The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 149

Preparations for Princess Selina's Yuletide Ball continue apace this month with hectic to-and-froing between the Bards College and the Citadel. Numbers of amateur entertainers have been pulled in to supplement the students, with rumours of an eclectic dance exhibition circulating. An entirely new play by the poet Vespasian has also been commissioned. Clearly a major event is being planned and rumours of a massive budget for the lavish entertainment has heightened rivalries over attendance. Key members of the offended nobility have now been invited however, with the seating plan still a closely guarded secret and a large number of tradesmen still on the guest list, it seems clear that Princess Selina plans to send a strong message in favour of the City Guilds.

The feverish pace of Linrodeth's election campaigns has refused to abate this month with heavy activity in all areas. Last month's aggressive personal attacks seem to have died down and campaigning has returned to a more traditional pattern of bunting and canvassing. Most factions appear to have moved to defensive positions with only the Monterey faction still placing the taking of seats as a high priority. Alderman Monterey's political assistant, Ms Linette, has been much in evidence, and it would appear that she has enlisted the help of some of her mercenary friends to ensure that the Monterey campaign runs with "near military precision". Jim Bottler's heavy spending has continued and looks set to prevent the expected meltdown of his faction. Indeed Bottler himself is now reported to be doing very well – which may be a good thing given Tilly Falgar's clear lead over Gillian Howe. In Avigon Petro Cutario, operating without the support of any faction, is mounting an unexpectedly serious challenge to Samuel Rucche. A battle which Rucche is clearly ill-prepared for.

One possible explanation for the apparent revitalisation of Jim Bottler's fortunes is a rumour going around the City that he was responsible for rescuing Elizabeth Dixon from the Citadel. Elizabeth has been sighted at Fenny Bridges and a persistent story about how Jim Bottler and his craftsmen managed to spirit her out of imprisonment in the Citadel refuses to die down. According to reports, Bottler and his men discovered Elizabeth imprisoned in the Citadel and managed to get her out by disguising her as an apprentice. The clear problem with this tale is that Bottler is still alive and apparently in favour at court again. The Chroniclers conclude that this odd story is about as likely as Matthew Dixon returning to Linrodeth to sell meat pies.

Lady Eshi Cyarçon is to launch her summer collection in Salvoyn this year, according to word from the docksides. The loss of this prestigious event is yet another blow to the local aristocracy and their attempts to retain status. Princess Selina does not seem to be unduly worried by this turn of events. Investigations into the attempted burglary of Alderman William Trueman's house have revealed that many people spent money last month seeking dirt on Trueman and his lucrative business dealings – obviously to no avail. Apparently these offers of reward were generous enough to convince a speculative group of thieves to go and see what they could find. Attempts to trace the crime back to a particular faction have failed. However visits by the City Guard asking awkward questions may well have gone a long way toward the cessation of the attacks by Trueman's rivals.

Reactions from the various Linrodeth temples to the announcement of the Holy Church of Resh remain studiously neutral, a full two months after the announcement. Whether this is simply because of a need to verify with their authorities is unclear. Until the proclamation, the Holy Son Resh was virtually unheard of within Linrodeth. The Chronicle has now spoken directly to the merchants who brought the reports from Salvoyn, and can confirm that Archimandrite Ingulfus has declared to the Hahnite temples that Resh is an incarnation of Shin, the Son-that-Judges. In addition the Wellkeeper and the Chirurgeon in Salvoyn have announced that Resh is also the beloved child of Daleth and Torus. Archimandrite Ingulfus announced that the Gods gathered together before a great battle with evil and decided to collectively create Resh as an embodiment of their warrior spirit. According to the latest pronouncements, the return of Resh signifies that a great evil has once again risen. The Chronicle suspects that, at least on this point, that they may be right.

Late Midwinter News! Late Midwinter News!

The Citadel's Yuletide Ball was a stunningly successful event. The refurbished Great Hall lived up to expectations; Jim Bottler has clearly redefined the style of the Citadel, and perhaps all the future building in the City. Certainly judging by the number of people who wished to compliment him, he will not be short of commissions. The celebrations opened with the interesting idea of announcing the Midwinter election results. The many Councillors and Aldermen in the Great Hall clearly enjoyed seeing each other's reactions to the news, and it may be that a new precedent has been set. After a suitable period of discussion, the entertainment started with a dramatic flamenco by Maria Consuelo, the well known socialite, which stunned the audience into silence. Following this, Princess Selina's speech was heard with all due deference. Describing the new Hall as "symbolic of the benefits of combining Kerunian and Linrodeth styles", she made an impassioned call for people to work together for the good of the City. Her message was made all the more compelling by the announcement that Jim Bottler had succeeded as the new Alderman of Welland, a result which the Princess described as a shining example of the rewards and success likely to befall those who work for the good of Linrodeth. The speech was followed by a new play written and performed by the Vespasian Players. The audience was once again appreciative of the quality of the performances and the beauty of the plot. The production clearly confirms the Players as the foremost theatrical group in the city. Midnight was marked by another speech in which Princess Selina looked forward to the coming year and the problems which together the people of Linrodeth will have to overcome. A message which was reinforced by the immediate performance of a Nyskildian Sword Dance, where the violent, militaristic style and northern origin served to remind people of the threat facing the city.

The election results turned out to be less dramatic than expected with most Aldermen retaining their seats. In Cartage Miranda Andrews predictably regained the Aldermanship. In Bassishaw Mark Bergeren defeated Gemma Downe by a surprisingly large margin, whilst in Marshgate Nicholas Bowden just defeated Maureen Quiller. The most interesting changes however were in Avigon where the popular Mercer Petro Cutario just edged ahead of Samuel Ruche to claim the seat and in Welland where Jim Bottler claimed victory at the expense of the previous Alderman Gillian Howe being forced into third place.