The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 138

Pendentite Jasmine Beauvaire, Priestess of Hahn, has officially announced that the Princess Eleanor will be attending the Temple's new Law School upon its completion next year. We understand that the princess will have her own suite of rooms in the main temple for security reasons. Pendentite Jasmine went on to assure us that the Princess would otherwise be treated like any other novice.

The civic funeral for the late Alderman Geoffrey Morris was held last month and many hundreds of citizens attended despite the cold weather. Before lighting the pyre, Lord Fitz-Simmons delivered a moving eulogy, and the respectful hush was broken only by some rather tasteless laughter from Councillor Dexter. Later, the Wardmoot of Temple appointed the cornmonger John Emberson as their new Alderman, in a surprisingly uncontested debate.

The deteriorating weather has bought a last flurry of caravans off the trade routes. News from the southern mountains tell of the Gelt launching a sudden attack on many of the armies stores. Gaining surprise and attacking with their usual ferocity, the tribesmen inflicted heavy losses on many detachments. It was noted that in each case the tribesmen chose to encumber themselves with substantial amounts of grain during their retreat.

Our star reporter Chinon has been kept busy this month with two major parties to keep track of. The first, a noisy, beer-swilling affair lasting several days and involving half of Welland, appeared to be in honour of the birth of the youngest member of the Marcs family. The second was a wine-tasting party and an altogether more dignified affair hosted by the elderly Armundus Septer at the Scriveners Guildhall, and attended by many notable citizens including Alderman Elliot Sparman.

Now it appears that associations of this kind can have unfortunate effects as, not a fortnight later, Master Septer is accused of Treachery and is himself required to attend a Hearing. We understand that the Hearing will be before Sheriff Paston Courtney at the Witanmoot during Kryll. Certain nameless councillors have suggested that Armundus' Hearing has been going for years.

Keen political observers may note that many previously dormant councillors are beginning to stir themselves into action, having noticed the approaching Midwinter elections. Only 45 more backstabbing days until Yuletide!

Vanessa St Lawrence would be pleased to receive any information leading to the recovery of a small bronze casket stolen last Monday. No intrinsic but great sentimental value. A small reward is offered.