The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 139

The spring thaw has arrived, and with it many refugees from the surrounding domains. The main through roads have become filled with homeless families and Lord Raphael has now ordered the city gates closed to all but those with business or relatives in the city. The city watches, already at double strength from last month, are said to be coping with the situation, although the 7th Infantry have taken over duty at the gates. Most food suppliers have now closed down, but Lord Raphael has assured the Chronicle that the city still retains enough corn to feed its citizens.

Beyond the city, many refugees speak of bandits raiding the villages and manors, especially along the Chineway and Gavelkinden areas. Both the Mercers and Grossers are organising large caravans to avoid trouble, and merchants are advised to contact these guilds if they are thinking of travelling East.

King Edmund has summoned Lord Raphael and Aldermen Rimon, Faithside and Horl to a short interview at the Citadel. All four refused to comment afterwards, but His Majesty has since left the city accompanied by most of the 2nd Cavalry and travelling upriver. Princess Eleanor is at the Hahn Temple, where she is now residing and studying at the newly re-opened Law School. The Queen has taken ship to Salvoyn, where preparations are starting for a royal reception on Dragonfeast. Prince Kieran is also said to have left the Citadel for the Wealden area, along with an undisclosed number of rangers. Sources describe the Citadel as "quiet – too damn quiet." Their Majesties have given notice that the thatching contest has been postponed until Harvest.

Apothecary Falgar, after an extensive and unconventional guild investigation, has been cleared of all blame in the murder of Elsania Dawson. the investigation ended with the arrest of a dockland thug who has since been tried and executed. After suitable interrogation.

The duel between Cllrs Ellis Devon and Matthew Dixon ended with Cllr Devon being taken to the Torian infirmary, seriously ill. Cllr Dixon attacked with lethal skill and, had his luck matched his intent, would have killed his opponent. Fellow members of the Common Council refused to comment on these tactics, but a number of anonymous ditties featuring the "Crimson Councillor" have begun to be heard around Bardsgate.

The Springtide Festival approaches and many celebrations are being planned, although the traditional tossing of buns from the Witanmoot steps has been cancelled for fear of a riot. The street singing and colour dancing will continue, and no doubt the peal of Hahnite bells will deafen everyone as usual. During the celebrations the Aldermen will be gathering to cast their votes for the new city overlord. Lord Raphael has gained a strong start by becoming part of Armundus Septer's powerful group. Can either of the two challengers organise an effective campaign? Paston Courtney's party manager is the brilliant but erratic Thomas Castlemaine, whereas Kennet Maxil is relying on the ubiquitous Reg Marc. Will they split the uncommitted vote?