The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 148

The Chronicle is delighted to announce the capture and destruction of the Little Sisters of Sedition. This group of assassins plagued the City for many years, and is responsible for many outrages during this time. The Little Sisters were tracked down to a hide-out in Cripplegate by Cllr Jim Bottler who was looking for Elizabeth Dixon. Jim Bottler led a brave attack which prevented the criminals escaping until a large force of polizei, led by Alderman Alan Monterey, could arrive. The polizei were just in time to save Bottler and his allies from their highly-trained opponents. Speaking afterwards, General Olvini commended the actions of Bottler and his friends. "They are an example to us all, their courage has led to the defeat of a terrible threat to this City. It is from the fortitude and resolve of such citizens that we will build our new Principality." Olvini particularly singled out for praise Benedict Plover, the well-known actor, who saved the life of Elizabeth Dixon by throwing himself between her and an assassin's sword. In Aralan's absence the City has, for the first time, succeeded in capturing a group of assassins alive and their interrogation is already underway.

One surprise outcome from this affair has been the committal for Treason of Chairman for Law and Order, Marcus Lambourne, who will stand trial next month. The charge against Lambourne is believed to be the obstruction of the investigation. Both Bottler and Monterey will be called as witnesses against him. There is concern that this will be a show trial with the only real 'crime' committed by Lambourne being a failure to co-operate with the new regime. However, General Olvini has surprised the Witanmoot and confounded this accusation by returning the courts to civic hearings and having the trial put before Lady Tasker. Of course some people now consider Lady Tasker and "her little poppet Monterey" as part of the problem.

Edward de Belleme has taken full control of the Temple of Hahn and declared himself Archimandrite. This move seals the schism between the Eresan orthodoxy led by Archimandrite Ingulfus. and the Linrodeth traditionalists led by De Belleme. It would seem to the Chronicle that the Hahnites, who did so much during the last civil war to maintain order, intend to spend this one fighting each other. The city's new Archimandrite has already met with Princess Selina. She has formally asked him to investigate and recommend on something called "separating the judiciary from the legislative structure". Perhaps she should have had a meeting with Gax – who at least might have been able to understand her.

Princess Selina has denounced Aralan Derwent's decision to threaten the City. "Derwent left the City as an exile and stated her intention to join Prince Kieran. Instead she has raised a baronial levy and has obstructed the Eresan road. She is gravely disrupting trade and harming the prosperity of this city."

Because of the threat from Aralan Derwent's Exiles army, Lady Tasker has decreed that the Midsummer Festival will be held inside the City Walls at the various market squares. With the curfew still in place the festival will be a somewhat subdued affair, although the free wine which will be provided from the captured Perignon cellars will undoubtedly cheer many.

Hopes of an early raising of the curfew have been dashed following the killing of three Kerunian officers in Welland. They were returning to their rooms after an evening of drinking when they were set upon by a small mob of assailants and bludgeoned to death. Polizei patrols have now been increased and citizens are warned that a 'shoot first and ask questions later' policy will be used during curfew.

In a surprise development Princess Selina has received official envoys from Prince Kieran. The secrecy surrounding the discussions has defeated even the Chroniclers investigators. The knights rode out of Linrodeth the following day and headed towards Fenny Bridges.

The new Government has started to re-mint the city coinage to a higher standard. The improvements have much distressed the Guilds, who have had their ceremonial plate commandeered to assist with the process. The acquisitions have been made by a team of auditors attached to Princess Selina's office acting on the advice of the Witanmoot. Particularly hard hit are the Mercers, Vintners, Cornmongers and Goldsmiths who the 'commando accountants' describe as "excessively exploiting their monopoly". However they have faired far better than the Grossers, Glaziers, Broiderers, Apothecaries and Carpenters who have all had Guild licences suspended following the discovery of "substantial irregularities" in their accounts.