The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 139

This year's Higharvestide Ball opened with the traditional announcement by Shinannon the Wellkeeper of the harvest yield. This year's is poor but not alarming unless, as the Wellkeeper warned, certain people indulge in excessive hoarding. After polite applause the musicians struck up and the councillors swirled back to a world of their own. Lord Raphael circulated restlessly all evening, leaving Armundus largely to his lackeys, and paying most attention to Matthew Dixon, with Malcolm Mowbray, Olnorth Dexter and Tilly Falgar close behind. Reg Marc was largely ignored, as was Ellis Devon who was getting quietly drunk in one corner despite Alderman Faithside's best efforts. Towards the early hours civility decreased, and one of the noisier squabbles arose after Lilith Lansdowne unleashed some choice comments about Cllr Dexter's followers. Miranda Andrews (acting with rather more decorum than the banned Mrs Blessop) has asked Cllr Perignon to apologise for her follower's remarks, or face her in a duel within the month. Noticeably absent throughout the whole evening was Cllr Castlemaine, rumoured fiancée of the Princess, who has not been seen in public since the famous duel.

Cllr Ellis Devon's hearing took place last week under the critical gaze of Alderman George Rimon. Councillors Tiliniel Falgar and Malcolm Mowbray both produced evidence of his association with the more unsavoury elements within our city, then the questions began. Things started to go badly when Cllr Devon tried to out-bluster ol' George himself, and deteriorated when he was discovered 'being economical with the truth'. A "disgusted" Alderman Rimon ordered Councillor Devon to be brought to trial next month.

The council chamber is rife with rumours this month concerning the scandalous conduct of Cllr Matthew Jardine. Cllr Jardine, recently defected to the Septer faction from that of his erstwhile friend and mentor Cllr Perignon, is attempting to seduce Alderman Samantha Cox back to Armundus' party. He seems to be following his brief rather more literally than is normally thought wise for a married man with six children. Rumours of his successful tete a tete at a local restaurant appear to have preceded him home. Mrs Jardine’s comments are unpublishable.

A witness to the 'Dancing Bear' murder has come forward following our appeal in this paper last month. Subsequent investigations by Alderman Bert Belcher, with the assistance of a number of musicians, quickly tracked the killer down to a squalid tavern in Cadene. The killer, one John Pollenpox Bastard, severely wounded two members of the watch before being overpowered. Justice was speedily carried out and the felon hung at dawn the following day.

The Hahn Temple has been thrown into some confusion this month with the arrival of a messenger bearing news of the demise of Plenipotentiary Kirkmichael. Amid the manoeuvring and speculation the continued absence of the Princess Eleanor has almost gone unnoticed; the Princess was due to resume studies at the Temple after harvest.

Torian priests at the Citadel have announced that the Duke Alexander is now in a stable but highly uncomfortable condition, and will be unable to return to Cascorach before the spring thaw. Prince Pharos meanwhile has spent the month touring the nearby provinces in the company of Prince Kieran. It is not yet known whether he intends to overwinter in Linrodeth or return to Kerun.