The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Springtide in the Year 139

Duke Alexander has announced that he has been invited by King Edmund to attend Princess Eleanor’s 18th Birthday ball in Linrodeth. The Duke has accepted the invitation and inside sources suggest that the Duke intends to ask the King’s permission to court the princess.

The princess, only daughter of King Edmund, will be 18 in Menderal and, in order to arrive in plenty of time, he will have to leave Cascorach during Jasmarill. The Duke has not yet made up his mind concerning companions for the trip, or who will be left in charge at Caradache Castle.. The most likely people for both these jobs are Baron Tancred Mendoza and Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale..

On the 17th of Pipetal, Baroness Vivian de Huengenaunt of Radford fell in combat fighting the Gelt. Characteristically she was defending a small hamlet to the west of her estate at the time. The Gelt had earlier raided the hamlet, but were beaten off by the town’s defenders. However the inhabitants had captured a Chieftain of the Gelt and Baroness de Huengenaunt had arrived on the scene with a small band of retainers. The Gelt then counter-attacked in large numbers to recover their chieftain.

The new baron is Morgan de Huengenaunt. He said “Although I will, of course, be observing the honours and rituals of mourning for my mother, I will be pursuing all possible methods of dealing with these barbarians.”

Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale has offered her considerable knowledge and aid to the new baron. Baroness Shellay has involved in several major battles against the Gelt before the turn of the century. Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt accepted Baroness Shellay’s offer, and we understand that they are now actively seeking the band of Gelt which murdered Baroness Vivian de Huengenaunt.

The beginnings of the spring thaw have meant that large numbers of refugees have been arriving from the Barony of Radford. Duke Alexander has requisitioned the grain stores of the Cornmongers’ Guild. These are being distributed to the refugees on the strict understanding that they return home for the planting. The costs of the requisitions will be borne by the baronies of Radford and Rannoch.

News from Linrodeth

The King has ordered the 7th Infantry regiment to be brought to full strength by imposing a draft on the mercenaries which are currently overwintering there.

The city of Linrodeth is suffering from the same food shortages as the rest of the country, but has solved it by requisitioning the grain stocks held by the Cornmongers.

News from Salvoyn

News that Prince Edward has not requested extra forces to aid the depleted 5th Infantry regiment was greeted with great consternation in the City. Following the raids on the Army’s grain stores over the winter, and the still lingering effects of last summer’s engagements has meant that Prince Edward’s forces are thought to be understrength.

The Ladies of the City (who control the great merchant families) are reported to be very concerned about the use of shipping which is supported by means other than that of trading. This apparently applies to both ships from the City States and traders from Linrodeth (who are subsidised by their guild)