The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 141

Lord Courtney has proposed another change in the electoral system of Linrodeth, which would prevent Aldermen from being elected as Emissaries. He stated that, "as the Alderman is the ward magistrate, it is quite iniquitous to have them away from the city for an extended period of time". The proposal has gained widespread support from amongst the Aldermen and the Councillors. Alderman Alan Carter has also proposed that the post of Emissary to Cascorach be created to reflect that city's growing importance since the Princess' marriage. Both motions will go to a full vote of the Witanmoot next month.

The surprise social event of the month has been the second wedding of Julia Perignon and Roland Dixon. It would appear that once the families recovered from the shock they decided that a 'proper' wedding was in order and a stupendously extravagant ceremony took place at the Temple of Hahn. Julia Perignon managed to outshine the Temple itself with an incredible dress in dazzling cloth of gold which cascaded from her waist to a full length train edged in pearls which flowed behind. The tight bodice was intricately embroidered with pearl motifs depicting symbols of love and fidelity. The long wide sleeves fell to the floor showing the close fitted of the red velvet underdress. Her hair was in a circlet of plaits which were adorned with pearls and a floor-length veil of pale gold gauze embroidered with golden thread. Roland by contrast wore a simple crimson doublet and cape, with gold knotwork and ceremonial rapier. A small private reception was held at the Vintners Hall that evening and the Watch of Levestone spent most of the night keeping uninvited well wishers and the merely curious out.

Armundus Septer has escaped from prison, and is believed to have left the city despite the snow. Ex-councillor Septer escaped on the night of the Ghostmoons. The guards at Cripplegate prison are convinced it was with demonic assistance, describing arcane blue light radiating out from under the door. Their subsequent courageous entrance proved that Septer no longer occupied the cell, and their search of the surrounding area was further hampered by the new law which closed the city gates for the duration of the night. The following morning revealed no footprints in the snow surrounding the city, further evidence of the use of unknown magicks, Alderman Mowbray, the Chairman for Law and Order, is predictably furious and has ordered a full investigation. However with the Astrologer Royal away from the city, this could take some time.

The unrest over the high grain tax has continued this month, with a number of barons joining the dispute on the side of the peasants. Baron Scrope is reported to have complained that the city is milking his lands dry, and has lodged a protest with the King. The Chairman for Lands and Agriculture, Susan Faithside, told the chronicle, "The problem is that people are taking a short term view. It's true that this years harvest has been a good one, however our stocks have been seriously depleted over the last few years and unless strong action is taken to replenish them now, a poor harvest next year could prove devastating." She refused to comment on rumours that the city has been considering dispatching the Witanmoot Guard to deal with the situation.

One person missing from the council chambers this month is Aralan Derwent, who has been suffering from a mysterious illness. The Chronicle has been unable to confirm rumours that the arch-seducer has finally fallen for Sir Henry, and is actually lovesick.