The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 139

Unconfirmed rumours from the Citadel suggest that the dashing young councillor, Thomas Castlemaine, has won the Princess' hand in marriage after a bloody duel with Duke Alexander Calverin. The best of the Torian chirugeons have been summoned to the Citadel where the Duke is said to be "gravely ill". Thomas Castlemaine's flamboyant (and possibly successful) courtship of the Princess appears to be one in the eye for Lady Sapphire who rejected him as a suitor earlier in the year. An exasperated and irritable chancellor, Baron Tancred Mendoza, is refusing to comment further on the Duke's current status.

Residents from Welland and Shambles have been helping to clear up after a group of armed men attacked customers in the "Dancing Bear" inn. The customers, mostly 'resting' mercenaries, defended themselves without loss; but an unarmed 12 year old boy was killed in the backyard as the attackers withdrew. Any witnesses to this despicable murder are asked to contact Alderman Bert Belcher immediately. The proprietor, Erik Wyvernsfield, would like to re-assure neighbours that the use of swords in no way conforms to the in-house brawling rules.

There are mysterious manoeuvrings in the Armundus Septer camp. After a thorough re-organisation of his faction, Armundus appears to have 'given' Samantha Cox to the Mowbray faction. Discarding such an experienced follower as Alderman Cox is unprecedented, is an Alliance party about to be formed?

Cllr Ellis Devon has been accused of misconduct and is required to attend a hearing before his Alderman, George 'hang em high' Rimon, early next month. Cllr Devon is accused by Cllr Tilly Falgar, who claims to have uncovered evidence of Treachery, and is determined to bring him to justice. Cllr Falgar has of course, only recently recruited Alderman Belcher away from Ellis Devon's faction.

Party time! Those citizens who had any energy left under the blazing summer heat, had a choice of entertainment this month. Ex-gaolbird Matthew Dixon was throwing a discrete binge above his carpenters shop for all his old friends and lackeys. Over in Dracas ward Cllr Olnorth Dexter was throwing a not so discrete banquet and orgy in his ancestral hall. For some strange reason, Cllr Perignon was the only notable not to receive an invite to either of these freebies.

Wanted – A small group of sensible citizens to participate in a series of arcane investigations over the night of the Ghostmoons. Pay negligible but opportunities for education unlimited. Apply to Astrologer Royal, Citadel.