused several citizens who attempted to use the Dow Gate and was in the process of killing a resident of the Floating Market when we arrived. I ordered them to disperse, and when they reused to do so I ordered their arrest. Several of them were injured when they failed to come quietly." Alderman Fytton told the Chronicle, "These citizens were merely complaining about the arrest of Cllr Barns. I am outraged. The guard have no justification for this disgraceful act – the Sheriffs should resign at once."

Chinon Starsinger reports that the Empty Barrel in Welland is now broaching several new barrels of 'Reggy's Best', pints of which are being offered free to members of the Council. See you there.

Skelern 158

First published 29th December 2017

The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 158

The main excitement in the Witanmoot this month has been the decision to re-establish the post of envoy to Nyskilde. Nervousness over the Citadel reaction has been allayed by Princess Selina's statement that she is delighted to see the City taking a lead in helping Nyskilde recover from its abandonment by the rest of Athion.

Audiences at The King's Theatre have been astonished by the most recent presentation from the Theatre's main troop. Innocence Lost is a compelling tale of deception, intrigue and disastrous love. It tells the story of a young Hahnite priest Benjamin, who strays from his vows for the love of Alessandria, a woman he meets in an apparent accident. Alessandria is in fact a witch who has used magic's to corrupt him. However she falls in love with his purity and, unable to bear her guilt, confesses all to him. The acting is superb and the scene in which Benjamin now a senior plenipotentiary orders the execution of his love for witchcraft is heartrending. But it is the final scene of the burning itself which stunned audiences. Those who have claimed that Miss Mint's primary skill has been a predilection for thin or very loose clothing will not be able to deny that in this scene she is astonishingly powerful in her portrayal of evil redeemed by the purity of Hahn and accepting of its fate. The Archimandrite himself has attended the play and the Temple has described it as a truly masterful portrayal of the evil and destruction that involvement in magic inevitably brings.

An embarrassed Alan Monterey has been forced to return to the city following his failure to break through to the court of King Kieran. Members of his guard have carried on to deliver the vital messages but it would appear that owning a large wine cellar and participating in midwinter forced marches are incompatible activates.

Prior to the intervention of the Fabricators nominations for the committee chairs were showing the almost inevitable stitch up with only one nomination for each post. However declaring that he and his colleagues wish to see the best people doing the jobs, Randolf Flambourd has proposed a number of nomination which open the contest up. The grouping, showing its determination not to become a faction, has even proposed multiple people for the same role. "We now wait to see which of our Aldermen will vote for the right people and which will follow orders and vote for the grubby deal we were first presented with" he announced from the Mootstone. The final nominations, which the Chronicle notes could now be described as mischievous, are:


Alison Shefford, Kyle Makeland


Duncan Barnett, Gregory Benton

Law and Order

Peter Ryman, Emma Chireton


Eva Capel

Welfare and Education

Rose Cheping

Lands and Agriculture

Marie Cripstead Martin Key

Envoy to Kerun

Tilly Falgar, Godwin Green

Envoy to Orissa

Hugo Merewell, Bever Edge

Envoy to Eresan

Alan Monterey, Jim Bottler

Envoy to Cascorach

Samuel Kutler, Godwin Green

Envoy to Western Isles

Gillian Howe, Adam Povre

Envoy to Nyskilde

Thomas Osbert, Jessamine Scathlocke

The gang responsible for the raid upon the Goldsmith Abbey Muddiman has been destroyed by a detachment of the city guard. Responding to a tip off the guard cornered the gang in its Ishtan hideout and after a brief fight despatched them. Most of the stolen funds have also been recovered.

Midwinter 158

First published 29th December 2017

The Chronicle

of Midwinter of the year 158

The Midwinter elections resulted in a dramatic change of power with a third of the Aldermen including committee chairs Melanie Romanie and Thomas Osbert losing their seats. Jim Bottler was the only Alderman in his faction to retain their seat, despite a general rise in support for his faction across the city. The "Fabricators” faction (as the Broiderers, Dyers, Clothworkers & Weavers, Skinners & Leathersellers and Drapers & Tailors guild grouping has become to be known) did well with Gregory Benton taking Cadene and Fanny Drake taking Dracas. The other new Alderman are Kyle Makeland in Avigon, Emma Chireton in Berewic, Cuthbert Slipton in Bridge, Alison Shefford in Castle Bard, Martin Key in Levestone and the previously unknown Ingrid Galton in Marshgate.

The changes seriously weaken the Bottler Faction and give William Trueman a commanding lead in the Aldermanic court. Alan Monterey is still strong and both Peter Ryman and Jessamine Scathlocke remain relevant. Given the way the votes have split Dominic Horner's one vote still mean that he has some opportunity to discuss participation in a coalition.

Kruthos 157

First published 29th December 2017

The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 157

The late winter snows have finally closed in this month cutting off the city from outside news. The last ship in from Salvoyn reported that the great trebuchet has ceased firing amid rumours that Salvoyn has offered terms for surrender. Kingsport is crowded with our own returning ships and Colonel Elsbeth de Vere has confirmed that they will travel south as soon as the weather permits with a strong force of ground troops. Asked about the likely reaction of King Kieran to this troop movement Princess Selina is reported to have said "King Kieran's forces have been besieging Salvoyn to little effect for years. He and I are both tired of this long war. It is Linrodeth's navy that has closed the trade routes, Linrodeth's engineers have made it possible to bombard the city and it will be Linrodeth's troops that bring about the defeat of Salvoyn. There are factions within King Kieran's advisers whose small mindedness has held our forces back for too long. He now recognises that this was a mistake. We intend to finish off Salvoyn quickly and we intend to do it together."

Under the banner of "sweeping away the past” the clothing guilds have launched a major bid to change the shape of politics in Linrodeth. Members of the Broiderers, Dyers, Clothworkers & Weavers, Skinners & Leathersellers and Drapers & Tailors guilds have received significant funding for their midwinter campaigns and some have moved faction or declared their independence. Randolf Flambourd, Guildmaster of the Skinners and Leathersellers told the Chronicle, "For too long the construction and trade guilds have held a stranglehold on this city's politics. Even William Trueman has turned from being a Goldsmith into one of these bung builders. The scandalous way the funding for the prisons, the roads and the flood relief has been used has just gone too far. We stand on an agenda of reducing corruption and taxes and we plan to make a difference. The campaign appears to have caught the public mood. Serious challenges to the existing order are being launched in Bridge by Mandy Turner, in Berewic by Carol Hall, in Cadene by Gregory Benton, in Cartage by Hilda Marcham, in Castle Bard by Wendy Bradshaw, in Dracas by Fanny Drake, in Temple by Melissa Chant. Welland may however become the most confused contest with Dyer Gillian Furbank making a bid for the Aldermanship and an obviously amused Eddie Englefield also throwing his cap into the ring already crowded with Jim Bottler and Adrian Green.

A heavily armed gang has raided the house of Goldsmith Abbey Muddiman. The raiders struck on Third day Tenthweek in broad daylight and are believed to have got away with several pounds worth of goods. The guard is appealing for witnesses and the Goldsmiths guild has posted a £10 reward to anyone who can identify the robbers.

One Alderman who is no longer putting much time into his election campaign is Richard Saunders. The Chairman for Welfare and Education was caught by his wife looking into the welfare of the ladies in the Open Port Inn in Dowgate. A house not noted for its high reputation. The circumstances in which he was found were apparently highly educational.

Investigations are continuing into the body found last week in Ishtan. Whilst it is not unusual to find bodies on the streets of the city the guards were disconcerted by the man's fine clothes and intact purse. Attempts to ascertain his identity have failed. Coronel Aldridge commended the discipline of the guards. "Not that many years ago this body would have been found missing its purse", he commented.

Ternost 157

First published 29th December 2017

The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 157

Our forces in Salvoyn have celebrated the firing of the great trebuchet built by the Temple of Brynette to enable the bombardment of the city. Captain Natalia Marlton, who is in command of the weapon described herself as being elated by its accuracy and the surprising ease with which the great machine can be adjusted. Within a day of its first firing the weapon was able to find the range of the great temple of Resh and begin its destruction. "We can fire six times an hour without any difficulty and I don't intend to stop until there is not a stone of that monstrosity left standing," she told the Chronicle. With the work to create the foundations for the weapon complete Jim Bottler OM has returned to the city for the winter. Princess Selina personally welcomed him back at small reception and commended him for his continuing efforts to assist with the war.

Salvoyn's willingness to keep fighting will have been further weakened by the absence of Prince Edward. According to refugees from the city, the prince and key members of his council have not been seen in public for some time and rumours are beginning to circulate that they have abandoned the city. An alternative story comes from rumours from the court of King Kieran which suggest that the Prince is in fact dead. The most bizarre version of this rumour even suggests that he was killed in a duel with Princess Alexis. The absence of any official information gives credence to the view that something has certainly happened but what is currently unclear.

A number of election campaigns have charged into full fury this month. Buoyed by the return of their leader the Bottler factions jumped ahead of the others with the publication of what they have called their "manifesto for growth and prosperity." William Trueman responded a few days later with his own statement which was cheekily posted on top of the Bottler ones. By the time Peter Ryman came out with his statement small fights were already breaking out between rival posters placing teams. Scriveners Guildmaster David Northropp is believed to have been delighted by the new literate approach to politics and is reported to have hired a number of jobbing scribes. No doubt he will soon be encouraging his own faction members to join in.

Alan Monterey has briefly returned to the city. He rode in two days ago and went straight to the Citadel. The usually forthcoming politician has been tight lipped about the reasons for his visit and sources in his households suggest that he is planning to return to the court of King Kieran within a few days. Inevitably this secret mission has further encouraged the rumours that something is going on with Salvoyn.

Floodwaters have continued to recede this month. Northshore in particular is clearing quickly and as the watery scum has subsided it has been replaced by the more usual sort of detritus. This has been something of a relief to the citizens of Cripplegate who have been most enthusiastic in their plans to expel the unwanted from their streets.

Cllrs Joanne Buckley and Angela Freeman had surprised the Cadene ward moot by withdrawing their long-standing support from Melanie Romanie and switching to Gregory Benton. Both councillors have denied that their move has anything to do with the rumours circulating the ward that some of the recent questionable allocation of market stalls is the result of Alderman Romanie taking bribes. Cllr Ingrid Galton of Marshgate has joined the Trueman Faction declaring herself fed up with the stagnation of her Wardmoot.

Cllr Lucy Boater has been seeking investors a return trip to Nyskilde pointing out the advantages of early establishment of trade relationships with the recovering city she plans to undertake a very rapid trip before the winter ice closes in. The Navy has confirmed that it will not be calling the Inflexible to service until the New Year although the ship will retain its full complement of marines given the difficulties of the proposed trading trip.

Little further information has been forthcoming about the death of Petro Cutario OM. The Witanmoot has been at pains to point out that the obvious suspect, Gilbert de Clare is not under investigation despite the mountain of evidence which clearly points to his involvement. The Citadel and the Brynette Temple also seem rather quiet on the matter. Cllr Adrian Green, who has taken a personal interest in the case, made a recent speech from the Mootstone decrying the obvious cover up and blatant lack of interest. "I never agreed with Cutario's politics but that doesn't stop me being outraged by what has happened," he declared. "If this wasn't personally organised by Gilbert de Clare then it was clearly done with someone very close to him with access to a lot of his resources. However, with thousands of pounds at stake, it would seem that our corrupt government does not want anyone to know what really happened." He went on to announce that he was leaving the Bottler Faction with the intention of standing for the Welland Aldermanship.

Initial views of the forthcoming Midwinter elections suggest that Arpent will be a close run contest between Hugo Merewell and Judi Spich. In Avigon the normal two way split between Phillip Candever and Samuel Rucche looks likely to be disrupted by the up and coming Kyle Makeland. In Bassishaw, Marc Bergeren and Gemma Downe will once again be contesting matters. Emma Chireton appears unassailable in Berewic as do Peter Ryman in Cripplegate, Brunstan Blackbeard in Cartage, William Trueman in Faringdon, Marie Cripstead in Shambles, Duncan Barnett in Oldgate, Rose Cheping in Dowgate, Dominic Horner in Temple, Eva Capel in Ishtan Stephanie Exton in Portsoken, Adam Povre in Kingsgate and Richard Saunders in Bridge although Andrea Beablet and Cuthbert Slipton both looking promising for next year. In Cadene Melanie Romanie is being closed on by Tiffany Durnegate and Gregory Benton. A similarly close contest is expected between Thomas Osbert and Fanny Drake in Dracas. In Castle Bard ex Sheriff Alison Shefford looks set to wipe out the unpopular Gilbert de Clare and Jessamine Scathlocke. In Levestone Alan Monterey has some chance of recovering his seat from Vernon Stripe, but not if he rushes off out of the city again. In Marshgate Ingrid Galton is launching a late challenge to Samuel Kutler and it yet to be seen if Adrian Green can make any impact on the Bottler stranglehold on Welland.

Kryll 157

First published 29th December 2017

The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 157

The birth of King Kieran's son Prince Bernard Caralingas has been announced leading to jubilation throughout the city. The Queen's pregnancy had been kept a secret in order to protect from curses by the Reshite witches. Both the young prince and his mother are reported to be in good health. The auguries for the birth, which took place in the early evening on 10th day third week Arvinoth at the exact time when Senemora stood in front of Sisamora, are being hotly debated by many priests and scholars. The temple of Daleth is unusually silent on the matter however Master Olivier Highdale of the Bards College, pointing out that it is difficult to see Senemora during the conjunction, described the signs as showing that good is greater than evil and that the young prince will be the salvation of Athion.

The murder of Petro Cutario has shocked the city. Cutario was slain by a group of workmen from the Brynette Temple project who are believed to have fled south shortly thereafter. A fast consortium ship has been dispatched in pursuit but it is unclear if it will be able to overtake them. Cutario was slain whilst on the marshes with two Brynette acolytes in what appears to have been a carefully planned attack. The Count's purse and some valuable Brynette survey equipment was stolen but that does not explain the attack. Suspicion that it was an assassination is growing. The obvious suspect Gilbert de Clare has denied any involvement and a spokesman for the Lord of the city has told the Chronicle that no evidence has been found linking Gilbert de Clare to the crime. Perhaps Lady Warin should talk to her own Witanmoot investigation agency who have been seen asking questions at the Calm Seas Inn. An Inn frequented by the de Clare employees who committed the crime. It is also where Gilbert, a man not normally noted for visiting dockside pubs if, was seen with them on the day of the crime.

Sailors disembarking from the Inflexible following its recent trading mission to Nyskilde have described how the ship engaged with Nordic raiders who were preying on the local population. However the Cllr Lucy Boater who lead the trade mission has been at pains to maintain the mission's non-military status and merely described an incident where the ship was required to protect its legitimate right to trade. It has been confirmed that the citizens of Nyskilde have regained control of their own city and that Huscarls are no longer in control of the castle. Hadrim Thorold the elected mayor of the city has thanked Linrodeth for its support during the difficulties and expressed a desire for continuing trade between our two cities. Given King Kieran's obvious inability to protect Nyskilde it is hoped that Princess Selina will ask permission from the High King to place Nyskilde and its trade routes under the protection of the Linrodeth Navy.

Aralan Derwent has established a new base for her forces at East Hagga on the Eresan Road. With Fenny Bridges impassable from Hagga she can now effectively controls the trade between the two cities. The base which is on the boundary of the Duchy is also much closer to Linrodeth than Fenny Bridges. Forces from the Citadel are monitoring the situation and have made it clear that any attempt to enter the Duchy, even by scouts will be seen as a severe provocation.

Last week's bright weather has allowed many crops to ripen and allayed fears of a major food shortage. The small reduction in the rains this month has al Northshore in particular has shown a dramatic reduction in its flooding. Despite this and the questions surrounding Gilbert de Clare the city has agreed to establish an emergency flood fund of £3000. Debate now rages over whether this fund should be funded from a reduction in expenditure or by an exceptional tax upon the guilds.

Lorinfall 157

First published 29th December 2017

The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 157

Celebrations of the Harvestide feast were subdued this year following the very poor harvest. Water levels continue to rise as the unrelenting rains poor onto the city and the areas upriver. The marshes are at their most extensive ever and the causeways remain treacherous and in need of constant repair. A special session of the Witanmoot has been called to discuss the crisis amid concern that the port may have to be closed. Debate is likely to rage over the proposals for the construction of extensive dams and drainage brought forward by Gilbert de Clare. Petro Cutario is apparently active in opposing these plans. His views probably have less to do with concerns over cost and more to do with the fact that the waters are providing such effective slum clearing for him.

Extensive flooding has caused much of Denmarsh to be abandoned causing serious overcrowding of the rest of Northshore. Conflict is also growing between the City and Northshore following a fight between a large group of guild journeymen and some Northshore traders. The journeymen were angry at the increasing impact of the cheap non-guild products being produced in Northshore upon their livelihoods. The spokesman for the journeymen, Alice Shoreland, told the Chronicle. How can we ever be expected to make a living in the city if these fraudsters are allowed to undercut our prices. The incident was sparked when Gary Drayton, a chandler from Northshore, paid for a crier to advertise his low prices through the city. Mr Drayton, who recently finished his apprenticeship, told the Chronicle. I've set up my business in Northshore because I can't afford city taxes. The city's high taxes are its problem not mine.

The contest for Alderman of Berewic was hard fought with much back room negotiation and debate. In the end it was the votes of Peter Ryman's votes that made the difference giving the victory to Emma Chireton by 12 votes to 11. Denying that he was going against the wishes of the people of the ward Alderman Ryman explained that he had asked the other members of the Wardmoot whom they would support.

Citizens have been startled by the reappearance of some Babel in the City. They bring news of the abandonment of Fenny Bridges. These rumours have been confirmed by her highnesses forces who remain vigilant against any incursion from the displaced forces of Countess Derwent.

Two Consortium ships recently returned from the city states have struggled into port to bring news of a deadly attack on a marine camp at the Salvoyn estuary. All those serving within the Falcone Company are confirmed dead, although the actual cause of death is unclear. The Triton is to return with further troops before the start of winter.

Building work at the Brynette Temple has been completed this month. The weather has further added to Alderman De Clare's problems but it would appear that he can finally put this disaster behind him. The project for the ornate chimneys and upgraded furnaces has run considerably over budget and behind schedule this past year. Workmen were particularly keen to clear away surplus material and scaffolding before the weather deteriorated and serious scavenging got underway. Subsequent celebrations within the temple were marred by the sudden appearance of large painted letters down the side of the central chimney. Reshite Scum has now been partially washed off by a combination of the rain and unwilling acolytes dangling from ropes. Investigations are underway, according to the temple.

The influx of people into the city from Denmarsh and the surrounding lands is beginning to cause problem for law and order. A squad of city guard have been injured, and one killed, while attempting to prevent looting of shops in Cripplegate. Neighbours had complained about a number of petty thefts earlier in the week, and had been threatened with reprisals. Blessop's Bakery, that great institution of Faringdon, is to be closed for a month after a fire broke out in one of the kitchens. Much of the back hall has been destroyed or damaged, and will need to be rebuilt before the eatery can re-open. How long this will take given the other demands upon carpenters and masons is anybody's guess.

The city guard regret to have to confirm the recent death of supervisor Godrick Multun during routine interrogation.

Arvinoth 157

First published 29th December 2017

The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 157

Councillor Monterey's proposed motion of censure against Alderman Ryman was defeated in a most classic display of Witanmoot procedural shenanigans. In a carefully written piece of play-acting, all of the participants carefully engineered the desired conclusion that Alderman Ryman was innocent because he had merely requested that a city guard member make the arrest not ordered it. Poor Officer Harry Fieldsman, clearly distressed to suddenly have the attention of so many powerful people is said have spent the entire previous day rehearsing his lines.

A special detachment of the City Guard has captured the missing mine supervisor Godrick Multun. Master Multan is allegedly the perpetrator of the child slavery outrages at the Bramble Coombe mine. The unit despatched secretly by Lady Warin retuned to the city with the injured Multun on Third-day Firstweek, having detained him in a village not far from the original mine.

Shortly after being acquitted of misconduct Alderman Ryman issued a major contract for the rebuilding of the prisons to a consortium led by William Trueman. This will be a further blow for the beleaguered Alderman Gilbert de Clare. Although the good alderman appears finally to be sorting out his problems with the Brynette Temple, he is clearly still under a lot of financial pressure.

The continuing rains are beginning to cause concern. There has been minor flooding in some of the less well drained areas of the city and the high river flow is beginning to be a problem for shipping. The harvest is not yet at serious risk however the Dalethian temple has warned that if the rains do not abate the situation could become very serious. More rain has fallen further upriver and Fenny Bridges is reported impassable with merchants having to take the high road round the area.

Tensions between the city and the Barony of Denmarsh are rising along with the water level after Steward Highdale started a taxation survey of the entire North bank of the river. Alderman Richard Saunders has asked Sheriff Bowden for stronger patrols of the border and pointed out in no uncertain terms that should attempts be made to tax residents of Linrodeth then he will see this as banditry.

Both Aldric Houghton and Emma Chireton have been nominated to take the post of Aldermen of Berewic. There were only three votes between them at Midwinter, but holding the post is likely be a major boost come next Midwinter so a hard contest is expected between the Trueman and Bottler factions for the uncommitted Aldermanic votes. Trueman commended her as the choice of the people and as someone who has already got the experience to do the job.

Further military practice sessions have taken place this month building upon the success of the Midsummer muster. The Wards of Dowgate and Ishtan both fielded excellent shows of Archery skill in support of a detachment of Her Highnesses infantry. However more practice is clearly needed as the "how to defend against a cavalry charge” exercise resulted in several injuries and one death as the citizens scattered in disorder.

The Scathlocke Faction descended en mass into Bassishaw Ward this month for a massive and somewhat overwhelming campaigning event. A bemused Alderman Bergeren finally caught on to the fact that even though Gemma Downe was not in the city she was still doing his job. He eventually regained control, but not before nearly every problem in the ward had been solved several times over.

Setheran 157

First published 29th December 2017

The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 157

A rather belated manhunt has started for Godrick Multun, the manager of the city's Bramblecoombe lead mine. The crisis appears to have blown over with a convenient agreement amongst all the political groups that Godrick was solely responsible for the slave labour which "the city could not reasonably have been expected to spot". One person not keen to let chairman for Lands and Agriculture Gilbert de Clare off so lightly is Gax the Heretic, who has been pursuing his legal challenge against the city and Alderman de Clare in a number of protracted sessions in the courts. Surprising support for de Clare has come from Alderman William Trueman who announced that he was dropping the matter because, "While Gilbert should have done better it is clear that he was not personally involved and uncertain that any normal scrutiny would have uncovered the wrongdoing. It is appropriate that the public are aware about this lapse but inappropriate to waste the tax payer's money on a court case that will not succeed".

In a quiet and uneventful Witanmoot session the budget has finally been passed. The main argument was avoided by the simple expedient of giving Her Highness £10,000 for the special war chest and providing the extra £250 for prison repair. The only argument was over the intention to create a mines inspectorate, which Cllr Ian Hobsley of Oldgate Ward described as "a stupid over reaction which simply adds to the ludicrous level of tax that the citizens are already paying". Also uneventfully Mary Hastings was elected as Sheriff to work with Nicholas Bowden in a classically stitched up Witanmoot lack of contest.

Alderman Peter Ryman will be summoned before the Lord of the City to answer a motion of censure raised by Cllr Alan Monterey accusing him of misconduct over the handling of the Northshore riots. Alderman Ryman is clearly outraged by this so much so that his comments are unprintable.

The Midsummer Fair was a major success despite the rain. Much to everyone's surprise the practice by the Marching Watch was the highlight of the event. Stirling work by the city's Aldermen and Colonel Aldridge's deployment of his soldiers over the last few weeks to provide training has clearly paid off. The city, it would appear, now has finally converted its fighting farce into a fighting force. Perhaps just in time if rumours leaking out of the citadel about Alan Monterey's reports of King Kieran's belligerence towards this fair city are to be believed.

Alderman William Trueman has hired a political assistant to help him with his campaign to become the next Lord of the City. This bold move shows the confidence of the Trueman Faction whose almost continuous campaigning this year is already swaying many wards towards their policies.

There have been no more arson attempts either in Northshore or upon the Hahnite temple this month. However there is still much unrest in Northshore and also much debate between the new Steward of Northshore Rodger Highdale and Sheriff Nicholas Bowden over the rights of the City and indeed where the City's boundary ends. It would appear that Steward Highdale is not too convinced about the legality of the city's annexation of the docks and until someone proves to him otherwise his bully boys intend to enforce the Stewards control over the area. A confrontation with the City Guard seems inevitable.

Menderal 157

First published 29th December 2017

The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 157

An almighty row has broken out in the Witanmoot over the use of child slave labour in its lead mines. Whether the scandal is over the defrauding of public funds, the misuse of children, or the taking of someone else's serfs depends on who you speak to. The whole miserable mess only came to light this past week when a gang of the sorry wretches escaped and returned to the city. One returned home to Cripplegate and is now under the protective custody of Alderman Peter Ryman. The others all appear to be street urchins and have vanished back into the worst slums of Northshore, but not before speaking at length to Gax the Heretic. A fact which does nothing for the peace of mind of the city's Aldermen. Many of the ordinary councillors of the city are, to be fair, concerned at the use of children in this way. The scandal has not helped the already simmering unrest amongst the Northshore scum and, when the news broke, a large mob of the unwashed was set to storm across the bridge. The situation was only kept under control by the sterling efforts of Councillor Bever Edge and by the threat of Her Highness' light cavalry waiting at the far side. The use of child slavery seems to have occurred during this last year under the stewardship of the then Chair of Lands, Alderman Gilbert de Clare. Alderman de Clare is rumoured to be thinking of falling, if not on his sword, at least back on his monetary reserves. His hand has apparently only been stayed by the urgent intervention of his Hahnite advisors. The situation remains tense.

The repair of Newbridge has finally been agreed after Alderman Thomas Osbert drew up a multi claused contract to the liking of the town's elders. The Mayor and his entourage have now returned home in the company of one of the Witanmoot's junior masons. The young man appeared to be relieved to be leaving the city for a while.

The Midsummer Fair is being set up on the Tourney Fields complete with multiple raised stages, several livestock display arenas and some alarmingly extensive latrine trenches. A few hardy itinerant traders have already begun camping there ready for the big event, encouraged by the recent run of hot, sunny weather. Princess Selina has readily volunteered the services of the cavalry display team, possibly with an eye to rapid deployment around the city. The Sheriffs have also begun training the traditional rally of the full Marching Watch, presumably with the blessing of Her Highness given the absence of carnage by the aforementioned cavalry.

Another small fire has had to be put out at the Hahnite Temple, this time on the roof where various suspicious materials were discovered after the blaze was successfully dowsed. The Knights Templar have increased their patrols and are now discouraging "general malingering" within the temple precincts. So far the Archimandrite has refused to comment.

Amongst the general uproar in the Witanmoot, everyone appears to be trying to ignore the fact that the annual budget has not yet been approved. It appears to be waiting on a decision as to whether Her Highness receives £10,000 for her special war chest, or only £9,750 with £250 diverted to prison repair. The city's Aldermen have so far studiously avoided proposing or seconding either option, let alone voting for an outcome.