The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 138

Scandals continue to brew in the turbulent ward of Levestone where Malcolm Mowbray has formally accused Matthew Dixon of attempted blackmail. The blackmailing apparently concerned some old debts which (unhappily for Cllr Dixon) are fully paid off. Cllr Beatrice Perignon then came forward to bear witness that she had overheard the incident (how we wonder). The Hearing takes place before Alderman Martin Key next Thursday and Cllr Mowbray has already contacted the Temple of Hahn concerning the prosecuting lawyer for the subsequent trial.

The Knight-Marshall has been forced to send troops through the snow to restore order in nearby villages after fighting broke out around the granaries. Some villages have already run out of food and The Wellkeeper reports severe shortages throughout the countryside. Despite several pleas the Cornmongers Guild continues to hold its stockpile and many citizens are laying in their own store for the winter.

Further east the harsh winter has forced bandits out of the hills in search of food and shelter. Several manors in the Gavelkinden area are rumoured to have been raided, although the true extent of the problem may not be discovered until spring.

The Chronicle would like to welcome two new Aldermen after the Midwinter elections: Susan Faithside for Avigon, and Olivia Warin of Temple ward. A surprise result is the announcement from Bassishaw that Marc Bergeren has been elected councillor as a member of the Thatchers guild. Naturally the Carpenters are contesting the legality of this. It is also noted that Cllr 'Mobile' Mowbray, previously a member of two other factions, is now setting up his own group.

The Princess Eleanor was recently seen to be dressed in deepest mourning, although nobody appears to be sure for whom. All members of the royal family are reported to be in full health.

Early rising citizens (or sleepless students) may have noticed a duel fought outside Bardsgate earlier this month. Marc Bergeren's erratic brilliance was slowly worn down by the consistency of Matthew Dixon. Marc eventually conceded after sustaining a messy wound. Perhaps Cllr Mowbray should try to do better?

The Chronicle would request citizens not to play Pooh Sticks with the frozen beggars from the newly repaired bridge. Several Watermen have had to avoid these navigation hazards at very short notice, and the local fishermen are also becoming upset.