The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Harvestide in the Year 139

Activity by the Gelt Barbarians appears to have occurred at much lower levels than in previous years,. No major raids on property or people have been reported during the past six months. Several factors are believed to be resp9onsible for this change in the balance of power in the area. The first major reason is believed to be last year’s harsh winter, which coupled with the bad harvest and low grain stocks throughout Athion is believed to have reduced the numbers of Gelt to new low levels. Secondly the loss of Cair Taned two years ago, and the failure of the Gelt to recapture the stronghold in the last year is believed to have reduced the morale of the Gelt barbarians. Finally the actions of Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt (aided by Baroness Shellay Silveria) in the local area is believed to have had a major effect on the willingness of the local Gelt to continue their attacks.

Baroness Shellay Silveria, acting as the Steward of Cascorach, held the Dragonfeast at Caradache Castle. Several petitions were heard, including one from Baron Morgan de Huengenaunt for a reduced tithe this year to help his Barony recover from last autumn’s and winter’s attacks by the Gelt.

Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme and Baron Edvard Caerlon have returned to Cascorach following their ‘Honeymoon’ in Bethesda. The couple are refusing to talk about events of about a year ago, but sources in the Castle report that if Eorliane Fitzholme finds out exactly what happened, someone is going to pay.

News from Linrodeth

Princess Eleanor’s eighteenth birthday celebrations were held in the Temple of Hahn, and started at eight o’clock in the evening. Duke Alexander and two of the other suitors were introduced to the Princess, but Prince Pharos of Kerun arrived late. Gifts and compliments were exchanged with the Princess, however polite insults were exchanged with Lady Caroline (originally from the Barony of Rothesay) until her lapdog became mysteriously ill.

The guests were, at times, more interested in discussing trade rather than talking to the Princess, much to the Princess’ disgust. Lady Caroline, at times, seemed more interested in Pendentite Edward (the senior Hahnite present as the Archimandrite was attending his Majesty at Salvoyn). Prince Konrad of Garth appears to have been planning to kidnap the fair Princess, and nearly succeeded but for the intervention of the other guests.

Following the Princess’ retirement, Prince Pharos of Kerun and Prince Khalid of Orissa indulged in undiplomatic exchanges concerning the State Regalia of Orissa, These two City States have subsequently declared war.

Duke Alexander remains in Linrodeth following the Princess’ Ball, as does Prince Pharos. Prince Pharos has been suffering unexplained outbreaks of fire on board his ship.

News from Salvoyn

The King held Dragonfeast here in Salvoyn and heard several petitions. One of the petitions included one from the Baron Rothesay arguing that the Duchy of Cranbourne should be administered from Cascorach, but should revert to the Crown. In reply, his Majesty regretted that he did not feel able to act at this time, particularly as Duke Alexander was currently in Linrodeth and so could not be consulted for his side of the argument.