The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 139

The results for the election for Overlord of the City were:

Raphael Fitz-Simmons 13 votes,

Paston Courtney 5 votes,

Kennet Maxil 3 votes.

So once again Armundus and his band of merrie men have routed the opposition. Meanwhile for the Castle Bard Aldermanship:

Alison Shefford 148 votes,

Leonard Tholin 57 votes,

Ellis Devon 16 votes

Pre-election rumours concerning Cllr Devon's demise were much exaggerated and may adversely have affected his results on the day.

Susan Faithside and Gibian Horl appear to be co-operating in solving the corn crisis. Alderman Horl swiftly commandeered all ships in harbour and shipped large numbers of peasants south, beyond the crisis area. Alderman Faithside is organising those remaining into refugee camps, and anticipated having sufficient corn once the ships return.

During the long wait the peasants are certainly not going to get bored. Lord Raphael has already laid on a very entertaining hunting party (sans picnic) and Alderman Rimon is dispersing posses left, right and centre. Participants agreed that it keeps one very healthy, provided one stays out of the way of the King and the 2nd Cavalry who are also hunting bandits in the area.

The Crimson Councillor appears to have finally overstepped his mark this month. Cllr Perignon, after detailed investigation, has unearthed details of Cllr Dixon's treacherous dealings. Demands that this man resign and be made to answer for his crimes are even now sweeping the city. Our reporter was there when the Levestone watch arrived to arrest the man on a charge of Lawlessness. Although Matthew Dixon at first tried to pretend mistaken identity, watch member Malcolm Mowbray (who'd heard that one before) was having none of it. Matthew Dixon's trial next month will be judged by Lord Raphael. Cllr Beatrice Perignon is understood to be appearing as the main witness.

A civic ball was held last week to celebrate Lord Raphael's re-election as Lord of the city. This lavish event was preceded by a 'mega-hunt' whereby Lord Raphael attempted to organise all the peasants and mercenaries into a massive hunting party. Led by the Lord and many trumpeting horns the mob disappeared off into the countryside and succeeded in terrifying all the wildlife for miles around. However enough food was collected to enable the banquet to continue.

At the banquet Lord Raphael spent most of his time with young upcoming councillor Tiliniel Falgar, who seems to have charmed her way into his affections. Matthew Dixon at one point engaged the Lord in a discussion about Gibian Horl's corn crisis solution, but the Lord's attention quickly returned to Miss Falgar. Meanwhile Malcolm Mowbray was being less than tactful about the mega-hunt, his scathing description of this "product of senile dementia" resulted in him being pointedly ignored by Lord Raphael and even more pointedly challenged to a duel by Elliot Sparman. Olnorth Dexter's table joined in the barracking by decrying Suzan Faithside's chairmanship, but things seem to have got a little out of hand and Alderman Faithside has accused them of Scandalous Behaviour.