Games I've Created

I have created some games based in the Linrodeth universe. They're all ASCII games based on Ondrej Zara's rot.js javascript library, Alexandru Marasteanu's sprintf javascript library and on Dominic Charley-Roy's Coding cookies blog.

The games hosted here are:

Get Elected
A game based on the City of Linrodeth's election system - Can you become Alderman of your ward?
Spider Caves
A Roguelike based on exploring a dangerous cave system

In the past I've written plenty of games on my (now retired) BBC micro and Archimedes computers. Obviously1 these aren't hosted here (or actually on any currently working computer I own). I also, in my youth, wrote games for the Commodore Pet - but that's really showing my age 🙂

Last updated: November 19, 2017 at 9:18 am


  1. Of course there are emulators for both of these, even emulators that run in the browser - however the code is on discs that would now be very hard to recover the data from. That's a shame

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