The times of Cascorach

for the festival of Ghostmoons in the Year 138

The announcement of the marriage between Eorliane Cynthia Fitzholme of Bethesda and Baron Edward Caerlon of Rannoch came as a sudden surprise during Lorinfall. The romance between the Eorliane and the Baron, the talk of the summer, had been assumed to be a simple crush on behalf of the Baron for the Eorliane, and that the Eorliane had been encouraging it for her own purposes. However it now seems that the Baron has played the Court of Cascorach to his own advantage. Perhaps Baron Tancred Mendoza will have to watch out!

The marriage itself was held on the first of Kryll. It was one of the most sumptuous affairs seen in Cascorach for some time. The bride wore a most gorgeous white gown, with a train that stretched almost to the other end of the Temple of Hahn. The groom, looking (and sounding) very nervous, was very dashing in his Baronial regalia. His best man was Duke Alexander Calverin. Priests from both the temple of Daleth and the Temple of Torus were in attendance and added their blessings to those of the Temple of Hahn.

The choice of the Temple of Hahn is very unusual. The most common choice is the Temple of Daleth, and speculation in the court of Dike Alexander is varied as to the exact meaning of their choice.

Concern is growing over the conduct of Prince Edward’s battle against the Gelt barbarians. Since his victory at Cair Taned not much progress has been reported. Indeed the Emissary from Salvoyn reports that the Gelt harassing of the Salvoyn merchant trains to and from the City States is growing and could force up prices in the near future. Duke Alexander is growing concerned about the possibility of Gelt attacks reaching into Cascorach itself, and possibly even the castle of Caradache.. The city watches have been told to increase their strengths by fifty percent and non-attendance at the weekly archery practises now attracts a fine of two shillings.

The thatchers of Cascorach have complained to Duke Alexander about the non-cooperation from the other guilds in the construction of a guildhall. The thatchers argue that, following the granting of a Guild charter to Marc Bergeren (a thatcher in the capital), they are entitled to both a guild charter from Duke Alexander and to build a Guildhall. However the carpenters are refusing to work on the building and have put pressure on the masons to insist that they have a three year backlog on repairs to the city wall already, and have no time to work on the thatcher’s Guildhall.

News from Linrodeth

The Carpenter’s Guild have been presenting a court case to invalidate the thatcher’s new guild charter.

It has been announced that Princess Eleanor will be attending the Temple of Hahn’s new law school in the spring..

A major dispute has broken out between two wards of the city. The dispute is over the disposition of a group of people on the border of the two wards.

News from Salvoyn

The Gelt have been attacking many army stores on the trade routes between Salvoyn and Cascorach The major item of booty has been the grain stores kept by the army. Heavy losses have been reported by the defending garrisons and Duke Alexander has sent reinforcements to the area.