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Walking to Wales (Sep 2017)

Yesterday I did a walk from Severn Beach to Chepstow via the old Severn Bridge (the newer one (M4) doesn't have a walkway/cycleway on it). This is a walk that is only recommended on days without much wind as you're quite exposed once on the Severn bridge crossing. Also worth noting that you're actually not in Wales until halfway across the Wye Bridge (which crosses the River Wye).

View (looking North) from the eastern end of the Severn Bridge. Most of the view is actually England, although the hills in the distance next to the bridge in the West (left of the image) are Welsh.

Westbury (Aug 2017)

Taken just a few days ago from nearby Westbury's White Horse. On this trip I discovered that the horse, while once from Chalk, was concreted over by English Heritage in the 1950's to preserve it. The fact that the horse was corrected in the 1700's means that there's isn't as much archaeology to preserve as there might have been, so, on balance, probably a reasonable decision. That said I'm now loath to call it a white horse bearing in mind that Uffington's one is a better preserved iron age one still made of Chalk.


Bristol Harbour (Aug 2017)

Another panorama from my visit to Bristol during the Heritage Days last year. I was near the end of the floating harbour when a flotilla of boats passed through the lock into the harbour - so the swing bridge across this end of the harbour was open while I was collecting this panorama.

Bristol Harbour

Panorama 1453 Historical Museum (Aug 2017)

Another panorama from my visit to Istanbul in 2012. If you get the chance to visit Istanbul this is one of the places I'd recommend visiting about half-way down the list of must visit places - if only to get a feel for a different viewpoint on the fall of Constantinople in 1453. This image was built using an older version of Microsoft ICE which doesn't have auto-complete. Even if I rebuilt this image I'd probably wouldn't use autocomplete since there's a lot that need to be completed!

Istanbul Panorama (Aug 2017)

One thing I've been experimenting with over the past few years is using Microsoft Research's Image Composite Editor to build panorama pictures from multiple pictures taken from my phone (initially a Samsung s3 mini and more recently a Samsung s5 neo). So over the next few blog posts I'll show a few of the results.

First a panorama of Istanbul taken in May 2012. I was staying in the Mövenpick hotel (in the bottom left of the image) which was next to a large building with a viewing platform at the top. As a sense of scale, the Mövenpick had (from dim memory) 12 floors).

Panorama of Istanbul


Barcelona? (Sept 2016)

I've been enjoying my books giving city walks, and while the author sometimes concentrates too much on the architecture (and not quite enough on history in my opinion), it has lead me to this gem:

20160826_123725_stitch(As this image is a stitch together of a bunch of pictures I took (and have then scaled down in GIMP), I'm quite impressed with how the image has come out - the weird concrete curtains in the middle of the balcony wall is NOT an artefact of the stitching process!)

The building definitely reminds me of some of Gaudi's buildings in Barcelona - but this isn't Barcelona, it's actually Bristol!

(The same walk also led me past this pair of building, which could be from Amsterdam) 20160826_132024