The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 138

The Armundus Septer Hearing was held before Sheriff Courtney early this month in a packed room at the Witanmoot. Master Septer, Recorder for the Court of Common Council, was accused of Treachery, but significantly the main witness refused to repeat the accusation under oath. A number of Levestone householders, including fellow councillor Malcolm Mowbray, then testified to Master Septer's upstanding and law-abiding nature. Sheriff Courtney concluded that the rumours were without substance and dismissed the allegations. The Levestone Alderman, Martin Key, later spoke to our reporter outside the court. He deeply abhorred this attempt to denigrate Armundus' character just before the coming elections, and hoped that the remaining days of the election campaign would be without further incident.

Shinannon, the Wellkeeper of the Temple of Daleth, has sent messages to the Citadel and to Alderman Tholin, Chairman for Lands and Agriculture, warning that excessive grain has been sold off to merchants by irresponsible landowners. Many complaints are reaching her from the surrounding countryside, describing granaries inadequately stocked against the coming winter.

Events in the Welland/Shambles border dispute have taken a bizarre turn with the behaviour of Erik 'The Finger' Dragonsbane, owner of the blood-daubed "Dancing Bear". Ignoring completely the political wranglings of his councillors, our proprietor set out, apparently to trace the donor of the entrails. Erik has since been seen collecting entrails and wrestling pigs across the city.

In a dramatic intervention, The Archimandrite of the Temple of Hahn has adjourned the Carpenters vs Thatchers court case. Presenting a writ from the King, the Archimandrite told the assembled citizens that those wishing to be considered as Craftmaster of the new Thatchers' Guild should present themselves to the King at the hunting lodge, come the Springtide Festival. Applicants are required to bring the tools of the trade, and will be required to demonstrate their skill.

Gax the Heretic is appealing for donations of food and firewood to help the city orphans survive the winter. With thick snow covering most of the Bardsgate site, the orphanage has removed to Hanley Barn, where all donations should be sent.