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Winchester Panorama

3rd February 2018

Includes bonus of my shadow! Taken from St. Catherine's Hill on 1st February 2018 during a walk with Brian, Sue and Matthew. At usual you can click on image to see a bigger version.

Emsworth to Langstone and back

10th March 2017

View from Langstone Harbour

Yesterday myself, Sue, Matthew and Brian arranged to take a walk from Emsworth to Langstone Harbour attempting to do a figure of eight so that we got two stretches along the shore line while still stopping for coffee and lunch along the way. The day started overcast but, as can be seen from the picture above, the weather steadily improved.

As can be seen from the outline of the route we took below, some sections were repeated. Partially that's my fault (in my youth I used live close to the western end of this map and hence just repeated the walking route I was used to) and partially because there wasn't a particularly interesting alternative!

According to my pedometer, my step count for yesterday was 23389 steps for a (corrected) distance of 10⅓ miles.

Outline of the route taken(Map created using uMap, so the map is © OpenStreetMap contributors 2017)


8th August 2015

Aerial picture of Whitehaven

I recently visited Whitehaven to meet up with Sue & Matthew as they sail their boat up to Scotland. As is usual for their travels, this wasn't the original plan (which was to meet up in Liverpool). I travelled by train, with my original plan being scuppered from the start as the train from Romsey to Southampton was delayed by just enough to allow me to miss the Southampton to Birmingham International train. Fortunately this only caused a hour or so's delay to my journey (which got distinctly less busy the further North I went).

I stayed for three nights to allow us two days of sightseeing. Tuesday was spent travelling on the Ravenglass and Eskdale narrow gauge railway and exploring around Dalegarth, which included mistaking a river edge for the path we were aiming for - my excuse is that we weren't the first to make that mistake as evidenced by the boot tracks!

Wednesday we explored around Whitehaven including the Rum Story, which was surprising large and a good museum (lots of information boards and explanations of the exhibits, my personal preferred information source since it allows me to go at my own pace and speed). We also visited Haig pit, an old coal mine (the last one to be closed locally). This was also very interesting, though has only the surface building open.

My return trip was uneventful, which shows it is possible to travel the length of England without trouble (even if the odds are lower than 100%!)