The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 139

Civil unrest has been reported in many parts of the city after rumours of severe price fixing by the Vintners Guild. With the Crown Prince holding the pass to the Southern States, the continued high price of imported wine has come under increasing attack. A spokesman for the guild told our reporter "The problem is one of supply; the trade routes may be open now but no one in their right palate wants to drink this years wine, the good stuff (particularly the 137) is still in short supply. The guild will be pressing charges of misconduct as soon as we find out who is behind this blatant attempt to drum up unfounded discontent".

The Archimandrite of the Temple of Hahn is pleased to announce the following appointments: Plenipotentiary Llevelys (formally of Cortaine) is to oversee Orosius; Jasmine Beauvaire is now Plenipotentiary of Coritane; Mandatiens Jeremiah Bradwell and Torrel Bryneberian become Pendentites in Linrodeth. Plenipotentiary Jasmine and her entourage have already left the city in order to reach her homeland before the first snows. The departure of the Princess' principal tutor casts further doubt on whether Princess Eleanor will return to the temple. An alternative rumour, noting the continuing absence of Thomas Castlemaine, suggests that the young couple have already eloped.

Cllr Ellis Devon's trial opened this week before Sheriff Paston Courtney. Cllrs Falgar and Mowbray presented their evidence, but the Hahnite priest acting for Cllr Devon then appealed for more time to prepare the defence. Sheriff Courtney granted the request ant the trial was adjourned until Ternost 10th.

Back at the Witanmoot several interesting new alliances seem to be forming; surprise of the month is Matthew Dixon's wooing of Beatrice Perignon. Matthew appears to have decided to put their past disagreements behind him and make up, however his fawning efforts do not appear to be making much impression on Cllr Perignon, who appears to be barely tolerating his presence. More tasteful has been the careful manoeuvrings of councillors Marc and Falgar, who have had a number of evening meetings in Cllr Marc's private rooms at the Empty Barrel to 'discuss various matters'.

Cllr Howe of Shambles, has expressed distress at the agreement between Aldermen Belcher and Isenbard not to change the boundaries of Shambles and Welland. She stated that "We're used to Alderman Belcher doing our area down, but to have the Welland councillors capitulate like this has been a big disappointment. I'm particularly upset by Cllr Falgar's part in this, I really thought she would be on our side. We will continue to fight for what is an obviously sensible change, and I shall be appealing to the Overlord".

Prince Pharos and his retinue have boarded the 'Allapus' and departed for home, amid much well wishing and invitations to return. The Prince regretted that urgent matters of state forced him to return home, and expressed his hope that the King would consider visiting the City State of Kerun when the winter has passed.

Residents of Bardsgate are warned to be on their guard after a sudden increase in robberies around the college. The professionalism of the burglars has led Alderman Shefford to discount the original suspicion that this was the work of drunken students. The thieves appear to be specialists in gems, often leaving behind imitations and costume jewellery.