The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Ghostmoons in the Year 139

News from Linrodeth

Duke Alexander ‘gravely ill’

Duke Alexander is reported to be ‘gravely ill’ in Linrodeth, following a duel with a local city councillor, Thomas Castlemaine. The best chirugeons of the Temple of Torus are reported to have been summoned to the Citadel to tend to the Duke, and Baron Tancred Mendoza is refusing to comment on events.

Thomas Castlemaine, an active councillor for the Dowgate ward of the city, apparently challenged the Duke to a duel over the hand of the Princess. The Duke accepted the challenge, confident that his superior skill and Thomas Castlemaine’s painful gout would see him through.

The duel was fought in one of the halls of the citadel (it is rumoured that Princess Eleanor was secretly watching the duel). Duke Alexander quickly gained first blood but then lowered his guard, assuming that the duel was over. However, Thomas Castlemaine then launched a vicious attack on Duke Alexander, which left the Duke unconscious on the floor and the Duke’s second, Baron Mendoza, rushed him to the safety of his chambers.

Thomas Castlemaine was detained prior to the Princess’ eighteenth birthday celebrations following the discovery of his serenading of the Princess at the Temple of Hahn. He was released following the Ball but was suffering from gout at the time of the duel as a result of his confinement.

Thomas Castlemaine has not been seen since the duel.

Local News

Grave concern and best wishes for the Duke’s early recovery were expressed by the Steward of Caradache on receiving the news of the Duke’s injuries. Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale said “I am sure that I speak for all of Cascorach when I say that I wish for the Duke’s early recovery to good health. I appeal for calm in the city and request that all citizens of Cascorach return to their usual activities as soon as possible. News will be given to the public as we receive it here at the Castle.”

When the news first arrived in Cascorach, it was strongly rumoured that the Duke was already dead, and speculation on who King Edmund would appoint as his successor was rife. Prices of all goods rocketed on receipt of the of the news and several riots had to be put down by the City Guard and, on two occasions, the Caradache Garrison.

Baroness Shellay Silveria of Rosendale has imposed a night curfew on the city until further notice.

News from Salvoyn

The heavy tariffs imposed earlier this year by the Ladies of Salvoyn have been lifted following reassurances from both the City States and the City of Linrodeth. Both groups deny any attempt to undercut the merchant families of Salvoyn and have undertaken to match prices offered by the families. For their part the Ladies have lifted the tariffs, but insist that if any undercutting takes place they will be reimposed immediately.

Gelt activity has been very scarce this year according to Prince Edward, The fifth Infantry Regiment has not been involved in any major battles this year, thus vindicating his decision not to request that another regiment be sent to the area. The envoys from the City States report some activity by the Gelt barbarians on their side of the mountains, but nothing out of the ordinary (for the Gelt) and nothing that the City States can’t handle.