The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 148

The new city government has placed Linrodeth under curfew between sunset and sunrise. These measures are intended as a temporary arrangement while residual problems of burglary and looting are brought under control. General Olvini stated that the curfew should not inconvenience lawful citizens, but it will greatly simplify his efforts to suppress the lawless few who are attempting to exploit the current crisis, His reformed city guard, the 'polizei', appear to be achieving a state of civic peace very efficiently. Miscreants finding themselves on the sharp end of the justice system are being drafted onto labour gangs and put to work repairing the docks and city walls. The docks especially are in a sorry state, having seen several skirmishes during the battle, much catapult shot and at least one major fire. With the spring run of ships coming in this has become a matter of some urgency. Temporarily ships are being forced to anchor out in the port, while goods and people are being brought ashore in boats organised by the Esprayennan temple.

The military situation in Linrodeth has stabilised with the siege of the Citadel settling down into a waiting game following Selina's decision to withdraw catapults from the city and river. It is rumoured that Aralan Derwent and her Exiles' Army of some 100 troops and 50 cavalry have not gone north as expected but instead have taken Fenny Bridges. This has clearly caused concern and a large screening force has been deployed to the east of the city in case they attempt to interfere with trade. Selina's army appears to be well disciplined and citizens with complaints about the behaviour of the troops should report them to General Olvini's HQ. Now that the navy and marines have been redeployed to Kingsport, the city appears to be billeting a force of some 5000. The Chronicle has learnt that this is a permanent army under Selina's control rather than an expeditionary force from Kerun as originally believed. Their integration into the economy has been much helped by the fact that the troops are paid in a Kerunian coin of similar size but slightly heavier than the shilling.

The vital but often overlooked role of the infirmaries received a boost from Princess Selina who visited all of the field hospitals early in the month. She distributed alms and spoke to various Torian priests. The Emergency Committee appointed by Lady Tasker has reinstated a number of emergency measures introduced after the Great Fire, and these are helping the damaged wards and returning evacuees. A large number of abandoned properties have been commandeered to shelter the homeless and to re-house residents of Cartage, Dracas and Ishtan. These three wards have been declared a military siege area and are closed to all civilians. It is understood that Selina, on learning of the interrupted Perpont-Perignon wedding, has offered a truce to the Citadel authorities to allow the trapped wedding guests to return home. Lady Tasker has appointed an Emergency Committee to deal with the civilian government since so many members of the council are absent or injured. The appointees include Sheriff Shefford, Alderman Monterey (of course), plus Cllrs Trueman, Lambourne, Duthon and Key. As well as dealing with the missing, displaced and returning masses, this committee seems to be desperately working out what exactly they are permitted to do. It seems obvious that much of the Witanmoot's ongoing projects have had to be shelved, and one wag has gone so far as to hang the multiple copies of Olivia Warin's carefully proposed budget in the Aldermanic privy. Rumours that the heroic butchers leader, Bert Belcher, would amply fill the vacant sheriff post were swiftly dispelled by the great man himself. "Not got time for poncing 'round like that" he said, "not when there's things needing fixing back home".

Gax the Heretic has issued a plea for more helpers and supplies for the city orphanage, which has become a focal point for many strays in the aftermath. At the suggestion of Selina's staff, he is collating a list of all youngsters present, placed with foster families or passed onto the Guilds. Copies of the list are to be passed to the Witanmoot, and anxious relatives should call there initially to save further disruption of the overworked orphanage staff. Selina has indicated that she expects the Guilds to be generous in their support for needy families, and intends to inspect their response soon to ensure that no misunderstandings occur.

And finally. Cllr Randy Parkinson, emerging unscathed from recent events, has told the Chronicle, "I'm very concerned about the possible risk to the health of the City as a result of the invasion. It is essential that the bodies which are still being found are disposed of properly. The frozen beggar problem is a drop in the Ishtan compared to this."