The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 139

With the solving of the corn crisis our councillors seem to have settled in for a quiet spring, well some of them at least. Councillor Matthew Dixon of Levestone, fresh from his duel with Marc the Thatcher and his court battle with Malcolm Mowbray, seems unable to stay out of trouble. Apparently our respected councillor got into an argument with Councillor Ellis Devon of Faringdon whilst they were 'having a few jars' in the Empty Barrel. The two men came to blows and were quickly dragged apart by other councillors, however the men could not be pacified and a duel will take place next month.

There were ugly scenes last week when some mercenaries attempted to resist His Majesty's summons to service. Several taverns, including the Falcon, the Dancing Bear and the Spinning Sow, witnessed mass brawls as patrons were required to prove citizenship. Large numbers of the Seventh Infantry, looking far from convalescent, reinforced this late night call-up. Of those 'rounded up', many were released the following morning. The remainder are understood to have been recruited into the Seventh Infantry.

More scandal within the Apothecaries Guild, where Tilly Falgar of Welland is being investigated by Guildmaster Samantha Cox following the death of Elsania Dawson of Cartage, one of Guildmember Falgar's customers. When interviewed by the Chronicle Camilla Dawson stated, "Mother was fine until she took her regular dose of Falgar’s preparation, and ten minutes later she was dead. If the Guild doesn't take some action then we will." A young spokesman for the Apothecary could only say that since receiving the news Miss Falgar had gone "all pale and interesting".

Lord Raphael, in response to popular demand, is encouraging local watches to 'crackdown on crime'. Anyone noting suspicious activity in their vicinity is asked to report it at once to their local Alderman. Lord Raphael stated "There is only one way we will make our city safe, and that's through concerted action. It is the duty of every citizen to be wary and to support their local watch." The Chroniclers note without comment that the City's Inner Council is due to vote this month on the appointment of the next Lord of the City.

The first day of Galemir saw the accidental death of Anton Morris in a duel against Olnorth Dexter. Witnesses say that young Anton was an inept duellist and that he was killed by his own recklessness. The Chronicle deplores the current foolhardy fashion among the young of challenging for sport, and requests all citizens to discourage duelling as a way of settling minor disputes.