The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 148

Tensions between the Watches and the Witanmoot Guard, created by Lord Dixon's elevation of the Babel and Solistel to citizenship last month, have somewhat died down. The Guard having decided to withdraw to the Witanmoot precincts, except for the Marching Watch training. Opinions about the river scum citizenry continue to add controversy to the succession debate, and Cllr Avery has helped matters along by proposing to employ the new citizenry in the Shipbuilders Guild. Sheriff Derwent also persists in her use of the brown and yellows as irregular units within the Marching Watch.

Sheriff Aralan Derwent has taken the thaw as a signal to increase the training of the Watch by another half day. All citizens are reminded that each ward has an assigned half day of training which they must attend. In addition each Tenthday morning is archery practise, and on every Tenthday Lastweek there will be a massed drill on the Tourney Fields for all citizens. The melting snow and rising floodwaters add urgency to her reminder that the port and roads are about to re-open for travellers, merchants and armies. Captain Eagleview is already taking bids for his first cargo destination this year.

The Witanmoot has been stunned into respectful silence after the defection of three of its leading aldermen from Adam Avery's faction to that of Alan Monterey, at the instigation of Ann Tasker. Not since Beatrice Perignon's destruction of the Dexter faction has Linrodeth seen such a major shift in power. Matthew Dixon's re-election as lord, which had looked like a 'done deal', now appears to be in jeopardy. Observers at the Witanmoot calculate that, with the votes of Hastings, Pencric and Romanie added to the existing strength of the Monterey and Duthon factions, and with a number of other Aldermen refusing to give Dixon their support, Sheriff Ann Tasker now stands a good chance of defeating Lord Dixon. Indeed the only thing which may save him is his masterful political move of elevating Alison Shefford to Sheriff. This could still split the vote and enable Dixon to slip in. Cllr Adam Avery remains staggered by the move as his increasingly desperate attempts to save his faction during the later part of the month failed against the carefully planned assault of Sheriff Tasker. Asked to comment of the reason for the defection Alderman Pencric told the Chronicle, "I have always seen Ann Tasker as the best leader this City has. I was delighted when she asked me to join her".

Lady Beatrice Perignon is delighted to announce the marriage of her remaining son Hugh to the Lady Nicola Perpont. The Lady Nicola is the beautiful daughter of Lord Rauf Perpont, who owns large tracts of land along the Great Fens. The marriage is due to take place on Springtide day at the Hahnite Temple, and Beatrice, ever considerate of the Lordship elections, has thoughtfully invited all the aldermen of the City to the wedding feast at the Citadel afterwards. Plans for an epic stag night are already afoot. Hunters is already preparing itself for the occasion, but the Hon Hugh seems to have more peripatetic plans.

Alderman Leonard Tholin has outlined a novel plan to renovate Marshgate Prison using something called 'community service'. This appears to be a modification of the chain-gang punishment traditionally assigned by the magistrates, except this time the convicts are allowed home at night. Further plans by the Law & Order Committee for a city-wide investigation squad have also been mooted, but presumably remain uncertain until the Treasury unveils its budget for the coming year. The Law & Order Committee may have a hard fight on its hands with the Welfare & Education Committee also lobbying for extra funds for the popular City Orphanage. Early rumours from the Witanmoot suggest that City income is falling, and that taxes may be an early casualty of these troubled times.

Retribution has claimed responsibility for last week's assassination attempt on the new Archimandrite. A volley of arrows landed amongst the Archimandrite's party as it returned from the Royal Courts of Justice, and the High Priest was only saved by the quick reflexes of his bodyguards. Two Templars and one Mandatien died from the shots, which were loosed from a nearby rooftop. The perpetrators had prepared a 'Long Live King Kieran' banner which they found time to unfurl before escaping. This latest incident, with its echo of the old King's murder, has created further unease about the City's leadership and loyalties. Members of the Witanmoot have been quick to distance themselves from the organisation; Lord Dixon voiced his disgust at the incident and vowed to bring the assassins to justice.