The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 141

Following the ritual murders carried out last month, an investigation headed by Aralan Derwent resulted in the surveillance of properties in the Ward of Shambles. Despite or because of this (accounts differ) two citizens of the Ward were later found to have been murdered in their bed, and Alderman Bert Belcher has made numerous and loud complaints to the Court of Common Council over the intrusion of the Witanmoot Guard into his Ward. In reply Lord Courtney has been equally scathing of the Shambles Watch disturbance of the surveillance. Meanwhile the investigating patrol of the Witanmoot guard uncovered the existence of a stone circle within the city, centred on Cllr Derwent's own Ward of Berewic. A raid on the house at the centre of the circle resulted in the largest fight the city has seen since the Levestone riots. The "Battle of Berewic" ended with a total of 14 people dead, 9 arrested and 7 Witanmoot Guard plus Cllr Derwent seriously injured. The Committee for Law and Order has set up a Court of Enquiry at Alderman Lansdowne's mansion to look into the incident. Cllr Beatrice Perignon has been appointed Acting Alderman for Levestone during Mowbray's absence.

In the run up to the Midwinter elections all factions have put their campaigns into full swing, with more time and money being spent on canvassing and party-coloured bunting than ever before. Once again it appears that the Justice League is the only group to achieve a full campaign across the city, although the Perignon faction has a strong showing in most wards. The only major absence is that of the injured councillor Aralan Derwent, who had previously maintained that, "its never too early to start knocking up".

Citizens in the Ward of Levestone and nearby are urged to assist with an extensive search which is now underway for Lord Courtney's missing granddaughter, five year old Elizabeth Dixon. Little Elizabeth was last seen wearing a pink dress with white apron, and playing with her massive black and grey cat called 'Tiddles'. The cat is also missing.

The Knight Marshall has ordered an audit of the city's granary stores, after a meeting with representatives of the Cornmongers Guild. The two sides had failed to agree a price for the fulfilment of the Citadel's autumn grain order, which was substantially larger than expected. Guild Treasurer Leonard Tholin told the Chronicle, "If the Knight Marshall is going to insist on running the city's reserves down to nothing, I think it only right that he should pay for the privilege".

In an interesting court case Cllr Edge has been defeated in his attempt to have the watch of Dowgate censured for failing to prevent the attack on the Floating Market. Summing up Magistrate Arnold stated, "As Gax has most eloquently shown, the Watch did indeed deliberately fail to prevent the attack on the Floating Market. However, as neither the market nor the wall from which the attack was launched are within the jurisdiction of the Watch they cannot be brought to account over this failure." Charain Meduenin, a Solistel representative of the market called by Gax to give evidence, later told the Chronicle, "This case proves that we in the market cannot expect justice from the City, which made no attempt to stop or investigate this attack. It is clear that we must protect ourselves and I warn those who contemplate attacking us that in future we will administer our own justice".