The Chronicle

of Springtide in the year 148


Linrodeth has fallen to Kerunian invaders. At dawn on Springtide, a large fleet entered the Ishtan Estuary and attacked Kingsport. A smaller force continued upriver and landed troops along the dockside. Fortunately, the alarm had already been raised and the Portwall was already defended by the ward watches of Ishtan, Portsoken and Shambles. The Portwall, so recently constructed by Adam Avery, clearly disrupted the invaders' plans to rapidly overrun the City. The citizens' longbow inflicted terrible losses on the advancing forces as they attempted to storm the defences. Eventually, two of the dock gates were broken down, but each time the invaders were beaten back by the stout citizenry. Bert Belcher's redoubtable butchers contingent proved particularly difficult to shift, and they fought several heavily armoured companies to a bloody standstill. The enemy gained the north side of the bridge, but never seriously tried to enter the City gate there. By mid-morning the Kerunian ships were forced to stand off from the docks and use catapult fire, while their few remaining troops sought shelter in warehouses.

Unfortunately the defence of Kingsgate had not gone so well, and the main body of the Kerunian troops advanced to Linrodeth by lunchtime. After a brief but unproductive negotiation with Lord Dixon, the Kerunians advanced and fierce fighting took place at Newgate and Kingsgate, and the attack on the Portwall was renewed. The Kerunians brought forward heavy catapults which concentrated their fire on a section of wall along Cartage. By late afternoon the Cartage wall had collapsed under repeated bombardment, and a mercenary company fought their way inside the city. The attackers finally broke through the Portwall and advanced to cut off the Citadel. After heavy losses from the Citadel longbow, the Kerunians finally took Newgate and Kerunian cavalry charged into the City. Kingsgate held out slightly longer, but fell after the demoralised Hahnite forces were destroyed. By evening most of the Western part of the City was under Kerunian control and Sheriff Aralan Derwent ordered the City forces to pull back to the Witanmoot. Overnight the invading forces moved the lighter catapults inside the city and set them up on the Wellhouse green, defended by pike. After a few ranging shots at the Witanmoot the following morning, the Kerunians sent forward a herald and Lord Dixon met with the Kerunian General. At noon Lord Dixon stood upon the Wellhouse green and formally surrendered control of the City to Princess Selina. He laid his sword of office at her feet and resigned as Lord. In a surprise move Selina immediately appointed Ann Tasker as the new overlord and declared that she intended to establish Linrodeth as a free City State. She blamed the war on Royalist forces intent upon preserving the old order.

Aralan Derwent, Matthew Dixon and a number of other dignitaries were permitted to leave the City with a small force and it is believed that they have gone North to join Prince Kieran. Lady Tasker has called upon all councillors to get in touch with her at the Witanmoot in order that the proper running of the City can be resumed. Such Athionic laws as may still apply will be overseen by the Hahnites of Plenipotentiary de Belleme, who now occupy the Temple following the Archimandrite's abandonment of the City. The Citadel, under the command of Eorlaine Cox, remains under siege and the wards in the immediate vicinity of its walls are under military occupation. The mercenary companies appear to have been brought under control once again, although much of Cartage, Cadene and Kingsgate has been pillaged. Domestic looters have also wrecked considerable damage on Oldgate and Cripplegate, but have now dispersed.