The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 150

The Torian Temple has issued a warning for everyone to be on their guard after several people died of a mysterious illness last week. All the deaths were from members of the Cornmongers Guild however the source of the pox has not yet been identified. Victims die quickly and are left covered in small red bumps. The initial symptoms are a cough and a desire to drink lots of liquids. Anyone with these symptoms is advised to stay indoors and send a message to the Temple immediately. The warning has already resulted in most Cornmongers being shunned by the populous in general. Of greatest concern is the fact that the Torians have declared the illness untreatable.

The City Guard has been criticised by a number of Salvoynian merchants for its failure to control the anti-Resh riots which were sparked by the speech of the Atharvan of Brynette last Firstday. The Atharvan's inflammatory speech called upon all worshippers to "root out this evil and to prevent the corruption of the innocent by cleansing with the holy fire of Brynette". It would seem that the congregation took her literally. Hoards of devout Brynettes waving burning torches swarmed through the streets to seek out people associated with Salvoyn and known supporters of King Edward. By contrast the Archimandrite of Linrodeth's strongly worded denunciation, which reminded devotees that Ingulfus was excommunicate and warning against the risk of listening to evil, seemed somewhat tame.

Sheriff Alison Shefford has caused consternation within the Witanmoot by proposing that a compulsory oath of allegiance to the City to be taken by all citizens. Sheriff Shefford told the Chronicle. "We live in difficult times and must be sure that people who wish to shelter under the protection of the City are loyal to it. We have to recognise that the Kingdom of Athion died with King Edmund. Everyone knows that I campaigned to keep the kingdom together, but that is now a lost cause. We have to look to the future. We also have to recognise that a lot of people from other cities have arrived recently and are seeking Citizenship. In my view anybody who is not prepared to take this oath has no place in this City, and certainly no place in its government." The full proposals are:

No person whom, by whatever right, is entitled to become a citizen of Linrodeth shall have Citizenship conferred upon them until they have sworn as follows "I declare my loyalty to the City of Linrodeth and place my fealty to it above all other Cities, States and Kingdoms". All current citizens must take this oath upon the occasion of their first voting in an election or will lose their citizenship. The oath must also be taken by all members of the City Guard and anyone seeking service with the Witanmoot. In recognition of their service those members of the City Guard above the rank of Sergeant shall become Citizens, and all members of the Guard shall obtain citizenship upon the completion of 15 years of service.

It appears that even Alan Monterey was unprepared for the announcement and amongst the debate on the motion, rumours are circulating that this is a bid by Sheriff Shepherd to position herself as the next Lord of the City. Certainly the skilful wording which would not require any Citizen to take the oath for another year will help with this. The motion would however require the Kerunian members of the City Guard to swear loyalty to the City immediately. A proposal which surprisingly has gained Alison Shefford a "productive, and positive discussion" with Princess Selina, rather than a beheading.

A major fire has completely destroyed the Phoenix Inn. The fire, which seems to have been started deliberately at a number of points around the building, claimed several lives including that of the owner Derrick Sanderson. The Phoenix, which has for some years held a position as one of the finest Inns in the City, has recently become a favourite drinking place and residence for rich Kerunian merchants. Whilst the motive for the attack is not clear it may be political and the City Guard are already aggressively seeking the perpetrators.

The nominations for the committee places looked set to be completely uncontested until a last minute intervention by Jim Bottler. During the day the nominations for each of the posts had arrived in a highly ordered way and with an unbelievable lack of any contention. First Marcus Lambourne's faction proposed Richard Saunders for Welfare and Education, Duncan Barnet for Law and Order and Tilly Falgar for emissary to Eresan. Next Alan Monterey proposed Flambourd for the Treasury, Graham Porter for shipping, Hugh Fitz-Abushon for Eresan and Maud Blessop for Kerun. William Trueman's nomination of Warin for Trade and Eva Capel for Lands and Agriculture were met by heckling from the back benches as councillors realised that a deal had obviously been struck in the back rooms. A number of councillors stood up to decry the lack of democracy and the bypassing of the elections. At the last minute perhaps spurred on by these speeches Jim Bottler stood up to propose Melanie Romanie for Trade, Nicholas Bowden for Land and Agriculture, Samuel Rucche for Eresan and Gillian Howe for Cascorach. The cheering subsided rapidly when people realised that he was only contesting the seats proposed by William Trueman. Cllr Martin Key denounced the entire process. "How can we possibly get the right person for the job when what obviously matters is the back room dealings of a few powerful members of the council". He proclaimed, adding much to the amusement of the rest of the council "Saunders for Welfare and Education, have they gone mad?"