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Setheran 137

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The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 137

We open this months Chronicle with the sad news that another member of the watch has been killed by an unknown assailant. Kembel Faithside died last Tuesday while returning home from watch duty, along with his bodyguard.

Although his mother (a reputable silk merchant and member of the council) was unwilling to speak to the Chronicle, we have been able to ascertain that Kembel feared for his life and had arranged to be accompanied at all times. The bodyguard was also killed.

Councillor Tholin of Avigon has requested that a team be put together to solve this problem. Suitable citizens are requested to contact him via the Chronicle.

The Midsummer Fair was a washout as the heavens opened for the duration of the event. Councillors hoping to see their Ward Team excel in the archery contest crept quietly away as round after round was ruined by the rain and damp. Overall scores were, if anything, worse than last year. Prizes were presented by the Citadel Bowmaster, the King and Knight Marshall having left early.

Also disrupted by the heavy rain were the riding events, cancelled to prevent injury to the horses. The Second Cavalry were also disrupted by the noisy arrival of Sir Hugh Grosvenor leading a war-horse ridden by several small children. The King took obvious pleasure in announcing the appointment of Sir Hugh as the 2nd Cavalry's new Major. The churned mud fields provided an ideal setting for the wrestling and bugger contests. Fat Sal powered her way to the £5 wrestling purse; while the Brewers & Coopers were the winners of the Stone Cup presented by Master-mason James St George. In the first round the Coopers & Brewers had beaten the Squires by a comfortable margin, whilst the Masons scraped through against the Skinners. In the deciding match the Coopers beat the Masons by a
close margin.

Surprise of the Tournament was the appearance of a masked (but distinctly female) opponent to challenge the Kinjuru envoy to a duel with the Fara'ket, also called the Bladed Rope. This potentially vicious fight lasted a comparatively short time, and often resembled a dance. The challenger eventually conceded when she was forced to block with her rope, thus shredding it. The envoy declared himself delighted with
her skill and insisted on presenting her with his purse. The Chroniclers wonder whether this was in any way influenced by the fact that the King was watching.

The Midsummer meeting of the Witanmoot announced the election of the following two citizens as sheriffs: Paston Courtney (Master Carpenter) and Kennet Maxil (Master Mercer)

The Grocers announce the loss at sea of the merchant ship 'Hogwash'. Eyewitnesses on the shore describe the ship bursting into flame and sinking quickly. There were no survivors.

Gax has announced that the total of funds raised during 'Lemon-Aid' were £46 7s 2d. He declared the event to be a good success in view of the appalling weather. He also wishes to announce, via The Chronicle, a series of public debates under the title: "The
Marc's Tour – a better future"



1st Arvinoth

Vintners Hall (Linrodeth)

4th Arvinoth


11th Arvinoth

Dereham Cross

19th Arvinoth


25th Arvinoth


29th Arvinoth

The 'Empty Barrel'

Councillor Marc wishes it to be known that, to the best of his knowledge, he is not in any way related to Marc the Thatcher.

Marc the Thatcher wishes to announce a protest march in support of the Thatchers. The march will be on the first of next month and will start at Newgate and proceed
towards the Witanmoot. All are welcome.

The Chroniclers note that the fortunes of the Hahn temple appear to go from bad to worse. Apparently unable to maintain even their old school, the students are
being evacuated to the main Temple site. The possible sale of the valuable school lands on Shadow Street could well be the bargain of the year.

Sirs, We wish to inform Marc the Thatcher that the masons guild has no
representatives on the council – our interests are represented by the carpenters guild – so it is impossible for us to have acted as 'lackeys' in the rejection of an appeal for a rehearing. Perhaps the 'lack' that is involved is the lack in the Thatchers' leadership, when their spokesman allows himself to spend two months in a luxury apartment as a guest of 'The Company'.

The Guild of Masons

Menderal 137

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The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 137

Welcome to summer. The Chroniclers wish to apologise for a small delay in publication. This was due to a move to the new, larger premises. Despite the hot weather, the incidence of 'summer sickness' has been light this year. The chronicle notes however that the royal household is taking no chances, and a move to the royal hunting lodge upriver is planned.

Final lists for the Midsummer Tournament have been posted in the market places. The archery contest has proved uncommonly popular, and several eliminating rounds will be held before the final contest. Entries for the joust have been a little thin this year, since many knights are away in the southern campaign; however the lance contest has been well supported by the 2nd Cavalry, who incidentally are also providing a display of mounted manoeuvres. Sword and quarter staff prizes are also contended, although no-one has yet taken up the Kinjuru envoy's challenge to try the Fara'ket. Away from the royal stands, Fat Sal is the hot favourite for the wrestling purse. The Masons Guild have kindly provided sponsorship for the new game of bugger, the prize is the 'Stone Cup'.

Master Thorold the Apothecary left town last month, noisily claiming that he had been put out of business by "foul rumours and vicious lies". A spokeswoman for the Torian priests merely commented that he was welcome to sue
for defamation of character if he wished. As well as lack of customers, Thorold has of late been disturbed by noisy gatherings of neighbours, usually late at night.

Another man was murdered this month while returning from watch duty. Thomas and Richard Wainwright were both shot as they returned home on Secondday. Thomas died instantly. Richard however is presently being tended by the Torian priests. His condition is described as critical and the arrow which is lodged near his heart has not been removed. Both are sons of Councillor Wainwright, who refused to speak to the Chronicle.

This attack brings the trade war theory into doubt as Councillor Wainwright is a Master Baker. Alderman Rimon in an interview with the Chronicle commented. "This is an obvious attempt by the criminal elements in our society to intimidate the watch. We are not going to be turned from our duty by a few deaths, no matter how dear the people are to us. The Watch will continue to keep our streets safe at night. It is only a matter of time before the people behind these murders are brought to justice and I for one will show no mercy. If
any citizen, no matter how lowly, knows who is responsible they should inform the council immediately. To encourage anyone who may fear reprisals I am offering a reward of two pounds."

When asked whether the council would take up the Knight Marshall's offer of putting the troops on the streets he replied " This would set a dangerous precedent, the City of Linrodeth is quite capable of policing itself without the assistance of the Knight Marshall".

Gax the Heretic is believed to have found a sponsor in the form of Councillor Marc. A series of public debates is to be announced, and Gax is already laying plans for a summer tour of the nearby market towns. Meanwhile Gax wishes to thank all citizens who have already contributed to the Lemon-aid fund, in particular the Vintners Guild for donation of a small plot of land outside Bardsgate.

The new Hahn Law School has been particularly noticeable for its absence. Rumour in the Guilds is that
the temple is short of cash, however a source close to the temple commented "we're not worried. Pendentite Edward has staked his reputation on the success of the project". Pendentite Edward was unavailable for comment.

Sirs, Having been recently prevented from fulfilling my duty as a spokesman at the Council Chambers, I find it necessary to accuse our Council of misconduct. It is well known that I was forcibly held during the last two months. Despite this the Council refuses to reconvene the hearing on the petition for a Thatchers Guild. This is a blatant attempt by the Carpenters, and their lackeys the Masons to prevent justice being done. I am shocked that our esteemed councillors have allowed themselves to be manipulated in this fashion.

Marc, Thatcher

The proprietors of the Bull and Bucket announce that they are closing for repairs until further notice.

Heliora 137

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The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 137

Sir William Valois has been executed on the charge of HIGH TREASON. Sir William's slow poisoning of the Queen was discovered in the nick of time by Sir Raif Fitz-Payne, Sir William's subordinate officer in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. Consequently the King made an unscheduled return to Linrodeth with a light retinue, and rode immediately to the castle, leaving a bemused and belated welcoming committee still forming at Bridgegate.

At the Citadel King Edmund summoned a court of his closest advisors, including the now recovering Queen Emma. Several hours later a closed trial of Sir William was heard, eyewitnesses report that the traitor offered no defence. At the end of the trial Sir William was executed by the Kings own hand. The King pronounced the family dishonoured with all lands and revenue forfeit. Fast footwork by the Earl Gareth last month effectively ensures that this applies only to Sir William's wife and two young sons. The traitor's corpse now hangs
above the Citadel gates.

Kenna Pencric, second son of the well-known silk merchant, died last Tuesday. The killing took an identical form to that of Peven Morgan, Kenna being shot with a viciously barbed arrow whilst returning from watch duty. A spokesman for the Morgan family disclaimed responsibility, "We're sure that this is the work of another merchant trying to set our two great houses against each other". The Pencric family refused to comment.

The afternoon watch of Levestone ward have interrupted a ball game being played between the apprentices of the Skinners Guild in Cobbs Court. Although threatened with arrest, a spokesman for the group pointed out that since the ball was being moved by carrying it, the game could not possibly be described as football. When asked what this newfangled game was called, the apprentice replied 'bugger'. The young man was detained for further questioning.

The priests of the Temple of Torus wish to give public notice that they accuse the Apothecary Thorold of Lime Street of malpractice and misconduct. They request the citizens of Linrodeth to cease all patronage of Master Thorold's establishment.

The port is now in full swing with the good weather, despite the usual complaints of those downwind of Bilgegate (fish) Market. The ships bring regular news from Salvoyn and the south, and the Chronicle has been following with interest Crown Prince Edward's assault on Cair Taned, the barbarians' stronghold. The affair seems to have developed into a long, drawn out siege after the failure of the initial dawn attack which resulted in many dead. One permanently disabled casualty was the popular hero Hugh Grovesnor; more commonly known as 'The Wolf', both for his skill at hunting barbarians and for his voracious appetite.

Friends of Marc the Thatcher are relieved to have found him alive and well, and recently escaped from
a mysterious 'luxury apartment' where he was being held prisoner by a group of masked hoodlums who referred to themselves as 'The Company'. Alderman Courtney, speaking on behalf of the local watch, would only comment that they could not effectively protect someone from this kind of terrorism.

Gentlemen are reminded that knights wishing to participate in the Midsummer Tournament are requested to present themselves to the Knight Marshall as soon as
possible. All stalls for the Fair are already fully booked, and Guildmembers are politely reminded that the fine for opening shop during the festival is 50s. The archery contest is still in the process of being disorganised, and the Masons apprentices have challenged the Skinners apprentices to an exhibition match of the new game of 'bugger'.

Gax the Heretic has moved his regular preaching sessions to the Mootstone, in Witanmoot Yard, where
by ancient right he is entitled to be heard. Against all the predictions, Gax has proved a surprisingly popular lunch time
entertainment with the councillors and Guildmen; and has stimulated some lively discussions amongst these pillars of society. Gax has announced plans to run a refreshment stall during the Midsummer Fair, all proceeds will go towards providing a school for the city orphans. The refreshment stand will be distinguishable by its emblazoned "Lemon-Aid".

Jasmarill 137

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The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 137

Last weekend The Citadel officially announced that the Queen was "gravely ill". The Queen, who looked pale and drawn at the Springtide festival, has apparently been ill for some time. The Temple of Torus has refused to give details of the illness, but confirmed that messengers had been sent to the King.

A particularly battered looking merchant cog limped into its home port last month, having caught the
spring storms on its way home. Apart from its valuable cargo of Menteshe ore, The Foamflyer carries news that the Theocracy of the High Plateau is preparing for war. The identity of their enemy is, as yet, unclear.

The Chronicle would like to send condolences to the Morgan family, whose son Peven died violently while returning from evening watch duty on Tuesday night. A spokesman for the family said "We don't know which faction has done this, but if they think that we are going to take this kind of thing lying down, they have a surprise coming".

Last week the Court of Common Council sat to consider an appeal for sponsorship for the forming of a Thatchers Guild. The hearing ran into early difficulties after the Thatchers' spokesman, one Marc, failed to turn up. The local watch report no incidents that day, and Alderman Courtney maintains that Marc "probably got lost on the way there". However Marc has still not been seen and rumours of foul play continue to grow;

There was a young Thatcher named Marc
Who used to think life was a lark
Although he was skilled
He hadn't a guild
And now he gets left in the dark

(Graffiti in the Spinning Sow)

Dear Sir, I am appalled at the complacent, uncaring attitude of people to the deaths, during the recent cold, of some of their fellow residents of Linrodeth. Surely in these civilised times a little more thought could be given to those less fortunate than ourselves. Is it not the towns duty to see that all its residents are housed and fed? I look to the King and Marshall for leadership.

Yours, Cllr Bever Edge


Sir William Valois is in severe disgrace. The Chronicle knows why but, in the interest of the freedom of the press, isn't telling. Meanwhile Valois Senior, the Earl Gareth, is disowning and disinheriting that branch of the family.

Pipetal 137

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The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 137

Citizens of Dowgate ward were interested recently to discover that their neighbouring slum has shrunk somewhat. Ice along the edge of the Ishtan had apparently melted, revealing larger than normal damage to the Floating Market. A goodly portion of it promptly settled to riverbed, thus finally achieving its proper social level. Many inhabitants were disturbed by this occurrence, but an alert local watch prevented any of these river vermin from reaching the shore.

An interesting parchment has overnight been posted in several market squares. Its contents were as follows:

"The banning of football is an unnecessary inroad into the basic human rights of the citizens by a king who has clearly overstepped the
mark. A march is to be held next week, culminating in a football match open to anyone. The winning team will be awarded two barrels of best Ale."

No time or place was mentioned. The Kings Officers maintain that they are hot on the trail of the perpetrators.

The Chronicle is pleased to announce its newest roving reporter: Chinon Starsinger. Chinon hopes to be reporting from beneath the tables of all the best pubs and clubs around town. The Chroniclers would like to take this opportunity to wish him a long and coherent career.

The Chroniclers have recently been made aware of the existence of a particularly esoteric cult called 'Euthanasia'. Its members are believed to be obsessed with finding the source of rumours concerning the existence of 'The Merry Whore'. A spokesman for the cult said "Aaargh".

The Chronicle has noted an attempt to deride the King by association with the parentage of a demon. The Chronicle would like it to be known that it will not be party to such scurrilous treason.

The priests of Torus announce with regret that they were forced to shoot two intruders in their
gardens last month. The two men, believed to be responsible for the previous disturbances of the hives, are being carefully tended in the Infirmarium.

The first ship to arrive in port after the thaw has travelled up from the city of Salvoyn in the south. First word is that the Prince Edward has had a quiet winter, but anticipates renewed barbarian raiding once The Melting penetrates the mountain valleys.

It is hoped that the Queen will be well enough to attend the City's celebration of the Festival of Springtide at the end of this month. Due to the relatively mild winter the Council is hoping to line Lost Way & Wheat Hill, which lead from the Citadel to the Witanmoot, with the spring flowers.

Galemir 137

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The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 137

Heavy snow late last month encouraged the Knight Marshall to stage a mock siege as a military exercise. Balistae loaded with snow were enthusiastically manoeuvred under heavy fire from the walls and the city's more junior citizens. Over the course of three days there were only five casualties, mostly
frostbite. The exercise was called to a halt after it was noticed that the 5th Infantry (motto: If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow) were getting their 'ranging shots' uncomfortably near the port. The 5th Infantry are affectionately known to the locals as 'The Kings Own Foot 'n Mouth'. A small prize is offered to anyone with an equally appropriate nickname for the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, also stationed at The Citadel (motto: Death Before Dishonour! CHAAARGE!).

Hahn Priests have been inviting masons to tender offers for the construction of their new Law School. Once again Gax the Heretic has preached from the temple steps, demanding equal education for the poor. Some stoning was begun by nearby people and Gax was quickly rescued by the local watch. Reports remain unclear as to whether the stones were aimed at Gax or the Hahn priests attempting to make him leave.

The first of the seasonal rain has already fallen over the city, bringing an easing of the cold. With this slight thaw most of the snowdrifts have melted away to reveal this years dead. Citizens on watch duty this month are reminded to dispose of the bodies of frozen beggars into the marshes, and not to just dump them in the Ishtan.

The Skinners regret to announce the death this month of Wulfward of Canavelin. Wulfward, an honoured and respected citizen, died peacefully in his sleep. A popular member of the Skinners Guild, Wulfward was commonly expected to become
Guildmaster when Master Leofwin retires later this year. The Guild succession has now been left "wide open", to quote one reliable source.

That well-known family of entrepreneurs, the Marcs brothers, have published a book containing the accumulated wisdom of their experiences. For example: "Societies evolve through a series of crises caused by internal contradiction." or as 'Dutch' explained; "if anything can go wrong, it will."

The Chroniclers emphatically deny that their institution is redundant, or that they would ever move out of the city.

Skelern 137

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The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 137

The Knight Marshall's plans for a second fortification, on the east side of the city, were shelved late last month after an objection was lodged by the Royal College of Bards. Speculation exists as to where Sir Salverian will next give his attention and money (a canal project has been mentioned as a possible candidate). Several masons who had anticipated an early commission now find themselves with an expensive stone surplus.

A small football game was staged last month in Playhouse Yard in defiance of the ban. A request by the local watch to stop was ignored, and word was sent to the Citadel. However the players wisely decided to disperse before the detachment of the 5th Infantry arrived.

Gax the Heretic has resumed his preaching using a variety of locations around the city.

A major fire in Burgon Street recently was contained after many nearby houses were pulled down. The fire was apparently started by an angry mob consisting mainly of local residents. Since many of these are now homeless, Alderman Maxil has decided to defer further investigation.

The Priests of Torus have complained to the Court of Common Council that their sacred bee colony has been tampered with several times recently. Citizens are reminded that continued disturbance will impair the production of the Elixir Vitae.

With the Midwinter Festival now over, the King has taken advantage of a lull in the snow to visit some northern coastal towns. Travelling with his household were Prince Kieran, the Lord Treasurer, the Lord High Chancellor, Lord Privy Seal and the First Sealord. The rest of the court are with Queen Emma, who remains at the Citadel with her two younger children.

During this years formal crown wearing the King has been dined by eight guilds, judged five appeals, received two ambassadors, inspected a shipyard, attended a college concert, and dedicated an oak grove to the All-mother.

Kruthos 136

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The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 136


Be it known that by Royal Decree, from this day, the 15th of Kruthos in the year of the Kingdom One Hundred and Thirty Six, that the most ungodly and riotous game of football is BANNED, on pain of imprisonment.


Observers note with interest that this edict reflects the recent absence of many of the younger people from the compulsory Tenthday archery practice. Alderman Rimon, whose ward suffered badly during the final matches of a football contest was unsympathetic:

“Young whipper-snappers ought to be used as the Tenthday targets…..”

Damage to the Milk Lane Market last autumn was estimated at over three guineas.

The city youth were again the subject of debate in Council Chambers after a dispute between apprentices of the Vintners and the Fishmongers Guilds got out of hand. Fighting had spilled over into Rood Hill, injuring several innocent passers-by. A complaint was made to the Council (loudly) by Mrs Blessop, who had received a broken ankle. A complaint by three apprentices against Mrs Blessop was over-ruled.

Rumours abound of a triple headed demon born at the full moon last month in a house on Burgon Street.

Caveth the Vintner has declared bankruptcy after his third caravan this year has failed to make it through the southern mountains. Creditors are advised to contact the Guild.

Pendentites today attempted to prevent the daily preaching of Gax the Heretic from their temple steps. After a brief, polite discussion the ex-Mandatien was persuaded to leave. A spokesman from the temple has refused to comment on this development.

The Chronicle

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