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The times of Cascorach Special Edition

22nd December 2017

The times of Cascorach

A special issue for Jasmarill Firstweek Tenthday

Following the extraordinary events of the past week, the Times has decided to produce this special issue!

Duke Alexander to marry Princess Eleanor

Duke Alexander has announced that he will be marrying Princess Eleanor on the 20th of Menderal, the Princess’ 19th birthday. It is unclear, at present, where the wedding will be held, but it promises to be a most joyous occasion.

The Duke made the announcement on his return from Linrodeth. The Duke had called a special meeting of his council. Attending were Duke Alexander Calverin, Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme, Baroness Shellay Silveria, Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt, Emissary Oliver Vladimir, Emissary Stanley Boldheart and Emissary Joanne Kaslar.

The Duke also asked for, and received, reports on the events of the past year.

Salvoyn Emissary is a Gelt spy!

One of the most surprising discoveries made by the Duke on his return was that the emissary from Salvoyn, Joanne Kaslar, is, in fact, a spy from the Gelt. This discovery was made after messengers sent by the Duke to the City States of Adaqua and Laurea were intercepted as they attempted to cross the passes. The messengers were taking messages to inform the City States of a planned attack by the Duke on the local Gelt encampments in revenge for attacks by the Gelt on the grain stares. Emissary Joanne Kaslar is currently under house arrest.

Tax evasion in Radford

On his way to the Shelang Pass (the pass linking Cascorach to Adaqua), Duke Alexander paid a call to the barony of Radford. Once there, he laid on a surprise audit of the accounts of the local lords and ladies. He discovered major embezzlement by those lords and ladies, but not by Baron de Huengenaunt. The Duke fined the nobles a total of one thousand pounds and then proceeded to the Shelang Pass.

Major Victory in the Shelang Pass

Aided by the support of Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale, who stopped the Gelt stronghold in the nearby mountains from sending aid to the area, Duke Alexander has scored a major victory over the Gelt blocking the Shelang Pass. The Gelt have for several months, if not years, been occupying the Pass and have made several raids on trade convoys travelling between Cascorach and Adaqua. The Gelt suffered severe losses as, despite the intercepted messages, they seemed Ill-prepared for the attack.

The attack was also supported by the City State of Adaqua and both Cascorach and Adaqua are maintaining forces in the area to help keep the frontier open.

The Guild of Mercers and the Guild of Grossers are reported to be very pleased at the result and are sending several caravans to take advantage of the opening of the pass.

The Duke has pledged to open the Snake Pass to Laurea ‘as soon as circumstances permit.’

The times of Cascorach Springtide 140

22nd December 2017

The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Springtide in the Year 140

Duke Alexander returns from Linrodeth'

Baron Tancred executed

Duke Alexander has returned from the capital of Athion bringing a strange take of deceit, treachery and mayhem.

The events occurred during the month of Skelern, and follow on from the new reported last Ghostmoons that Duke Alexander fought, and lost, a duel with a councillor of the City of Linrodeth, Thomas Castlemaine.

It started when it was announced that King Edmund had added councillor Thomas Castlemaine to the list of approved suitors for the hand of Princess Eleanor. This was a great blow to the Duke, since following the departure of Prince Pharos in Kryll 139, Duke Alexander was the only remaining suitor.

At the time of the announcement, councillor Thomas Castlemaine was being detained in the Citadel. Shortly after the announcement, he was released and returned to his home. That following evening he was admitted to the Torian Temple with severe food poisoning. On the next day, the eighth of Kruthos, Duke Alexander purchased a house in a street leading to, and only fifty yards from, the Temple of Torus. On that evening Thomas Castlemaine, now recovered, turned up outside the Temple of Torus, where the Princess Eleanor was now working, to serenade the Princess. Before he could start, however, he was escorted by a beautiful, if scantily-clad, woman who, when forcibly removed by Thomas Castlemaine’s cronies, left with large handfuls of the councillor’s clothing. Thomas Castlemaine retired to his house, and Duke Alexander took advantage of the interlude to invite the Princess to dinner. It is believed that Duke Alexander proposed to the Princess during the course of that dinner.

On the morning of the next day, the ninth of Kruthos, Thomas Castlemaine’s guild, acting on a tip-off, raided his house, where a very large sum of money was recovered. It took Thomas Castlemaine until the afternoon to explain the discovery. His guild accepted his explanation that the money must have been planted in his house as he could not have earned that amount of money in one year, let alone overnight.

Following his explanations to his guild, Thomas Castlemaine arranged to take the Princess to dinner at private rooms at a respectable tavern. That evening he went to the Torian Temple to serenade the Princess before leaving for the tavern. As he drew to the close of his ballad councillor Thomas Castlemaine was shot in the back by a very accurately aimed arrow. As a figure ran from the scene, pursued by the watching crowd, Thomas Castlemaine was rushed inside the Torian Temple where he died at sunset. Rumour insists that councillor Thomas Castlemaine last words were to ask the Princess for her hand in marriage and that the Princess accepted.

The crowd, having failed to catch the assassin, then turned their attentions to the likely motives for the attack. The house where Duke Alexander was staying was promptly attacked by the mob and Duke Alexander was only rescued by the intervention of the citadel guard. Baron Tancred Mendoza was “celebrating” in the tavern where Thomas Castlemaine and the Princess were to have later dined. When news reached the tavern a general fight ensued. Two of the Baron’s companions, Mick Jones and John Hearn, died in the fight. Their murderers were never apprehended.

At the subsequent Royal Commission convened to investigate the affair Baron Tancred admitted to hiring the young lady to embarrass Thomas Castlemaine and to the planting of the money in his house. The Royal Commission arrested the assassin and King Edmund’s Star Chamber, at which the assassin’s evidence is believed to have been pivotal, found Baron Tancred Mendoza guilty of the murder.

Baron Tancred Mendoza was executed on the last day of Kruthos. His will states that hos monies in the Ducky of Cascorach are to be used to help the poor in his home barony of Rumsey. The barony of Rumsey reverts to the Crown. Princess Eleanor has been awarded the title of Baroness of Rumsey.

Duke Alexander returned to Cascorach in order to explain the events in Linrodeth personally to his court. He also stated that as he had been away for almost a year and hence felt that he could make “no further comment” at this time”. The Duke was accompanied on his return by a large caravan of merchants from the city of Linrodeth, mainly from the mercers and grossers, but with a few other guilds represented.

The new of Baron Tancred Mendoza’s death has left a power vacuum in Cascorach. The Baron was one of Duke Alexander’s most trusted advisors and a power struggle is expected to ensue in Caradache Castle.

During the return journey from Linrodeth, Duke Alexander defeated a group of bandits in the forest of Celidon near Linrodeth. The bandits attacked the caravan shortly before dawn, and the Duke personally dispatched two of the raiders, while the remainder of the caravan guards dealt with the rest of the bandits. Only minor casualties were sustained and the caravan was able to continue on the journey to Salvoyn, the first leg of the trip to Cascorach.

The mercers and grossers from Salvoyn are warning of severe price rises for the goods imported from Salvoyn. The emissary from that city, Alderman Joanne Kaslar, is reported to be very concerned about both the trade caravan from Linrodeth and the increased trade from the City States following the decrease in activity by the Gelt barbarians in recent months.

News from Linrodeth

Thomas Castlemaine’s funeral was a state affair, with large numbers of Linrodeth’s citizens turning out, in bitter weather, to pay their last respects. Both King Edmund and Princess Eleanor attended the funeral and the Bard’s College presented a new and very poignant ballad describing the life and death of Thomas Castlemaine.

A curfew was imposed on the city for a month, following civil disturbances caused by accusations of Necromancy levelled against the Royal Astrologer.

Kind Edmund is reported to be suffering from a slight fever.

News from Salvoyn

The ladies of Salvoyn are reported to have been very disconcerted nu the size of the trade caravan which accompanied the return of Duke Alexander. The Duke spent a few days in Salvoyn, most of which was spent in talks with the great trading families of the city.

The continuing war between the City States of Kerun and Orissa are reported to be causing great concern in Salvoyn as both cities have warned that neutral shipping in their waters may be stopped and searched, The extra delay, and the occasional loss of the vessel, means that the merely exorbitant prices normally placed on goods from the City States is now reaching unprecedented levels.

The times of Cascorach Midwinter 140

21st December 2017

The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Midwinter in the Year 140

With no further news from Linrodeth, speculation on the fate of Duke Alexander is widespread. The latest news from the capital, which arrived before the winter snows and storms cut off communication, is that the Duke has regained consciousness, but is still gravely ill.

It is believed that Councillor Thomas Castlemaine merely won the right to court Princess Eleanor, and not her hand as first suspected. Duke Alexander might have withdrawn his suit for the Princess’ hand, but sources at the Castle say that this would be most unlike the Duke.

During his convalescence Duke Alexander will be relying on his right hand man, Baron Tancred Mendoza to run the vast majority of his affairs, including action to ensure that Duke Alexander knows what Thomas Castlemaine is up to.

The curfew imposed by Baroness Shellay Silveria, on behalf of Duke Alexander was lifted after it became clear that the Duke’s injuries were not fatal.

The Steward of Caradache, Baroness Shellay Silveria, on behalf of Duke Alexander, made the traditional renewal of the invitations to the city of Salvoyn, the City of Adaqua and the City State of Laurea to send an emissary (and associated party) to Cascorach.

The recent bad weather has meant the recently built Thatcher’s Guildhall being requestioned by the Steward of Caradache, and is being used to house the newly homeless of the City of Cascorach’s Drapers and Tailors, whose own Guildhall was destroyed along with the rest of that quarter of the city.

Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt has complained of a lack of support for his anti-Gelt operations. Baroness Shellay Silveria has said that his attempts to take the war into the Gelt mountains was unnecessary, unneeded and too expensive for the Duchy.

News from the City States

Latest news of the war between the City States of Kerun and Orissa, two city states on the coast, is that the two sides are stalemated by the fact that their nearest neighbours appear to be acting to ensure equality between the two states. When Kerun managed to destroy about half of Orissa’s fleet in a naval battle, several mysterious and very suspicious fires broke out in the harbour area of Kerun. Both Kerun and Orissa are economic rivals of Cascorach, and in times of peace, ship large quantities of grain to Salvoyn.

News from Linrodeth

All communications with the capital have been cut off by the winter storms. The first travellers are expected during Jasmarill.

News from Salvoyn

The Ladies of Salvoyn have replaced their current envoy to Cascorach by Alderman Joanne Kaslar. The Kaslar family are major shipwrights in Salvoyn and the arrival of one of their number points to a power shift in Salvoyn

The times of Cascorach Ghostmoons 139

20th December 2017

The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Ghostmoons in the Year 139

News from Linrodeth

Duke Alexander ‘gravely ill’

Duke Alexander is reported to be ‘gravely ill’ in Linrodeth, following a duel with a local city councillor, Thomas Castlemaine. The best chirugeons of the Temple of Torus are reported to have been summoned to the Citadel to tend to the Duke, and Baron Tancred Mendoza is refusing to comment on events.

Thomas Castlemaine, an active councillor for the Dowgate ward of the city, apparently challenged the Duke to a duel over the hand of the Princess. The Duke accepted the challenge, confident that his superior skill and Thomas Castlemaine’s painful gout would see him through.

The duel was fought in one of the halls of the citadel (it is rumoured that Princess Eleanor was secretly watching the duel). Duke Alexander quickly gained first blood but then lowered his guard, assuming that the duel was over. However, Thomas Castlemaine then launched a vicious attack on Duke Alexander, which left the Duke unconscious on the floor and the Duke’s second, Baron Mendoza, rushed him to the safety of his chambers.

Thomas Castlemaine was detained prior to the Princess’ eighteenth birthday celebrations following the discovery of his serenading of the Princess at the Temple of Hahn. He was released following the Ball but was suffering from gout at the time of the duel as a result of his confinement.

Thomas Castlemaine has not been seen since the duel.

Local News

Grave concern and best wishes for the Duke’s early recovery were expressed by the Steward of Caradache on receiving the news of the Duke’s injuries. Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale said “I am sure that I speak for all of Cascorach when I say that I wish for the Duke’s early recovery to good health. I appeal for calm in the city and request that all citizens of Cascorach return to their usual activities as soon as possible. News will be given to the public as we receive it here at the Castle.”

When the news first arrived in Cascorach, it was strongly rumoured that the Duke was already dead, and speculation on who King Edmund would appoint as his successor was rife. Prices of all goods rocketed on receipt of the of the news and several riots had to be put down by the City Guard and, on two occasions, the Caradache Garrison.

Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale has imposed a night curfew on the city until further notice.

News from Salvoyn

The heavy tariffs imposed earlier this year by the Ladies of Salvoyn have been lifted following reassurances from both the City States and the City of Linrodeth. Both groups deny any attempt to undercut the merchant families of Salvoyn and have undertaken to match prices offered by the families. For their part the Ladies have lifted the tariffs, but insist that if any undercutting takes place they will be reimposed immediately.

Gelt activity has been very scarce this year according to Prince Edward, The fifth Infantry Regiment has not been involved in any major battles this year, thus vindicating his decision not to request that another regiment be sent to the area. The envoys from the City States report some activity by the Gelt barbarians on their side of the mountains, but nothing out of the ordinary (for the Gelt) and nothing that the City States can’t handle.

The times of Cascorach Harvestide 139

20th December 2017

The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Harvestide in the Year 139

Activity by the Gelt Barbarians appears to have occurred at much lower levels than in previous years,. No major raids on property or people have been reported during the past six months. Several factors are believed to be resp9onsible for this change in the balance of power in the area. The first major reason is believed to be last year’s harsh winter, which coupled with the bad harvest and low grain stocks throughout Athion is believed to have reduced the numbers of Gelt to new low levels. Secondly the loss of Cair Taned two years ago, and the failure of the Gelt to recapture the stronghold in the last year is believed to have reduced the morale of the Gelt barbarians. Finally the actions of Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt (aided by Baroness Shellay Silveria) in the local area is believed to have had a major effect on the willingness of the local Gelt to continue their attacks.

Baroness Shellay Silveria, acting as the Steward of Cascorach, held the Dragonfeast at Caradache Castle. Several petitions were heard, including one from Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt for a reduced tithe this year to help his Barony recover from last autumn’s and winter’s attacks by the Gelt.

Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme and Baron Edvard Caerlon have returned to Cascorach following their ‘Honeymoon’ in Bethesda. The couple are refusing to talk about events of about a year ago, but sources in the Castle report that if Eorliane Fitzholme finds out exactly what happened, someone is going to pay.

News from Linrodeth

Princess Eleanor’s eighteenth birthday celebrations were held in the Temple of Hahn, and started at eight o’clock in the evening. Duke Alexander and two of the other suitors were introduced to the Princess, but Prince Pharos of Kerun arrived late. Gifts and compliments were exchanged with the Princess, however polite insults were exchanged with Lady Caroline (originally from the Barony of Rothesay) until her lapdog became mysteriously ill.

The guests were, at times, more interested in discussing trade rather than talking to the Princess, much to the Princess’ disgust. Lady Caroline, at times, seemed more interested in Pendentite Edward (the senior Hahnite present as the Archimandrite was attending his Majesty at Salvoyn). Prince Konrad of Garth appears to have been planning to kidnap the fair Princess, and nearly succeeded but for the intervention of the other guests.

Following the Princess’ retirement, Prince Pharos of Kerun and Prince Khalid of Orissa indulged in undiplomatic exchanges concerning the State Regalia of Orissa, These two City States have subsequently declared war.

Duke Alexander remains in Linrodeth following the Princess’ Ball, as does Prince Pharos. Prince Pharos has been suffering unexplained outbreaks of fire on board his ship.

News from Salvoyn

The King held Dragonfeast here in Salvoyn and heard several petitions. One of the petitions included one from the Baron Rothesay arguing that the Duchy of Cranbourne should be administered from Cascorach, but should revert to the Crown. In reply, his Majesty regretted that he did not feel able to act at this time, particularly as Duke Alexander was currently in Linrodeth and so could not be consulted for his side of the argument.

The times of Cascorach Midsummer 139

20th December 2017

The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Midsummer in the Year 139

In characteristic style, Duke Alexander Calverin left the city of Cascorach on the first day of Heliora, The Duke is travelling by the ducal barge to Salvoyn, where he will hire a ship to take him to Linrodeth to attend Princess Eleanor's eighteenth birthday celebrations. The Duke is accompanied by Baron Tancred Mendoza and a retinue of loyal retainers.

Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale has been appointed Steward of the Castle of Caradache until the Duke’s return.

A special tax was imposed by the Duke on the wealthy guildmembers of Cascorach in order to fund his trip to Linrodeth. The Duke was unable to give any estimated date of return to Cascorach, but assured members of his last audience that he would return as soon as possible, and that he had full confidence in the abilities of Baroness Shellay Silveria.

News from Bethesda is that Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme has given birth to a healthy son. The child will be called Baron Edmund Alexander Fitzholme until his succession. The child was blessed by the Temple of Daleth at a special ceremony at Bethesda Castle.

The news throws fresh doubt over the reasons for the hurried marriage between Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme and Baron Edvard Caerlon last year. The marriage now appears to be a coup by someone other than the happy couple.

Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt of Radford’s period of official mourning for his mother ends with the end of the festival of Midsummer. He vowed to repay the Gelt for the murder and, with the help of Baroness Shellay Silveria, the Gelt have suffered several defeats in the Barony of Radford in recent months. After Baroness Silveria became Steward of Cascorach, she ordered the refugees in Rannoch to return home and begin planting.

News from Linrodeth

Lord Raphael Fitz-Simmons has been re-elected Lord of the City of Linrodeth. He celebrated his re-election by staging a ‘mega-hunt’ and banquet.

Large numbers of refugees have been shipped south in emergency measures this month. They are being set to work to improve on last year’s harvest.

Princess Eleanor's eighteenth birthday celebration ball is being described as ‘THE event of the year’. The King has imposed a special tax to pay for the celebration, which is being held in the Archimandrite’s Palace rather than the currently almost empty Citadel. The event us to be held on the 23rd of Menderal.

News from Salvoyn

Queen Emma has arrived in the City to prepare for the royal reception to be held on Dragonfeast. Rumours suggest that both King Edmund and Prince Edward will be holding receptions during the day.

The City remains on heavy alert, with the City Guard under orders to support Prince Edward and the 5th Infantry if required.

The Ladies of the City of Salvoyn have imposed heavy tariffs on all traders and merchants deemed to be supported by subsidies. Particularly affected are the Mercers and Grossers of Linrodeth. The ladies claim that they are attempting to undercut and force out of business the trading families of Salvoyn.

The times of Cascorach Springtide 139

20th December 2017

The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Springtide in the Year 139

Duke Alexander has announced that he has been invited by King Edmund to attend Princess Eleanor’s 18th Birthday ball in Linrodeth. The Duke has accepted the invitation and inside sources suggest that the Duke intends to ask the King’s permission to court the princess.

The princess, only daughter of King Edmund, will be 18 in Menderal and, in order to arrive in plenty of time, he will have to leave Cascorach during Jasmarill. The Duke has not yet made up his mind concerning companions for the trip, or who will be left in charge at Caradache Castle.. The most likely people for both these jobs are Baron Tancred Mendoza and Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale..

On the 17th of Pipetal, Baroness Vivian de Huengenaunt of Radford fell in combat fighting the Gelt. Characteristically she was defending a small hamlet to the west of her estate at the time. The Gelt had earlier raided the hamlet, but were beaten off by the town’s defenders. However the inhabitants had captured a Chieftain of the Gelt and Baroness de Huengenaunt had arrived on the scene with a small band of retainers. The Gelt then counter-attacked in large numbers to recover their chieftain.

The new baron is Morgan de Huengenaunt. He said “Although I will, of course, be observing the honours and rituals of mourning for my mother, I will be pursuing all possible methods of dealing with these barbarians.”

Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale has offered her considerable knowledge and aid to the new baron. Baroness Shellay has involved in several major battles against the Gelt before the turn of the century. Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt accepted Baroness Shellay’s offer, and we understand that they are now actively seeking the band of Gelt which murdered Baroness Vivian de Huengenaunt.

The beginnings of the spring thaw have meant that large numbers of refugees have been arriving from the Barony of Radford. Duke Alexander has requisitioned the grain stores of the Cornmongers’ Guild. These are being distributed to the refugees on the strict understanding that they return home for the planting. The costs of the requisitions will be borne by the baronies of Radford and Rannoch.

News from Linrodeth

The King has ordered the 7th Infantry regiment to be brought to full strength by imposing a draft on the mercenaries which are currently overwintering there.

The city of Linrodeth is suffering from the same food shortages as the rest of the country, but has solved it by requisitioning the grain stocks held by the Cornmongers.

News from Salvoyn

News that Prince Edward has not requested extra forces to aid the depleted 5th Infantry regiment was greeted with great consternation in the City. Following the raids on the Army’s grain stores over the winter, and the still lingering effects of last summer’s engagements has meant that Prince Edward’s forces are thought to be understrength.

The Ladies of the City (who control the great merchant families) are reported to be very concerned about the use of shipping which is supported by means other than that of trading. This apparently applies to both ships from the City States and traders from Linrodeth (who are subsidised by their guild)

The times of Cascorach Midwinter 139

20th December 2017

The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Midwinter in the Year 139

Duke Alexander led the remembrance ceremony for the Duchess Angela de Cranbourne of Cascorach, who died last year in Childbirth. The child was to have been the Duke and Duchess’s first child. The Duke firmly denies that there was any sinister aspect to her death, as several courtiers have found out in duels with the Duke.

Duke Alexander renewed the invitations of attendance to the emissaries of the Salvoyn, the City State of Adaqua and the City State of Laurea during the festival.

The Gelt have continued to attack outlying villages and stores. The main cause of the attacks appear to be a lack of food. These include the generally bad harvest throughout Athion, their loss of Cair Taned last year, and consequently its grain stores, and a supposed lack of support from their allies in the City States.

The worst affected area is the Barony of Radford, and Baroness Vivian de Huengenaunt has asked for (and received) the help of the Caradache garrison.

Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme and Baron Edvard announced that they will be helping Baroness Vivian de Huengenaunt. Their honeymoon will be delayed until the spring.

Duke Alexander has warned that if grain stocks fall low and the Guild of Cornmongers indulges in profit-taking he will be forced to impose a special tax on the Cornmongers.

Both the Carpenter’s Guild and the Mason’s Guild have started work on the new Guildhall for the Thatchers. This followed an announcement by Duke Alexander that he was granting a temporary Guild Charter (renewable annually) for the formation of a Guild of Thatchers. It is suspected that the main reason for the commencement of work is the persistent rumours of an imminent investigation into the reasons why the backlog on the Cascorach City Walls was reported to be three years behind schedule. The Guild of Masons has issued the following statement: “The state of repair of the City Walls can be summed up in one word: ‘Excellent’. Any attempt to say otherwise will be met appropriate action”.

The Temple of Daleth has made representations to the Duke following the discovery that the fines for non-attendance of the weekly archery practice were being used to finance the extra city watches ordered by the Duke. The Temple is concerned that the fines are being imposed without regard to the situations caused by the recent heavy falls of snow in the city. Several cases have been reported of the fines being imposed after the archery practice was abandoned after three feet of snow fell overnight.

News from Linrodeth

All overland routes to Linrodeth have now been cut off, following the bad weather during Kruthos. Salvoyn reports that sea travel to the capital will be resumed in the spring.

News from Salvoyn

The river route to Salvoyn is now blocked with ice, but some contact with the city of Salvoyn is possible using skaters. The expectation is the current emissary from Salvoyn to Cascorach will remain as Karen Anderson, and Emissary Anderson did not return to Salvoyn.

The Times of Cascorach Ghostmoons 138

20th December 2017

The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Ghostmoons in the Year 138

The announcement of the marriage between Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme of Bethesda and Baron Edward Caerlon of Rannoch came as a sudden surprise during Lorinfall. The romance between the Eorliane and the Baron, the talk of the summer, had been assumed to be a simple crush on behalf of the Baron for the Eorliane, and that the Eorliane had been encouraging it for her own purposes. However it now seems that the Baron has played the Court of Cascorach to his own advantage. Perhaps Baron Tancred Mendoza will have to watch out!

The marriage itself was held on the first of Kryll. It was one of the most sumptuous affairs seen in Cascorach for some time. The bride wore a most gorgeous white gown, with a train that stretched almost to the other end of the Temple of Hahn. The groom, looking (and sounding) very nervous, was very dashing in his Baronial regalia. His best man was Duke Alexander Calverin. Priests from both the temple of Daleth and the Temple of Torus were in attendance and added their blessings to those of the Temple of Hahn.

The choice of the Temple of Hahn is very unusual. The most common choice is the Temple of Daleth, and speculation in the court of Dike Alexander is varied as to the exact meaning of their choice.

Concern is growing over the conduct of Prince Edward’s battle against the Gelt barbarians. Since his victory at Cair Taned not much progress has been reported. Indeed the Emissary from Salvoyn reports that the Gelt harassing of the Salvoyn merchant trains to and from the City States is growing and could force up prices in the near future. Duke Alexander is growing concerned about the possibility of Gelt attacks reaching into Cascorach itself, and possibly even the castle of Caradache.. The city watches have been told to increase their strengths by fifty percent and non-attendance at the weekly archery practises now attracts a fine of two shillings.

The thatchers of Cascorach have complained to Duke Alexander about the non-cooperation from the other guilds in the construction of a guildhall. The thatchers argue that, following the granting of a Guild charter to Marc Bergeren (a thatcher in the capital), they are entitled to both a guild charter from Duke Alexander and to build a Guildhall. However the carpenters are refusing to work on the building and have put pressure on the masons to insist that they have a three year backlog on repairs to the city wall already, and have no time to work on the thatcher’s Guildhall.

News from Linrodeth

The Carpenter’s Guild have been presenting a court case to invalidate the thatcher’s new guild charter.

It has been announced that Princess Eleanor will be attending the Temple of Hahn’s new law school in the spring..

A major dispute has broken out between two wards of the city. The dispute is over the disposition of a group of people on the border of the two wards.

News from Salvoyn

The Gelt have been attacking many army stores on the trade routes between Salvoyn and Cascorach The major item of booty has been the grain stores kept by the army. Heavy losses have been reported by the defending garrisons and Duke Alexander has sent reinforcements to the area.