The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 141

In the run up to the midwinter elections, and perhaps disconcerted by the downfall of Armundus Septer who until recently was one of the city's most influential people, our remaining councillors have been at pains to demonstrate their good intentions, pureness and wisdom. Both motions, to reform the selection of emissaries and to appoint an emissary to Cascorach, were passed with near unanimous support. The only dissent came from Olivia Warin who succeeded in pushing through an amendment. This will mean that in special circumstances Aldermen can be elected as emissaries, but must now consent to their nomination.

Julia and Roland appear to have settled into the Dixon household, and it looks like the reconciliation between the two families might hold. Beatrice seems especially pleased that they have chosen the name Perignon, although rumour has it that she was somewhat less pleased when she eventually received the bill for that wedding dress.

The grain tax crisis produced the most heated debate of the month, with Alderman Rimon calling for the Linrodeth's marching watch to be raised, in order to quell any potential rebellion of the Barons. How­ever this was thought to be something of an over reaction by most of the council, especially since the city is now deep in snow and the dispute has become somewhat academic. However, resentment is still smouldering, and come the spring the city may once again find itself the centre of unrest.

Cllr Edge of Castle Bard has brought formal charges against the Watch of Dowgate over the incident in Lorinfall where the Watch failed to prevent an attack on the Floating Market. Cllr Edge confirmed to the Chronicle that Gax the Heretic would be willing to present evidence on behalf of the people of the Floating Market. Cllr Buggs Moran of Dowgate commented to the Chroniclers, "Edge is a typical example of the bleeding heart liberals who have let the city slide into its current state of decay. Like the boats of the scum he is seeking to protect, his case is full of holes."

Rumour has it that the Chairman for Law and Order, Malcolm Mowbray, spent a fair part of the month canvassing support for a motion to outlaw duelling. However, given Cllrs Dixon and Dexter's inclination towards the activity he didn't appear to get very far, and has instead turned to practising with his rapier. He was last seen mumbling bitterly about people fighting with toys, and seen still wielding it like a broadsword.

Overheard late one night in the approximate vicinity of Cllr Derwent, "I wonder what happens if I seduce a Chronicler?" We will be dispatching our intrepid reporters to find out!

The city was shocked and disgusted by a vile display of necromancy and demon worship which occurred last night (the 13th day of Ternost). Ritual murders were committed through the wards of Levestone, Berewic, Bridge, Dowgate, Arpent and Faringdon, with perhaps the most audacious being committed at the Mootstone itself. The murders all occurred at midnight, with the bodies being left bleeding into the snow. All the murderers escaped, except for one man who was killed by Hahn Temple guards, and a number of councillors have been highly critical of the local Watches. Lord Courtney has ordered an immediate investigation, and any citizen who may have any relevant information should contact the Witanmoot Guard.