Ningxia theme

I've been using the ming theme for quite a while, originally on its own and then with a child theme to fix some minor issues I had with the theme. However I'd now like to get the copyright notice correct in the sense that it should show the year of publication of the earliest page or post being displayed and the latest modification date of the page or posts being displayed. I'm therefore going to create a new theme based on the ming theme.

As the ming theme is licensed as GPL, I've attached my work to this page. You can use code in the attached files under the terms of the GPL 2.0 license.

Many thanks to Axiu, the author of the ming theme.

Change History

3.34.0 (Ningxia (from build 3.34.0))
Add support for static site generation (which disables both the search box and the adding of comments from the page/post itself
3.26.0 (Ningxia (from build 3.26.0))
Add fonts for the chronicle pages
1.3.0 (Ningxia (from build
Split out the liftoff! and EnGarde styles and page templates into a child theme - so Ningxia should be clean (which is also why its zip file has lost the build number from its file name - that seems to confuse wordpress!).
1.2.0 (Ningxia.
Added a print style
1.1.0 (Ningxia.
Moved the support for pages removing sidebars from being categories to a custom taxonomy
1.0.0 (Ningxia.
Original clone from the ming theme, incorporating the changes I made in my child theme to support my nested menu and categories for removing sidebars from pages

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